Just for me…

When my cousin and her hubby came to town, they brought a whole lot of goodies all the way from the UK just for me. There was this pack of coffee…

Monmouth coffee from the UK

…that she said is a favourite in England, ranking among the best of the best. Wowww!!! It certainly got a lot of rave reviews on this website.

I used the Vietnamese coffee filter to brew a cup for my missus but she did not say anything – I guess it did not get her all excited. It said on the back that it was intended to be for stovetop brewing…

For stovetop brewing

…so stovetop it had to be…


…and when it was done, I sat down to have a sip…

Cuppa of Monmouth coffee 1

…and yes, I would say it was very nice. It was different from our usual local brew – if I am not wrong, ours is Arabica, butter-roasted but of course, butter being so expensive these days, they say that they mix it with margarine and that would explain why even though it is still very nice, it is no longer as nice as in the old days.

This one…

Cuppa of Monmouth coffee 2

…was different. The fragrance filled the whole house but somehow, when you put your nose near the cup, it did not seem that overwhelming. Of course what is most important would be the taste and that too was different from our regular coffee. I thought it was kind of nutty or very lightly chocolaty but yes, I did like it…unlike some of those that I had had at the branded or celebrated franchise coffee places.

They also gave me this tall tin of biscuits…

Fortnum & Mason's biscuits

…and yes, I love pistachios and I loved clotted cream with fruit jam on those heavenly buttery scones but I have not opened this to try so at this point in time, I do not know what they are like. I did notice this…


…though – the picture of the monkey! What a coincidence! This sure makes it an appropriate gift for Chinese New Year, this being the Year of the Monkey, 2016.

No, that wasn’t all. There were also this box of nougats and a box of “mousses, truffles & pralines”…

Nougats and chocs

…and if you are curious as to what you can find in the latter, this is what you can see at the back of the box…

What's inside

I have not tried these yet either.

This should be a lot more familiar to many. They also gave me this box of meat floss…

Meat floss from Penang

…that they got when they were in Penang.

Thank you so much, Eleanor & Phil, for going through all that trouble to cart all these things all the way…and thank you also for the ang pao for my girl – that was so sweet and thoughtful indeed. Too bad she was at her school when you came – she was grumbling that she had never had the chance to meet you two lovely people. Hopefully, she will get that chance someday.

It certainly was wonderful having you here. I had a great time taking you all around town…and I sure am looking forward to your next visit. Do come again, and rest assured that it would be my pleasure to welcome you two back to our good ol’ Sibu town. In the meantime, all the best, take care and God bless. Cheers!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

15 thoughts on “Just for me…”

  1. That was so nice of your cousin and hubby. Such lovely gifts they have, very thoughtful indeed. That box of “mousses, truffles & pralines” looks very tempting. I would have open it immediately 😀

    Yes, they certainly did not seem to mind not travelling light – imagine having to bring a little something for everybody. Of course, I did not open right away, so disciplined…waited till my girl came home for the weekend. Almost all gone now, the biscuits already habis – not all that many pieces in that tall tin, still got the nougats and the bak hu.

  2. So sweet and thoughtful of them to bring so much goodies for you. Like Merryn, I would be very tempted to open the box of chocolates asap.

    Yes, I prefer to travel light but I would bring stuff for people too everytime I travel. Like I told Merryn, I waited till my girl came home for the weekend before I opened anything, so good hor? 😀

  3. Lovely gifts. That cup of coffee looks great, kaw kaw. Oh my, the chocolates, feel like popping into my mouth. Happy Chap Goh Mei, Arthur & family.

    Thanks and the same to you and yours. Now that you mentioned it, gotta go and have one right now…or maybe two. 😀

  4. That looks nice a nice cup of coffee! I love how they put the instructions for the roast e.g. stovetop. I don’t have Vietnamese roaster but my dad recently got a French press so he could drink the local coffee and it’s pretty good, just the perfect size for one or two people too.

    Mmm….clotted cream and pistachio biscuits!

    They were very nice! Very generous with the pistachios, can enjoy the fragrant taste every bite and the cookie was kind of creamy, maybe because of the clotted cream content. I was expecting something like those sandwich biscuits with cream in between but no, it was not anything like that.

    Funny how the instructions must be followed – maybe it had got something to do with how they ground the coffee beans. My cousin’s wife in Miri used their coffee percolator and I heard it was not nice. They only enjoyed it when they used their stovetop. The French press would be nice with our local Mui Hock, the Vietnamese filter too – similar in a way, after all their country was once a French colony. It did not work too well with this UK coffee. 😦

  5. I like the Vietnamese filter very much and use it quite often. There are lots of recipes on the internet for pork floss that I will have to try one day, as I haven’t it for some time.

    I’ve two of those Vietnamese filters, easier to use.

    Many people were making their own bak kua this Chinese New Year, overseas and even here – I guess at RM110 a kg, it is simply too expensive, cheaper to make one’s own and maybe nicer too. This chicken floss is not that popular – available anytime in the shops and supermarkets in small snack packs or bigger ones. Not too sure about the current prices, have not bought for a long time. My father likes it with porridge. Maybe you can get this in the Asian shops.

  6. The box of “mousses, truffles & pralines”, if me, i sure can’t resist the temptation, open up, and end up in my stomach, keke…

    I’m not really into chocolates – will eat, if any in the house but I don’t think I ever went out and bought my own. For one thing, those things are usually very sweet so it would be good for me not to eat too much, go for the savoury stuff instead.

  7. Nice gifts from your cousin. Happy Chap Goh Mei to you and family.

    Same to you and yours. Still raining there? Fine sunny weather here, just perfect for a nice drive to my girl’s school and back. Just home from sending her.

    1. Today it is sunny and warm!! Glad it does not rain today because I see the river near my place is so full!!! Praise the Lord for that.

      King tide though. I saw on Facebook, some places, the water has gone down…still high at some others. I hope it will not rain anymore for the next few days. Tide is highest on the 18th Night, Chinese calendar. Cannot imagine if it starts raining again. 😦

  8. You have not tried those “mousses, truffles & pralines” yet? I would have opened up that box immediately hee..hee…

    I did…finally! But when I opened the box, most were gone already. Some people in the house have been busy, it seems. 😀 😀 😀 But it’s ok, I’m ok with chocolates, can’t really tell one from the other.

  9. You are always blessed receiving in good things. By the way the coffee looks thick to me. I can’t take too strong coffee.

    Indeed I am, so very blessed. I’m the opposite – when i order coffee outside – I will say kopi-o kao kao kao. I drink my coffee black, no milk for me, thank you.

  10. I spotted Antong sugar wor… From Taiping one?

    Yes. I think it was smallkucing who sent me the coffee but I did not use the sugar – I usually have coffee without sugar, had some packs lying around so just used for the photo. Hehehehehe!!!!

  11. Wahhh…. all the way from UK! So nice of your cousin. Are you a coffee lover? Till today, I don’t know how to enjoy coffee though one of my siblings is a die-hard coffee lover. Must have a cup or two per day… Brewing the coffee picture here reminds me of her… she said it is so different from those sold outside at coffeeshops… brewing slowly is always the best, it seems!

  12. wah…so many goodies.
    Ok, now i know that “thing” is called stovetop expresso maker. I still have not used the one my friend gave me. I should try it one day.

    Easy, nice to use but the trouble is the one I have is good for one cup only so if I drink that up, I will have to make another one for my missus. 😦

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