Don’t think twice, it’s all right…

I used to drop by the shop to eat many many years ago when it was at the original location and in those days, there wasn’t any need to think twice about it. I cannot remember how much it was right at the start but I do remember paying as much as RM8.00 a bowl…and then it went up to RM10.00…and then RM15.00…and when it reached RM20, I had no choice but to think not just twice but a lot of times before I would decide to go and indulge in it. Well, presently it stands at RM25.00 a bowl.

I am talking here about the prawn noodles at this unimpressive looking place here in Sibu…

Min Kong Sibu

…but the moment you enter the place, the mere presence of the crowd will tell you that they are doing as well as ever despite the astronomically escalating price for their specialty.

Well, for one thing, they use the udang galah or the freshwater prawns which do not come cheap even if you go and buy them yourself at the market – around RM30-40 a kg or more, depending on the size…and considering that I had friends coming over from KL and I wouldn’t know if they will ever come this way again, I decided that it was all right to take them to the place and let them enjoy the soup version…

Prawn noodles - soup

…as well as the fried version…

Prawn noodles - Foochow fried

…to their hearts’ delight.

It was like killing two birds with one stone, or three to be exact. Firstly, they get to eat the much-coveted giant prawns…

Yummy prawns

…and secondly, they were able to sample the Foochow-style soup noodles and thirdly, the Foochow-style fried noodles.

In fact, when my friend, Philip came back from the US with his missus, originally from Segamat, Johore, he took her there to eat this and she also enjoyed it very much. Of course, with the US currency at over RM3.00 to 1 USD, it must have seemed awfully cheap to them.

For one thing, seeing the delight and pleasure on my friends’ faces, it certainly was worth the trouble of taking them there for this once-in-a-lifetime indulgence…and I can safely tell myself, “Don’t think twice, it’s all right!” LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

55 thoughts on “Don’t think twice, it’s all right…”

  1. ok. i’ve bookmarked this! gonna try this when i’m in Sibu!

    there’s one stall in town selling expensive prawn mee too! but too bad, everytime i visit ar, the prawns are always sold out! and it’s during lunchy time!

    When are you coming? Mana tau…by the time you come, already RM30… 😦 LOL!!!! πŸ˜€

  2. What goes up will go up up and away..curry mee in Long River is now going at RM4.80 increased by 0.30sen and can bet after CNY it will snake its way to RM5.00 or even more. Oh yummy prawns ho ho ho liao, aiya eat lah. Hokkien saying *chiak si hock puarc si pok*. ‘eat is prosperous, gamble is broke-poor-erous’ haha.

    Aiyor…30 sen only…and RM4.30 so cheap. This is RM25 wor!!!! Here also. Increase by 20 sen and the customers will all disappear…but after a while, they will come back also…if what they sell is really good.

  3. So you have been to the ‘Garden Party’..singing *Well it’s alright now, I’ve learned my lesson well, you can’t please everyone, so you have to please yourself*..cheers!

    Yes, must remember that all the time – to put oneself above others – can’t go on living one’s life trying to please everybody only to find that you have pleased no one, not even yourself.

  4. OMG!… The third picture look so darn good!!! How come you didn’t include that when we were there? I’m not a prawn fan but I could have eaten that! For the men, after makan a bowl of that mee udang, sure will get a baby!

    You’re not a prawn fan mah…and first night here, I bought some Foochow fried noodles for you to try, minus the prawns…and you did not seem to like it very much mah – loved the nasi kerabu instead…and so many things to eat, so little time…so had to pick and choose lor. You want, come again lah! πŸ˜‰

  5. RM 25?? Gee, how many plates of kampua noodles can I get with that? Hehe.. where is this? I never heard or seen it before.

    You haven’t? Aiyor…you in the rich and the famous group, I would expect you to eat here all the time. Hehehehehehe!!!!! πŸ˜‰

    1. Aiiiyyooo mana ada. My money is all gone now. Not enough for one plate of this. Have to times three every time I buy something and compare it to Sibu prices. Then.. sakit hati hehe…

      LOL!!! No worries! When you come home, I take you here – my treat! Once a year, not a problem at all. Wink! Wink! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  6. Gosh, RM25 a bowl? I suppose if it is fresh, good quality, I would agree with you that it is alright once in a while for that special occassion. Judging by the crowd as you say, these people are willing to spend!

    I guess we eat those prawns and noodles cooked like that quite frequently so for me, at least, it is not really that special…so we can easily do without it, no problem. Use the money and go and eat something else less pricey.

    But considering all those giant prawns (not so big that day – I suppose it depends on the catch of the day), I would say it is very cheap…compared to the pastas and those meat and seafood dishes at the restaurants and cafes in KL, some going up to almost RM50 at some places, right?

  7. wow, the shop is still operational?? wakakakaka, it looks like it has been abandoned due to a fire that has seriously torn down the place~~ πŸ˜€

    Ya…for the amount they’re charging, the least they could do would be to make the place look a bit more presentable. Tsk! Tsk! But you people over there, very used to this lah, I’m sure – the worst looking places selling the nicest food…

  8. wow, that is seriously a hidden gem.. such an (getting more and more) expensive bowl of noodles in such a rundown shop.. who would have expected to have a bowl of noodles at RM25 in there??
    …. and this would be the 4th bird you friends killed with that stone!! wakakaka~~

    Don’t you get that a lot in KL? I’ve been to many in Penang – the dirtiest, the most rundown, murky looking stalls and shops…and what they serve is the best in town. I know of some in KL too that look A LOT worse than this…

  9. I ll prefer the dried version. aijor…the shop looks so old edy. Need to refurbish a bit la.

    Not that bad lah actually. Something like Ah Lye where we went for the fish head curry, maybe even better…but of course, it would be nice to clean it up and make it look more presentable a bit.

  10. The price hike is really incredible. There is one place around at Perak serves such giant prawns. The place was around 1 and 1/2 hour journey from Ipoh town. The prawns tastes good and sweet indeed, quite worthy for the journey to get there.

    Well, if you look here:…and considering that the prawn noodles with TWO miserably small prawns, and the cheaper sea prawns some more at that, can cost up to RM30, we can say this is very very cheap already.

  11. If the prawns are fresh and the dish is good … I wouldn’t mind paying for some indulgence now and then. We have a place here that sells a good Penang Prawn Mee for RM20 (or was it RM25) but it’s a huge serving (have to share) with huge prawns and ribs and smaller prawns …. it’s worth it! This Foochow style looks nice too!

    Yes, if you compare, this is not exactly THAT expensive…but by the local Sibu standard, we would much rather go for something less cheaper…and just as nice or perhaps even nicer!

  12. RM 25!!! I think I’m gonna think thrice!! XD
    Have a happy Wednesday, STP!

    But not if it’s a plate of lamb or steak that costs RM30-40??? You have a great Wednesday too!

  13. Guess only locals will drop by there as tourist may not know that there is good food to be had at that shop. Looks old. If i pass by there i will think it’s just a normal kopitiam instead of having good food there

    It’s very famous! Many coming back from overseas would insist on dropping by to eat this but of course, for them, it is very cheap lah! The locals may go for the same without the prawns (they do sell it like that too) or the more reasonably-priced chu-char dishes…or the economy rice – they’re not bad too but I hardly ever go there as parking in that area can be such a pain.

  14. Wow! Look at the size of those prawns!

    The star attraction!!! πŸ˜‰ But actually, these are the medium-sized ones. Sometimes one can get much bigger ones, maybe double the size…depending on the catch of the day but bigger ones, maybe they’ll give you two or three – not so many. 😦

  15. I thought it was way overpriced too until I saw the dish. Absolutely worth every sen! Nothing quite like it anywhere.

    OK! OK!!! HEAR YE! HEAR YE, EVERYBODY! Now you can get the words from the horse’s mouth – don’t say I’m making up stories or what. Pricey, yes…but considering the size and the amount of the prawns and the pleasure derived – many would think it is worth it. πŸ˜€

  16. SO yummy…where is this kopitiam…town area?

    Bank Road. Round the corner from the 7-storey pagoda Chinese temple…across the road from the side entrance to the Sibu Trade & Exhibition Centre. Gee!!! You really don’t know much about Sibu, do you? You’ve been here long? Some 4-5 years?

  17. HOLY MOLY… 8 – 10-15-20, ok, that’s drastic enough , but WHATT 25??!?!?! I’d rather enter some coffee shop to have at least 3 bowls of the noodle!;P

    Some may beg to differ… See Philip’s comment above. I would think twice as well if I had to pay say, over RM20 for a burger like what you had here: but you and many others, I’m sure, may feel otherwise.

    P.S. The increase in prices actually spans from the 1980’s to the present – not just within these few years.

  18. These prawn noodle definitely not cheap. But they are mouth watering. I’ve only tried once from this place, “Peking Restaurant, Jakar Town”. I’m pretty sure you know/ heard about it πŸ˜‰

    Yes, I’ve heard about it – very famous but I’ve never been there. The other famous one is Glory Cafe in Sarikei – but that one’s in tom yam soup, not the same.

    1. Ohh…I’ve heard about that too. Perhaps I should give it a try, ignoring the price ^_^

      Once in a blue moon, ok to indulge. Definitely not something to have on a regular basis. 😦

  19. Guess I have to think thrice before I drop by to eat a bowl of noodles which cost a bomb. But the prawns looks really fresh & juicy. Both version looks good though.The shop is in such a run down stage.

    Not run-down. Just needs a fresh coat of paint. Usually the town council here will serve such shops a notice periodically to get them to repaint the premises. It’s like thinking about buying a piece of mooncake that costs around RM20.00 – I would not think twice or thrice… The answer is a definite no. I can live without it.

  20. Just took prime ribs for dinner! Needless to say.. I prefer our local food anytime!! Miss them all…my mom and I were talking about curry noodles in the car just now.. how we miss that! hahaha…

    Ahhhh!!! That’s the way to do it! Eat all you can of their food while you are there. I wouldn’t ask you how much they cost! Wink! Wink! LOL!!! Aiyor!!! Not even a month there and already craving for our food. Imagine those moving there and having to live there forever! πŸ˜€

  21. good afternoon! πŸ™‚ i see nice prawns there.. yum

    just had my usual economy rice for lunch.. trying to take less meat nowadays and more veggies.. hehe πŸ™‚

    Hmmmm…not prawns for you!!! Later you gatal and Janice is in no shape to “layan” you, susah lor… Muahahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€

  22. Min Kon!! I know i know this place. But so long i never go there, had been quite many years. The last i know, my mum told me is RM20, didn’t know now already RM25???
    When i go there that time still RM10, then i had RM20 once or twice, then no more. Not really a fan, but once in a while ok la, all my aunties they love to go there, always said want to buy me lunch there. hahahhaha

    Are they still at the same old place near Parkson there? Or they moved already? If i can remember, they are opposite that chinese school?

    No, no…no more there. When it was there, it was still cheap…and I would go quite often…and would bring friends and relatives coming to town to go and enjoy. Now, so expensive…cannot afford lah! Now, it is round the corner from the 7-storey pagoda Chinese temple.

    Actually, if you order the Foochow fried noodles or Foochow char-chu mee (soup noodles, they fry the noodles first and then add soup), they also taste more or less the same…but like that, maybe a little less sweet and no prawns for you to enjoy lah!!!

  23. You are a good host. You give your friends good meal even if it is pricey.

    Maybe when you return to this shop the price of prawn dish will be RM30.00. That is my fearless forecast. πŸ˜›

    Yes, that’s the worrying part. Oh, this time around, my friend insisted on picking up the tab for this lunch treat since he was very keen on going for those giant prawns that are not so easily available and would cost at least two or three times more where he comes from.

  24. my late grandad loves that mee soup so much that he would bring us there often when it was at the old place. i like it very much too but the steep price means i cant go there that often to have it. normally i bring my friends who came to sibu for a visit to hv that mee soup udang galah. but now knowing very well the price of those giant prawns are expensive i dont mind going there occasionally. when i do i will call u STP hehehe
    last week when i was in Bintulu i also had that mee soup udang at Sea View (Bintulu) reataurant which is owned by foochows from sibu. its cheaper than at RM20 per bowl and the taste is more or less similar.

    Ya, RM25 is a bit too expensive considering that those medium-sized prawns would not be as pricey as those giant ones with the legs/claws. RM20 would be quite reasonable. They should vary the price according to the size of the prawns – can’t be playing to win all the time. There are other cheaper ones elsewhere like Sweet Family for example, but they do not put so many prawns and their noodles lack quality control – sometimes good, sometimes quite disappointing. 😦

  25. The exterior shop doesn’t look impressive at all. RM25 a bowl is quite expensive, you know. For the shops in KL, it’s understandable because they’ve such a high rental to cover.

    I almost mistook the prawn soup for the Thai tomyam. >.<

    Nope…this is a local Sibu Foochow dish – not spicy, none of those lemon grass and what not, definitely nothing like tom yam. The shop has been around for many years…and yes, for the amount they’re charging and the profit they’ve been making, they should spend a little bit of that money to spruce up the place a bit. At least, give the place a new coat of paint, if nothing else. 😦

  26. Thanks for bringing us there, STP! It was really worth the treat. That prawn noodle is so good, never mind the price, just eat & be happy! Haha !

    Most welcome. Glad that at least it gives you one more thing to talk about. LOL!!!

  27. My gosh I miss Prawn noodles! I think RM25 is the going price….. the Bintulu one is about the same… and they use the same prawns for Sang Har Meen here which is also RM25 per serving. Shame I won’t get to taste these for a while….

    No plans to hop over anytime soon? Actually, there may be cheaper ones elsewhere but this place is THE place to go to – like the icon! πŸ˜‰

  28. yeah cos if it’s just RM30/kg, it’s like USD10 for them. So cheap! Love the fresh water prawns and it looked so fresh and succulent.

    Yalor…when they come over, they will tell you this is so cheap, that is so cheap… Aiyor!!! They all so rich mah!!! But they may get the same things there – only that there, they are more expensive…even for them. If we go over there and buy, really pengsan!!!!

  29. It look so delicious, I think worth to try. Love the fresh prawn, yum yum.
    Wish I can have some now…. wait 12 midnight I drop by Sibu…………………… (in my dream) LOL

    Well, sweet dreams are made of these… Yum! Yum! Be careful! There is this joke about a guy who dreamt that he ate a giant sausage and when he woke up, his bolster was missing! Muahahahahahaha!!!!!

  30. Thank you stp! For being so kind to take us around town to taste all the Sibu good food. At first you are a stranger to us. Now you are our best friend. Looking forward to visit the swan city again.

    No problem at all! It certainly was my pleasure – always glad to have company. Looking forward to your next trip – do come again…soon! πŸ™‚

  31. I showed my friend this post and she was surprised that noodles in Sibu are so expensive. Heh. It’s the Min Kong pricing, and also the freshwater prawns combined with the demand, me thinks.

    I like this place, surprisingly, I also like the one in Jakar and Sarikei (Glory Cafe). πŸ™‚

    True. The ones at Jakar & Glory aren’t that cheap either, I think. I think there are places here where they give you one prawn (cut into two) and charge you say…R10-12 – it will be more or less the same or perhaps even more expensive actually and the worse thing is theirs isn’t as nice.

  32. wow .. the udang galah noodles looks so delicious..
    it make me craving for seafood now…

    Still coughing…no seafood. I hear prawns are no good for you when you have a flu or a cough.

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