It was New Year’s Day so I had my longevity noodles (mee sua)…

New Year 2015 mee sua

…before I left the house to pick my friend from Singapore and his friends at the hotel.

He had been asking me about those giant prawn noodles that he had seen in my blog and also Huai Bin’s and seemed very anxious to eat that…despite the prices. I have not been to that original place in town for a long long time – it was RM35 when Huai Bin went in 2013 and I do not know how true it is but I heard that it has increased further since. If I’m not wrong, there is a fixed/standard price, never mind if the prawns are smaller or bigger and when I went long long ago, they were not all that big plus we only got 1Β½ prawns…or three halves that gave the impression that there were three prawns. I am not saying that things are still the same now though as I have not been there for ages – if you are curious, you can always drop by and find out for yourself.

But what I do know for sure is that these days, people are going to this place…

Brother Sing

…instead – at the shops to the left of the Lanang Road/Aman Road roundabout if you are driving from town.

I have seen many of my Facebook friends, especially those returning home from Singapore or abroad, coming here for the much coveted prawn noodles and flaunting their photographs on Facebook…but of course, I never bothered to come and check this place out myself – at those prices, poor old pensioners like me can jolly well live without it, that’s for sure.

All I knew then was what I heard on the grapevine – that there were three sizes here – RM70 for L (large), RM50 for M (medium) and RM25 for S (small) and when we asked ourselves that day, the information from the horse’s mouth was that there were only two – RM50 for L (large) and RM30 for S (small). It’s amazing how information may get distorted in transition.

I just ordered the Foochow noodle soup…

Foochow noodle soup

…for myself as I was still very full from the mee sua that I had earlier plus I did not think I would want the much coveted version of the same thing with the prawns added.

Β The ladies ordered the S (small) while my friend went for the L (large) and after a long wait, this was served…

Sibu prawn noodles, small 1

Everyone got all excited at the sight of it and was marvelling at how cheap that was – less than SGD20.00 (RM50.00)…

Sibu prawn noodles, small 2

…and how they could get their own version of the prawn noodles with big tiger prawns for SGD50.00 in Singapore but needless to say, those would pale miserably in comparison to these giants.

While everyone was busy singing their praises and taking photographs, this…

Sibu prawn noodles, large 1

…was served and all of us were stunned and our jaws fell wide open!!!

Now, that one earlier was, in fact, S (small) and only around SGD11.50 (RM30.00), while THIS…

Sibu prawn noodles, large 2

…was the L (large)! Seeing is believing, they say, but they just could not believe their eyes.

Of course, they were delicious and the broth was so very sweet and nice. Normally, we would never buy these prawns this size if ever they’re available at the market. For one thing, they would be mighty expensive and for another, they say the flesh/meat would be too hard. I tried a bit and found that it wasn’t really and was actually very nice…like lobster meat, just a whole lot nicer in taste. Another reason is that the head would be too big and the body would be small – this one that my friend had, the body was big as well and in fact, many love the head especially when there is the thick creamy paste-like stuff in it, People say that is where the cholesterol is but what’s bad for us is usually the best. Hehehehehehehe!!!!

Everyone left this place feeling absolutely happy and very very satisfied…(to be continued)

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

34 thoughts on “Stunned…”

  1. OMG!!!!!!!

    That’s gigantic! It’s the size of a lobster! I’m sure I’ve seen smaller lobsters. Very, very nice! πŸ™‚

    Oh yeah, so this is the place, I was told of this coffee shop by an ex-coworker and also the guy who used to work brewing drinks in Dian Xiao Er (for their Glory Cafe style coconut tom yam big head prawn noodle – he said there’s 5 people doing it now) – apparently, he’s switching jobs to this place, the Lanang one that you just went to. This place has been getting a lot of buzz lately, even the drinks guy wanted to move here to work and he told me to try it but too bad I didn’t have time at that point – was about to head back to KL the next day..

    Amazing photos. I’m definitely going to check this place out when I come back. RM 50 for that monster is worth it!

    Can’t wait to hear about your fish noodles too! Cheers mate!

    Now, THAT is what I would call a giant prawn! Didn’t see any guy brewing coffee…some old lady was doing that and some Indon helpers (the coffee here ain’t great, that’s for sure)…and I think I only saw one chef/cook in the kitchen. I did ask the lady up front about the chef – the info coming up inb my next post on this place…coming soon, along with my fish noodles!

  2. Still quite cheap compared to Malay stall here in Kuching. Luckily I’m not fond into prawns. Lazy to buang the kulit. hehehehe.. 😝

    I’d prefer to eat it at home, use hands…and can chew and suck the head noisily. Yummmm…that’s the best part!

  3. I like the bowl of meesua, I thought must be two eggs? Love love love that bowl of prawn noodles.. Super big prawn, I can eat 5!

    5!!! That would be RM250!!! I would rather go for some very nice dinner elsewhere for around half that amount of money, minus the prawns – hang around, you’ll get to see some of those dinners in the coming posts.

  4. I would be grinning from eye to eye if someone treat me to this big bowl of delicious crustacean!! RM50! Wow! Taste must be wow too!

    You didn’t go for this when you were in Sibu? Aiyorrrrrrrr!!!! Come! Come! Jot it down in your list! That list sure is getting longer and longer eh? Hehehehehehe!!!!

  5. Can’t believe the size – but not for me as I’m allergic to these things!

    Poor thing! I guess you’re allergic to crabs too then. You don’t know what you’re missing…but look on the bright side, no cholesterol overload! πŸ˜€

  6. Was stunned too to see the amazing huge prawn. I will need extra plate to put the prawn & slowly peeling off the shell. Can’t do it in that bowl of noodles. The thick broth looks really nice.

    Yes, everyone asked for a plate to do that. Oooo…the broth was so very sweet, very very nice!

  7. Very good broth. Will do without the noodles next time as the prawns and soup are enough to fill me hehe.

    Next time you order a bowl, you eat the prawn and I eat the noodles…with the really awesome broth. Deal? πŸ˜‰

    1. No…next time we order a bowl each..and you can have my extra noodles πŸ˜‰ I had a look at Huai Bin’s big prawn noodles photos..looks like the prawn in this is much bigger than his.

      Yes, I was stunned too – never seen one so so so big in my entire life. Amazing!!! Bet Huai Bin can’t wait to come back to go for these giants that we had!

  8. Wow such a big prawns! Macam lobster la!

    Yes, and I have a feeling the restaurants here use these for their “dragon prawn” (lobster) salad…and they sure don’t come cheap, not at all. Looks like we’ve been had. 😦

  9. Now that is one scary big prawn! Even bigger than a lobster! OMG!

    But lobsters this size or bigger, not scary at all? See people flaunting online…like they’re their pride and joy, never mind that they cost a hand and a foot. These taste a whole lot nicer.

  10. Wow, that prawn is huge! That’s XXL πŸ˜€ But I would pay that sort of money for prawns. Not really a seafood fan.

    You would NOT, you mean? Neither would I…even though I love seafood but of course, I don’t mind forking out the money to treat anyone who cares to drop by our little town…if they want to go for this, that is. πŸ˜‰

  11. The mee sua in Malaysia is nicer, the other time, i eat the mee sua at my friend house, the first taste, it’s sooooo nice, friend said handmade in Malaysia, whereby the mee sua i bought from supermarket here, not that nice…

    Come and try ours. You’d never go back to those factory-made mee sua from elsewhere ever again.

  12. The prawns really caught my attention…

    They’d catch anybody’s attention, that’s for sure. HUGE!!!

  13. I can enter Malaysia for 30 days, the 30 days, can go Sibu visit you, Ipoh visit Claire, go KL visit Mama Kucing…

    Why 30 days? Your annual leave?

    1. The 30 days, as per the immigration stamping in my passport…

      Oh? That’s all you get? Not 6 months? Dunno, never had people from Singapore coming to town. First time and I didn’t ask them.

  14. That is a dinosaur Prawn!! hahahaa… so HUGE! I don’t mind trying though… but one person can finish or not? πŸ™‚

    Can lah…but you can always share or go for the S (small).

  15. Wow that mee sua looks delicious but when I saw that Foochow noodle soup thats even better, look at the size of that?

    Any plans to hop over? You can have both…and more, lots more! πŸ˜€

  16. Where is the exact location of this restaurant ? Any specific shops next to it? The prawn noodles look so yummy

    Didn’t you read what’s in the text? “…at the shops to the left of the Lanang Road/Aman Road roundabout if you are driving from town…”

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