Took so long…

I have known for quite sometime now that they sell prawn noodles here…

Ban Chow Fook, Apollo

…but it sure took me so long as somehow or other, I never got down to stopping by to try…or rather, I did once when my friend, Philip, was home from the US last year…or was it the year before? Unfortunately, by the time we got there they were already closing down for the day even though it was just roundabout noon then.

The coffee was good…


…and priced at RM1.50 only, compared to RM1.80 at a number of places in town and they are not even half as nice. It could do with a little less sugar though as I found it a tad too sweet for me.

The prawn noodles…

Prawn noodles

…were only RM19.00 a plate for the relatively smaller-sized ones compared to RM30.00 and above elsewhere.

Maybe the prawn was a little bit smaller but I reckoned they were big enough and most importantly, they were very fresh, sweet and succulent…


…but the noodles…


…weren’t that exceptionally great. Minus the attraction of that huge crustacean on top, I think I do prefer the Foochow fried noodles at a few other places in town plus if I were to drop by here again for more of the same, I certainly would ask them to cut down on the msg by at least half…and no, I would not say that as a whole, it was a steal. If we deduct RM4.00 for a normal plate of Foochow fried noodles, that would mean that they are charging RM15.00 for that solitary prawn, cut into two.

Well, if anyone is interested in checking this place out, it is in what we call the Apollo area, right across the road from this primary school…

Su Lai primary school

It shouldn’t be difficult to find and yes, it is in that same area of shops where I would go to get the very nice Korean mochi buns.

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27 thoughts on “Took so long…”

  1. I can only spot some green vege on the noodles.. From the picture, the prawns look big..Oohhh cut down the MSG into half, means too salty, hmm, must be super thirsty after the meal, hehe..

    No, MSG is not salty. It is a taste enhancer. There is msg in soy sauce already so there is really no need to add more but in cases where they had a whole lot especially in Chinese restaurants, it leaves an uncomfortable taste in the mouth that can;t seem to want to go away. Other people may have other effects, not very pleasant ones.

  2. So you finally got to try it. It looks like they do it differently, no soup, just sauce. Well, looking forward to more crustacean delights again soon.

    You can have the soup version too but I did not want that.

  3. I love a big fresh prawn in my noodle. Lovely bowl of goodness.

    Now I am thinking about the mochi bun. Few bakeries made it but I have not yet try. Some day…

    Have to get the ones here. Those at the bakeries in town, all not good. Lack the fragrance and the crunchy exterior…all like rubber even though the taste may be pretty much the same.

  4. The prawn seems very big in the first picture, but I think it is because you zoomed it in, right? When bits of the chopstick appear beside it, somehow I feel it looked quite small.

    It was big but by our standard, this would be medium, currently around RM40-50 a kg – there are giant ones, up to RM80 and beyond. My missus prefers the medium ones – more value for money and she insists the flesh is more succulent, not as hard as the big ones…and usually, just the head is big, the body not really so.

  5. Very tempting…

    Tempting enough to get you to fly over? RM28 from JB to Sibu, around SGD10 only…so so so cheap!

  6. Ermm…the noodles, no meat besides the nice looking prawn & bits of greens.The prawn looks too good to resist. Coffee looks kaw kaw, got ummphh…..

    Yes, I was expecting little bits of meat, besides the prawn. Maybe that was why the noodles, by itself, was not quite as good as elsewhere.

  7. That one is prawn or mini lobster? Heard of tales about mini lobster where they eat ahem ahem…For some times dare not eat those mini lobster liao.

    Noodles so little leh. Next time ask them to give more la.

    You should hear more stories – then you have nothing left to eat. I saw myself on tv, a documentary on balitongs but never mind…just eat, so delicious!!! Crabs also the same…and I bet you have not heard what the fish we will have for our Chap Goh Meh dinner tonight eats. So sweet, so smooth the meat and so so lemak, more lemak than salmon and tastes a whole lot nicer. Going extinct though, because of our murky river – so hard to get big ones and so expensive.

  8. The noodles looked very little there.. enough for one person? Maybe the prawn was enormous…covering the whole plate.. for RM19.90, will try once… once a lifetime ma.. hahaha..

    Not really. Once tossed, a whole lot. More than enough for me, old people…must control sikit. Noodles = carbs = glucose = sugar. Well, you will not get to try unless you come over again. Period!

  9. Happy Chap Goh Meh to you & your loved ones. Guess your missus is cooking up a storm. Enjoy!!!!!

    Same to you and yours. The initial plan was for me to cook but she kept wanting to push in her own stuff, wanted to cook this and that…so I quickly cooked mine, will heat up later…and let her take over the kitchen. The typhoon has struck! 😦

  10. That prawn served is one whole prawn or only half? I guess prawn lovers do not mind spending that amount of money to enjoy this huge crustacean.

    I still think it is a gimmick. Very over-priced. Expensive though those prawns may be, it will not come up to that high a price…and the Foochow fried noodles taste just as good without them.

  11. It’s too bad the noodles aren’t so great. The prawn does look huge in your pic. It almost popped out of my PC!

    It was good…just that there are better ones in town even without the prawn.

  12. I never tried prawn noodles before. Belum ada craving. hahaha.

    You’ve eaten the prawns, of course. Mun masak kunyit, masam-masam…best lah! One new Malay coffee shop at Simpang Tiga, Sara – I saw the banner, mee udang. Yet to go and try.

  13. heheh, i like how you captured the prawn from three different but delicious angles 😀

    More pics, will arouse more interest. I know many do not like wordy posts, worse if they are long.

  14. From the photo, the noodles doesn’t look very good but the prawn certainly is tempting.

    Noodles were all right but others some place else taste better…but it probably looked like there wasn’t much in contrast with the size of the prawn.

  15. Oh yeah, I heard about this place the last time I was back but didn’t have time to try it out.

    The prawn looks a bit small compared to the other big head prawn noodles but at RM 19, it’s quite reasonable. It’s RM 10 less than the regular outlets and it’s very close to where we live too.

    You did. Not one of those much-shout-about places in town. My missus ate there once and saw the sign and told me – that was how I got to know about it. RM10 would be a long long time ago – it was RM8, I think, so very very long ago and the prawn was say, half this size…but yes, I do think it’s over-priced, and all the rest of them as well. Would definitely go out and eat that on any normal day.

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