To your health…

I blogged about my aloe vera plants the other day and somebody asked me if I ate them or not. Well, I did try and make a drink with it once and my girl said it was quite tasteless and besides, I thought it was rather tedious getting the gel out of the leaves for the purpose.

I know of a couple of places where they have the drinks on their menu and I also heard of a lady selling it by the bottles at the Dewan Suarah wet market but I have never tried any of those.

Anyway, since I have a lot, and I have read of a lot of health benefits that one can derive from the drinks and according to this websiteit’s not just physical benefits that you can reap by drinking aloe vera juice, but mental benefits as well. Aloe vera is an adaptogen, meaning it helps the body adapt to stress. Incorporating it into your diet can balance your mood, calm your nerves, and reduce your overall stress levels. That was why I decided to make my own, other than placing them all over the house as air purifiers.

To do that, I took the leaf…

Aloe vera leaf

…cut it into shorter lengths…

Cut short

…before slicing off the thorny edges…

Slice off edges

…and then I removed the green part, front and back…

Remove green skin

…to get the gel inside. It may not be that easy as it is slimy and slippery.

Lastly I cut the gel into thin strips and rinse it again and again to get rid of the slime…

Cut into strips and rinse

The first time around, I boiled some red dates and wolfberries with some pandan leaves in water and then I added the aloe vera and some sugar. It tasted nice but it reminded me of the Chinese cooling sweet potato soup/dessert so the second time I decided to use some lemon instead.

I boiled the lemon juice and slices of the fruit with some pandan leaves, adding a bit of sugar to counter the sourish taste…

With lemon juice

…before adding the aloe vera and it turned out all right…

...and slices of lemon

…but something was not quite there – maybe it was the pandan leaves and it tasted different with the not-all-that-compatible fragrance and taste…

Aloe vera lemon drink

Because of the aforementioned, I did not add any pandan leaves when I made the drink again but using orange juice (Sunkist) instead and my girl loved it! I know one place where they have the aloe vera drink with mulberry but my plant, though it is growing well, has not been bearing fruits for a while now. I wonder why…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “To your health…”

  1. I have tried bottled cordial drinks with aloe vera in them. The aloe vera in the drink feels like jelly, it did not have any specific taste. So good that you have lots of aloe vera plants to use.

    Yes, it is tasteless, like plain jelly. I’ve gone and google to see what people do with it and like me, it seems they all have it with citrus drinks. I’d stick to the orange, I think, since my girl likes it.

  2. I do love aloe vera drink and have cook a few times. Indeed a very tedious job to wash off the slimy and slippery gel. Good to have it especially hot and hazy weather like now. I saw alot of people selling very big ones at the wet market.

    I hope the big ones are not old ones – those are very very smelly – like armpit smell, some people say but if you keep rinsing and washing, the orange-coloured slime and the smell would be gone. Mine are all very young ones, not smelly.

  3. You need to cut the branches of the mulberry plant so that it will bear fruits .

    Oh? Ok, will try that. Thanks for the tip!

  4. I eat my aloe Vera and use for burns and rashes. It is tasteless by nature.

    I’m allergic to grass so everytime after my gardening in the morning, if I do any weeding, my feet and lower legs would itch badly so I wash them well and then apply aloe vera cream – works very well but I buy the cream, not using fresh aloe vera, more convenient.

  5. I have tried those bottled aloe vera drinks and they do taste very nice. Somehow I have reservations eating the ones in my garden.

    Quite tedious, getting the gel inside for the drink….but I am sure it is a lot better than any processed ones, bottled or canned or whatever…and quite a lot is needed so my plants are quite botak by now. LOL!!!

  6. I need aloe vera, stress nowadays…

    Oh dear! That’s bad. I wonder if there is anyone growing and selling the juice there – you will need quite a lot if you were to do that yourself as one leaf can only get you that much gel.

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