Give way…

One reason why this is not quite our favoured place to go to and eat is that looking for a parking space can be such a pain…and that was why that day, when we went there for lunch, I dropped the two ladies off first and parked quite a distance away but I did manage to snap some photographs of our Tua Pek Kong Temple…

Tua Pek Kong Temple, Sibu

…here and its Seven-storey Pagoda…

Seven-storey Pagoda

…as I was walking to the place.

I heard that they had had some new additions to the menu and to give way to those, they had removed some of the not-so-popular items so we wanted to check this place out to see what was new. When I went in, I saw that my girl and the mum had not ordered – it seemed that they needed a little more time to decide what to pick.

What??? They got rid of that pork belly with salted fish rice set that we liked so much and the very nice pineapple chicken rice set had been unceremoniously removed as well? The vinegar pork leg rice set was still listed and I did see the stewed pork belly rice set too along with a whole lot of fried rice and whatever sets that did not tickle our fancy.

My missus had their sizzling fried noodles (RM7.90)…

Jack Pork sizzling fried noodles

…that I vaguely recalled having had a long long time ago when this place was run by its previous owners. She did not say anything nor did she complain so I guess it was all right…but for one thing, when it was served, it was not sizzling at all, no steam, nothing.

Previously, when this was an all-day breakfast place, the mee sua in chicken soup was very nice and since they have retained the same chef/cook and seeing that it is back in the menu, I decided to have that (RM8.90)…

Jack Pork mee sua 1

…and yes, it was very good, very much nicer than the one here and other pretty good ones elsewhere. The soup was thick and rich and bursting with flavours, very strong on the traditional Foochow red wine and I loved it to bits…but wait a minute! Where is the hardboiled egg? Whenever we have a bowl of mee sua

Jack Pork mee sua 2

…anywhere in town, nice or not nice, there MUST be a hardboiled egg. Hmmm…I must insist on getting one in my bowl of mee sua should I ever drop by for the same again.

My girl went for their Classic Burger (RM14.80)…

Jack Pork Classic Burger

…that I had had a couple of times before. It was still very nice, just that the price had gone up by RM1.00 and I could not understand for the dear life of me why they saw it fitting to place a bowl of keropok (prawn crackers) alongside the french fries. They could have just left that out and retained the old price.

All in all, it was a pleasant enough lunch but the drinks were the real killers – my girl’s hot honey yuzu tea was RM7.00 a cup and my missus had iced Ribena, RM4.50…and I had to fork out another RM1.00 for my glass of iced water bringing the overall total to RM44.10. Tsk! Tsk!