There no more…

The first time I had their ang tao peng was at the shop along Jalan Hj Taha (1.556393,110.338506) and the second time when I went back for more, I decided to try the one at the stall beside/in front of a house around 100 metres away. That day, after my arrival in Kuching, I was delighted to see that they now have a new outlet here (1.552234,110.336967)…

Chang Swee Kang

Chang Swee Kang, directly opposite that Peterson Corner that I went to for the lovely hay peah.

I shared the photograph on Facebook…

Swee Kang

…and I gathered from the comments that they have moved from the stall at the house – it seems that the city council has disallowed them from operating their business at the residential premises and the general opinion is that what they serve at this place, like when they were at the stall…

Swee Kang cendol

…is better than what one would get at the other shop, the first one I tried. I would agree with that as I had mentioned in my earlier blogpost and of course, I wasted no time at all in crossing over from the hay peah place to have one delightful bowl of ang tao peng

Ang tao peng 1


I don’t know what red beans they use here but they do not seem as red…

Ang tao peng 2

…as the ones I am more accustomed with but thankfully, they taste exactly the same and they are able to cook it perfectly here – soft and mushy and the beans are still whole. Personally, I am not all that fond of the type of red beans used for this in the peninsula especially those bigger ones that are not mushy, those that I had had, at least, and are a little bit salty so even the taste is not quite the same.

After the delightful lunch and the very satisfying cold dessert, I went to the hotel – the 360 Xpress Citycenter to check in. The previous time I was here, there was something wrong with the power – it would not come on when I slipped the key card into the slot. That was why they upgraded me to a bigger and nicer room but this time around, it was all right so there I was in their single room (RM49.90)…

360 Express single bedroom 1

There is free wifi in the rooms though I gathered that the connection is not so good. Well, I am not dependent on that as I have data on my mobile plus I did not bring along my laptop. Anyway, I prefer doing all those things that I usually do on PCs and they have two in the lobby, for in-house guests to use absolutely free of charge – just get the password from the receptionist or concierge on duty. At many bigger and classier hotels where I’ve stayed, one would have to pay to use their “Business Centre” or pay for internet connection in the rooms – RM100 for 12 hours or something like that which I feel, is absolutely ridiculous, especially when you are already paying so much for the room.

There was some water below the mini bar (small fridge) in the room – it seemed somebody had left the door ajar so there was some defrosting going on in it and the water flowed out. I got somebody to come and deal with it and they did so right away. Other than that, everything else was fine…

360 Express single bedroom 2

I sure would not mind staying here again should I hop over to the state capital anytime again…

360 Express single bedroom 3

…soon since it is nice and clean and comfortable enough and especially considering the location (1.554897,110.352832) and above all, the very affordable room rates payable.

Next stop, dinner!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

15 thoughts on “There no more…”

  1. omigosh, it’s a sweltering, sultry night right now in kl … i could use a big bowl of that ang tao peng! 😀

    Yes, it is so so so hot here too despite having rainstorms on alternate nights. Wish I could go back there for more. 😦

  2. Nice bowl of cold ang tau peng. I love it!!!

    The hotel room looks fine to me. Important is free wifi. Hehe.

    Not very good in the room, I hear but ok in the lobby. I would just use the PC there to go online – two, and nobody using all the time.

    Yes, Swee Kang’s so good! Something not t be missed, anyone going to Kuching…and the best part – no need to queue and stand in the sun!

  3. Great bowl of ang tau peng for a hot day like now.

    Yes, Kuching’s so hot. I thought Sibu was hot but it was worse there. Two days there, I went two times, once a day!!!

  4. I love glass shower doors! 🙂

    My handyman has been pestering me to get rid of my bath tub and put up one of these – he said bath tubs are so old school, ancient!

  5. ahhh in this hot weather, I think I want to get myself a bowl of ang tao peng too..

    Hot everywhere, no water in my girl’s school in the jungle. Thank God we had had a bit of rain, a welcome relief but none for two days now. 😦

  6. Thanks! Now I know where to eat ang tao peng and where to stay in Kuching if I ever go there. The room looks good to me.

    Yes, good enough and so very cheap! No way you can get one so nice and decent anywhere in KL and all the places there…and not in Sibu either. The closest would be RM65, a little nicer.

  7. The ang tao peng, which I guess is red bean ice or ‘ABC’ here , looks very different from what we have here. It looks more like chendol as well as there’s gula melaka in it. Looks nice, will hope to try someday.

    Yup, iced red bean…and the other one is cendol. To have both at this place, you would have to order ang tao cendol. I thought it would be ais kacang there, this ang tao peng? ABC is something very different – had that in Penang, some special place around Lorong Selamat area or where – can’t say I liked it. There are other choices here – they have ABC too…and one called Matterhorn!!! Me, old man old school…did not try, just stuck to my favourite ang tao peng. Maybe when Rose stops by here, she can order for her kids…and blog about all of them. They told me the belacan bihun is good…and I did smell the Sarawak laksa, like very good too.

  8. Those look like black eyed peas….not red beans! ;D

    Dunno, never tried those. Do they taste exactly the same as red beans? Everything is the same, just the colour. Whatever they were, I would say they were very nice, exactly like the red beans that I know so well and love, so no complaints. I’m fine with it.

  9. True also ya, you’ve already pay so much and they make another charge for the internet. Even worst is if the connection is faster it can barely acceptable, some is super slow..definitely not worthy!

    Yes, very very slow – the free ones. I’ve tried. That was why I always brought along my own wireless modem when I travelled.

  10. At RM49.90 per night that’s very affordable! The room looks comfortable enough. It’s been a while since I had ang tau and the ang tau peng is a welcome dessert for our very hot weather.

    Yes, so so so so hot, I am literally melting!!! Terrible, this prolonged drought and hot weather – no water in my girl’s jungle school! Thank goodness they close for the Raya starting tomorrow – hope the would be some rain by the time they need to go back. 😦

    Indeed, so cheap and so nice. Don’t except anything like this at this price in KL or anywhere over at your side. I sure would want to stay here again.

  11. Seems like everyone comment the same. Want to have that bowl of cold ang tao peng for this kind of hot hot weather.

    My favourite here, Thomson Corner, is not even half as nice as this Swee Kang one. Wanna plan a trip to Kuching? I can fly over, take you all around! Would be fun!

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