Sold out…

I saw on this Facebook page that they were selling noodles with those huge freshwater prawns at the coffee shop (2.306645, 111.836521) at the Rejang Park commercial centre here for only RM12.00, so much cheaper than here…or here…or even here! It was just around 11.00 a.m. that morning and they were all sold out, no more prawns and no more noodles. The lady told me that I could book for the next day if I wanted – she said that they had bookings every day, some 10 plates, some 20 plates. Goodness gracious me!!!

I did not bother, of course, and though we could have ordered a few dishes to go with rice at this same place, I decided not to do so and went here instead for our brunch – I heard that the fried noodles (RM3.50)…

Leong Leong fried noodles, dry

…at the stall here was very nice…and yes, it was! It was on a Friday so I put in a special request not to have any meat in the dish.

I remember I had the bubur cacar and the kompia from the stall here…

Leong Leong Cafe

…before and even though this is indeed a very popular place among the locals especially in the afternoon, I was not too impressed then.

Of course, I would not expect anything filled to the brim like this…

As advertised

…but I had the ang tao peng (RM2.20)…

Leong Leong ang tao peng 1

– the iced red bean, anyway and I did have to fish around in the bowl quite a bit to catch sight of any of those much coveted beans…

Leong Leong ang tao peng 2

Yes, they do it quite well here, the beans, I mean – mushy enough and still nice and whole, not like some lump of paste that you may find elsewhere.

However, having said that, it was not lemak (rich) enough for want of a little more santan (coconut milk) nor was there any gula Melaka (palm sugar). I have not gone there for a while now but the last time I had it, I would say the ones here were the nicest in town…but no, it did not come anywhere near what I had in Kuching…unfortunately. Hmmmm…I wonder when I would be making a trip to Kuching again but in the meantime, I guess I can just make do with what I can manage on my own…

Tapioca dessert

…like what I cooked the other day with the boiled tapioca that we had sitting in the fridge and some sago pearls added – very lemak and sweetened with gula Melaka. It was very nice but I think it would be nicer with sweet potatoes and yam…and maybe, buah sukun (breadfruit) as well. I’ll try that next time…

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22 thoughts on “Sold out…”

  1. this post hits the sweet spot, ya πŸ˜€ between the chilled dessert and the warm dessert, i’d probably choose the cold one since the weather is still scorching-hot πŸ™‚

    Don’t complain. Raining a lot here, severe flooding in Kuching, places in the western part of the state.

  2. Is that sweet taugeh mee?..looks alike. I never cook tapioca or breadfruit this way, usually with yam, sweet potatoes & lek tau. Haizzzz!!!!….Another wet morning in Kuching.

    I’ve no idea what mee it was. I saw a plate already fried and it looked good so I asked for the same, just leave out any meat and that was what I got. Nice, not bad.

    Sweet potatoes and yam would be the usual condiments for bubur cacar, sukun is nice too – tried it before but I think tapioca doesn’t quite cut it as it is not sweet. I like tapioca dipped in gula apong/attap therng for the sweetness.

  3. So out so early! I won’t even bother eating at places that sold out before noon as I am not an early bird. I don’t get to catch the worms but I do get good afternoon food instead. Hehe.

    11 would be a good time for me, eat once, skip lunch…till tea time or dinner. Brunch, two for the price of one. Your life is so good, sleep till so late, save on two meals a day…just wake up in time for dinner, no wonder so kaya. πŸ˜€

  4. Your first noodle picture reminds me of your Foochow noodles.. I think of you and your Foochow noodle post last week when I went to Hailam kopitiam, so I ordered a plate of Hailam mee.. Yucky! Food ordered during CNY is never good, the gravy’s watery, the “liew” is not fresh.. Your Foochow noodles look more appetizing..

    Oh? Poor thing! So far I did not encounter any such problem here.

  5. I also read about the big fresh prawns noodle in Rejang Park. Wow! Business must be good as the photo of the dish looks good and cheaper.

    I heard about the dessert and snack stall from my SIL and I forgot what I had. I remember we order a takeaway and ate in my SIL’s Shop. Geez. I couldnt remember what I had. Lol. Old age.

    Yeah, her shop is just a minute walk away. Not really nice, I prefer the ones at Thomson Corner. I guess I can give the prawn noodles a miss – after all, it is just Foochow fried noodles with the prawns. The only thing here is it is very cheap, guess they opt to make less profit and make more from the volume of sales that result.

  6. I don’t quite like Ang Tao Peng in that form but if Ang Tao Kar (blended), i’m fine with it. My mom would love those lemak desserts though while i’m afraid of the cholesterol πŸ˜›

    We have red bean shake at one place here – used to enjoy that too, have not had for a long time. You need to read some more up-to-date articles and reports on coconut, it seems. The Americans are going…to borrow Sangkaya’s tagline…nuts about coconuts these days, it seems.

  7. I wanna see the prawn!

    Click the link to go to the Facebook page to see. Those photos have gone viral around here, it seems – many have helped themselves and used, not me. I don’t want to take people’s photos to use in my blog, only people I know and I will ask for permission first…unlike what many have done, using the photos in my blog without my knowledge nor my permission. So kurang ajar, absolutely no ethics whatsoever. Tsk! Tsk!

  8. The boiled tapioca dish looks very good. I might try it here with sweet potato, which is more readily available.

    The sweetness of the sweet potato makes it nicer, tapioca isn’t sweet.

  9. I would think that if you made your own bubur cha cha/ang tao peng, it would be much nicer since you can add more santan and gula Melaka to your own taste.

    Yes, of that I am very sure. Will cook one of these days, bubur cacar with sweet potatoes and/or yam, and blog about it.

  10. Wah lau eh. ….11am all sold out and hv to book ah…hmmm…liddat eat other things la

    Never had the tapioca this way. Only had it with grated coconut. Hmmm….. recipe?

    Yalor. Other things also nice…and not as expensive. RM12, I can live without those prawns, not a problem. Tak gian sangat.

    Not nice with tapioca cooked like this, what for you want recipe? But if you want to cook sweet potatoes and/or yam, you can do it the same way. Should be very much nicer, will try soon. Boil some water with lots of pandan leaves in it (I have lots in my garden), add sweet potatoes and/or yam to cook – in the meantime, cook some sago pearls and drain – add santan (I just used the packet one, me so lazy) and gula Melaka (now got granulated one, in packets, like sugar – so convenient and easy to use) according to taste, add sago pearls, bring to boil…and turn off fire. Done!!! I guess if you want to add shaved ice you will have to make it a little sweeter.

  11. Your foods never failed to make me drool!~~~ haha love those ices and if you have the prawn pictures, i may merely run to the store and cook it today

    You can click on the link to go and look, nice pics…but other people’s photos so I am not sharing in my blog.

  12. The weather here now is so hot, the ang tao peng will be nice on such a hot weather…

    Don’t complain, later rain all the time like in Kuching just before Chap Goh Meh. Thankfully, the water is subsiding at the moment.

  13. I love steamed tapioca with coconut milk.

    You do? I prefer to boil it with a pinch of salt, and eat like that…or I would dip it in our gula apong, nipah palm sugar. Nice! Or maybe what I had was already cooked, leftovers, not steamed or boiled with santan so I did not think it was very nice.

  14. I thought the bubor cha cha very lemak already , by looking at the photos. So ‘white’…. and it looks good leh! The beans also quite big , unlike some which give you small beans that ‘melt’ in the mouth…LOL

    You have a good time discovering new food joints ! πŸ™‚

    The beans are the samall variety, maybe they look big in the photos. These are much nicer but they must not be overcooked – will become too mushy. No lemak santan taste at all, maybe they used milk, I dunno.

  15. Well, that’s the problem with F&B; a consistent quality is not guaranteed and it tends to fluctuate at times too. I wouldn’t mind having a bowl of the bubur cacar with the heatwave here. =)

    RM 12 for the freshwater prawns is indeed cheap! I don’t think we can get it for that price in KL.

    Can’t get that price here too. I guess that is why everyone in town is going for it, sold out so early. This place opens till night and they had run out of noodles by 11 in the morning.

    I don’t think it’s the quality control – I never liked what they serve here, tried the bubur caccar once before and I did not think what I had was that great then…and neither was the ang tao peng this time around. I guess some people are not so picky…or maybe it is cheaper here. Kompia, with meat filling is 80 sen, one place that I know, 90 sen.

  16. That is a food dessert drink for the summer heat! nice to have in here, maybe I make it someday

    Use yam or sweet potatoes, very much nicer. I think I will do that one of these days and blog about it.

    1. Ohhh…Gula Melaka is something I would ask for extra when it comes to cendol. heheheh….

      Yup, not commonly found here, that is why I do not like so much and some use milk instead of santan or they use the canned or packet or powder ones – some of those have an unpleasant smell. Love the ones I had in Kuching, very lemak and lots of gula Melaka.

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