All in one night…

The one-week school holiday was coming to an end, so early in the morning on Sunday, I had to go to the airport to pick my girl’s friend/colleague and after an early lunch, I had to send them to their school, half an hour past Selangau Bazaar. That was why when my Singapore friends were back from their longhouse trip, I was not around and they were left to their own devices that afternoon.

I only managed to meet them at around 5.00 p.m. and because the restaurant that I wanted to take them to was still closed, we dropped by here as they insisted that they wanted to give it a try even though we were just an hour away from dinner time. We shared their signature barbecued pork ribs…


…that they all liked and they also loved their classic pork burger…


After that, it was still early so we went to stroll around the pasar malam (night market) round the corner. I had to keep reminding them not to buy anything and save what was left of their tummy space for dinner. Luckily, it started to rain so we had to leave the place and head back to the restaurant.

I ordered the traditional Melanau dish – the umai


…which comprises raw fish with lots of calamansi lime juice and other ingredients. They enjoyed that though I would say it was rather sour but it went well with rice. They liked the paku (jungle fern) in santan (coconut milk)…

Paku in santan

…too but all of them shared this same opinion – they would prefer midin a lot more. Unfortunately, it was not available at this restaurant that night.

I also got them to try the lokan


…which was basically the shell of the clams stuffed with the flesh/meat, minced and mixed with minced meat and whatever else…

Lokan - inside

…and deep fried. My! My! The ones we got that night were extremely small – about half of the usual size only. I wondered if this applied to the price as well…but knowing how things would usually go around here, I would think that was highly unlikely.

I did not want the prawns as I knew that would cost a bomb so we asked for three only…


 …for the three of them. That turned out to be RM25.00 each so the total was a shocking RM75.00, just for the prawns alone. They loved the huge prawns and they were really good – firm, fresh, sweet and succulent…


…but the soup, like the umai, was way too sour. There was no way one could just drink it like that or not a whole lot of it, at least. One of the ladies did not like how there was a little too much tumeric (kunyit)…and actually, when we cook our very simple version of this at home, Melanau-style, we do not make it THIS sour and we do not use a lot of tumeric or in fact, much of anything either, so we would have a lighter soup which, to us, would be very much more delightful. This, I feel, comes across more like gravy than soup – great with rice…but I do know for a fact that different people cook things differently like how the curry in one family may not be the same as that in another and preferences may vary too. To each his own!

I asked for TWO pieces of the lamb, each piece cut into two so each of us could just have a bit. After all, we were already rather full from the pre-dinner dinner. However, this was served…


– four thick slabs of roast lamb! It worked out to RM20.00 a piece which I would say was not all that expensive if we compare that to the prices of lamb chops here, there and everywhere…but the total for the dish, RM80.00, was indeed quite a pinch! Nonetheless, they thought it was very nicely done and worthy of praise.

The bill came up to a whooping RM202.00, inclusive of rice and drinks…but they still said it was all right, less than SGD80.00. I would have to think twice about bringing guests here in future, really…and if I ever do, there would not be any lamb, that’s for sure…and no prawns either!

Now if you think that was it, you are very very wrong! They insisted that we dropped by here for the durian…

*Archive photo*

…and mango ice cream…

*Archive photo*

…and I also asked them to try the banana cake. Good grief! My friend liked it so much that he wanted to buy some to take back to Singapore. Unfortunately, they were out of the cake and only had enough for their own use so the plan had to be aborted. It was too dark to take any reasonably good snapshots (that is why I have to resort to those old ones above)…but if you stick around, there will be a photograph of the banana cake in one of the posts coming soon.

There you have it – our two dinners plus dessert, all in one night!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

20 thoughts on “All in one night…”

  1. Mmmmmm…..did you say roast lamb? I heard you all the way over here in Montreal, Canada. I love roast lamb, and this looks succulent! 🙂

    It was very nice – I love how they do it here, anytime better than those grilled lamb chops I’ve had anywhere…just that for four slabs of it, the total is somewhat substantial.

  2. That was a lot for one evening. Wonder how your tummy digested all those food. Hahaha.

    Hmm. I like the umai. Had it twice there and I enjoyed the sour and spicy umai. Pretty appetizing to go with rice. And yes, the lamb costs a bomb but it was so good. Once a while I do missed its lamb rack. Hubby also agreed with me that it is the best lamb rack we ever had. Not in Kuching some more. Haha.

    Yes, very nice with rice, the umai…but when we were so full, not eating much rice, it was hard to eat it – I tapaoed at least half of it home. Come, come back to Sibu sometime…and we’ll go and eat there – you belanja. Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  3. Got to salute everyone. So much to feast on in one night. Frankly speaking, all looks so awesome. Love the paku (though I prefer midin more), prawn & for dessert I take durian. Umai, a good appetiser.

    Yes, everyone loves midin more…and durian too! They should tone down their umai a bit, don’t make it so sour.

  4. All my favourites! Ribs, burger, prawns, roast lamb.. Woooo, wish I could eat all of them too (without getting fat)..So much food in a day, hou meang..

    You should see them! They’re all very slim…not like me. 😦

  5. Burp! Reading through this makes me full. I’ve never eaten midin. Must really make an effort to fly to Sibu one day. I know i’ve been saying this a millionth time but really. One of these days..

    Come, come, you’ll love it here! Cheap and nice…and of course, there is ME!!! 😉

    1. A university mate made that for me when I visited her years ago. She is Iban-Chinese. It was really good and that was the first and last time I had umai. If I can get very fresh fish, I might attempt it myself but sadly, no fresh fish 😦

      Ahhhhh!!!! Lucky you!!! Yes, have to use very good fresh fish. I know some Malay stalls use the frozen fish fillet, dory – not nice.

  6. Interesting dishes! So how much for ALL in total? 😀

    Well, I mentioned the total for the second place. The two items we had at the first were not expensive – RM26 for the ribs (less than SGD10) and around RM14 for the burger, in total RM40, around SGD15…and actually, that was good enough for dinner already. Very filling.

  7. That roast lamb doesn’t look like anything I have ever seen here. It doesn’t look like lamb to me, it looks like roasted pork or duck!

    Well, it was lamb all right, never mind what it looks like to you and very nice lamb at that. Dunno about pork but each slab was the size of the palm so it was definitely too big to possibly be duck breast.

  8. it’s very cool to see a photo of a contemporary charcoal bun burger right before a photo of a time-honoured, traditional plate of umai 😀

    Two different venues, one two doors away from the other. Time constraint and they wanted to try as much as possible in their brief stay here.

  9. The portion of the barbecued pork ribs looks huge…

    It was!!! It was huge when it first made the scene, RM24.00 and then it shrank, RM26…but luckily, that day, it was the original size…very big and still RM26.00. Enough for the 4 of us to share!

  10. Are those prawns as big as the one I saw in your blog a few weeks ago?
    For me, durian is best on its own, rather that made into ice cream or cakes.

    I’m the opposite. I love durian desserts, not really into the fruit. Besides, it’s not in season…or Alfred would surely grab and eat…eat…eat…like the previous time he came.

    No, these prawns are medium, not the large ones – RM45 a kilo only. See one post coming up…to find out what we did the next time they had prawns on this trip.

  11. Big prawns again? Wow! I am drooling!

    In season now! Lots and lots…but the prices did not drop very low, unfortunately!

  12. Wow I love everything here specially the barbecue ribs, clams, prawns and roast lamb

    All good…just that the prawns and the lamb were rather pricey by our standard here and the prawns and the umai were too sour – would go very well with rice though…but we were not having too much of rice, so full…

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