Goodbye again…

All too soon, it was time to say goodbye again to my friends from Singapore. It was quite a rush this trip as they spent one night at the longhouse and I was not able to be with them most of Sunday until the evening…and that was about half the time gone plus it did not help one bit that some places were closed on Monday.

I was out early that morning to go to the market and buy some midin

*Alfred’s photo*

…for Alfred to bring home. I wrapped the ferns in newspapers and I sure was glad to see that they arrived there still looking fresh and nice.

I wanted to tapao some kampua noodles for him too but he insisted that he would get some himself from one of the shops around the hotel. He said that he tried a plate there and it was good (enough) so he just bought from the same. No prize for guessing what he ate as soon as he got home…

*Alfred’s photo*

LOL!!! Well, I did buy 10 packs of The Kitchen’s instant kampua noodles for him as well so that should last for quite a while, I think.

I drove them to the airport and after they had dropped off their bags and boxes of goodies from Sibu, we went for a bite here and needless to say, I had their fish sandwich…

Sugar Bun fish sandwich 1

…my favourite, none better anywhere else.For one thing, the fish fillet is coated with breadcrumbs…

Sugar Bun fish sandwich 2

…and not batter which may get soggy and is kind of oily too and the coleslaw-like stuff in it…

Sugar Bun fish sandwich 3

…sure complements the taste really well.

Three of us had the same and they also ordered the coleslaw…

Sugar Bun coleslaw

…which they said was not as nice as The Colonel’s but they said the mashed potatoes were very good…

Sugar Bun mash and chickies

…and they loved the “chickies”.

Oh dear!!! They went and ordered the nasi lemak

Sugar Bun nasi lemak

…without and with the chicken curry…

Sugar Bun curry

Personally, I do not think too much of what they serve here and there would be a lot of other nicer stuff on the menu that they could have gone for.

And good grief!!! Just look at the fries they ordered…

Sugar Bun french fries

…and the most amazing thing was that they were able to finish all that!

Ah well! I guess they would need all of it as they had a long journey ahead of them – we left the hotel at around 9.00 a.m., their flight took off at around 11.40…and after disembarking at Senai, Johore, they would hop on the shuttle to the Causeway, go through Customs and Immigration, take a bus across to the island and take a cab from the other side, reaching their homes in Singapore at around 4.30 p.m.

For one thing, I thought it was kind of expensive…

Cashier's receipt

…but I guess that’s the thing when you eat at such franchise fast food joints…and I do know for a fact that there are others a lot worse. With that kind of money, we could have gone some place and have something really really nice – like the dim sum here, perhaps. We certainly would much rather do that the next time they come to town!

Thanks so very very much, everyone, for coming again…and thank you for all the things you all brought…and all the treats while you all were in town…and above all, thanks for the delightful company – I sure love having you all here and had a great time myself and yes, do check the airlines and see when you can all come again. I would be looking forward eagerly to that. In the meantime, take care & God bless. Cheers!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

19 thoughts on “Goodbye again…”

  1. This fast food has nasi lemak. That’s good. Wanton noodles flew from Spore to Sibu and now Kampua flew from Sibu to Johore to Singapore. No wonder the saying goes, “Have food will travel” haha.

    Yes. Actually the nasi minyak is very nice – can have that with their fried chicken or fish fillet (the one in the bun)…or deep fried tilapia – they call it eco-fish.

    Well, in Hokkien we say: oo lai oo khi – got come, got go. Kampua – 2nd time already. 10 packets the previous trip! They love it very much!

  2. So nice that you get to spend time with some nice people and to share great time and food.

    Yes. Looking forward very much to the next visit.

  3. Wah they could eat a lot! Fish sandwich, nasi lemak, nuggets, and then fries somemore, my tummy would be bloated after that! I like that coleslaw inside the fish sandwich..

    They love the KFC here too – said the chicken is nicer!

  4. I usually go for the broasted chicken when in Sugarbun. Seldom have its fish burger but yes, to what you said. It is the best. Fries? I prefer the Mc D’s.

    Wow. They tapau-ed so many kampua?? Hahah. They must love it so much. Nice of you to buy midin for them. They don’t have it over there. My aunt will buy some back to Spore too when she come over visiting the family.

    I think I do recall that their fries were not as nice, thin and dry…but what we had that morning was quite good. Maybe I had not had fries for a long time, can’t remember what is good and what is not.

    I hear they have midin at some places in Singapore, air flown from here and very very expensive. Kampua also – people from here said nice, but not the same. And they have kolo mee too!

  5. Hmmm…. 3 big packets of fries…. HMM…..

    Not something I would order, that’s for sure…fries unless they come as sides in some dish in which case I would just eat.

  6. That’s a lot to eat. Kampua must be real good that makes them cater so many packets back. Never try their fish sandwich but I love the deep fried tilapia fish. Next trip, have to stay a bit longer in order to savour all the yummy food which they can’t get in Singapore.

    They love kampua! And our freshwater prawns, udang galah!!! Next trip, I would help prepare the prawns and deep-freeze for him to take back to Singapore.

    I did tell him about the tilapia – the eco-fish they call it but I guess he did not feel like having that. It’s another friend – the one who cooked some for me – who wanted the nasi lemak. Indeed, you just can’t have it all if you’re only here for two or three nights, impossible.

  7. i bring home midin too last time but coop up…the tip gone black a bit

    From the stuffiness and heat in the plastic bag, not so nice already like that. If the cheaper leafy ones, half the price, can just throw away. Must wrap in newspapers, carry by hand – and handle with tender loving care.

  8. so much fries! that’s like a carb overload, heheh … but i can’t resist fries too … once i start, i won’t stop until everything’s gone! 🙂

    You too??? Hmmm…not me. I would prefer my potatoes in a lot of other ways. Don’t mind mashed…or baked jacket or as a salad.

  9. one fish sandwich for me too please.. with lots of the “mayonnaise – coleslaw” thingy inside.. yummm

    today marks the first day GST is implemented, I hope it’s not going to be too much of a burden to our finances moving forward.

    The money is in our hands. We have the power – too expensive, no need to eat or buy lor. Life goes on, MANY things we can live without. I don’t think with GST, anybody who used to go to those expensive places or buy all the expensive branded stuff will stop…not at all! All sound and fury, signifying nothing!

  10. So much kampua!! Yes, will last them for quite awhile… kampua anytime better than the fast food joints! So much nicer and cheaper too… ! 🙂

    Exactly! You hit the nail on the head! I can’t imagine why those fast food joints are always so packed…and the food isn’t so great, or not to me, at least..especially when it is so so so expensive. Those branded coffee places as well. Trendy perhaps? A young people’s thing. Free wifi?

  11. I was going to ask how are they going to carry the midin back without destroying them during the flight, but I saw your reply to small kucing. I’m too lazy to carry things like that, so I probably won’t bring any fresh/cooked food back if and when I visit Sibu. I would just tell my detractors: “Go visit yourself!”

    Same here. I don’t mind carrying non-perishables – pack all in a box and check in, no problem at all but carrying anything by hand, especially when one is worried they may spoil can be such a hassle. So stressful. Typical of old people, I guess. Ooooooopssss!!!! Hehehehehe!!!!

  12. Greeting to you at Claire’s place…

    10 pack this round, next round, they will come for more…

    Claire’s place? In JB? Come, take photos…blog about it. I sure am hoping they’ll come back for more. Love having them here.

  13. The fish sandwich makes a good snack … I don’t mind having it with a kopi kao for tea break.
    You seems miss your friends … come to SG la. I bring you to Katong!

    You will? Sure or not? Claire’s in Singapore/JB…no sign of you at all leh?

  14. Midin still looks very good and fresh. Wow!! So many kampua, this time i didn’t packed any kampua back, but brought back some instant kampua from The Kitchen for Elaine, myself and another friend. Just cooked one yesterday morning for breakfast, this time it taste very good!!

    Yes, some say it’s the best of the lot but others insist others are better. I’ve tried Big Thumb – not nice…and Mui Suong. Never tried the rest, so many now.

  15. Wow! That’s a lot of kampua noodle packets your friend took home. And the portion is huge, too. Ahh, I just read how you would loosen up the noodles before opening and eating them. Make sense. Until now, I still haven’t tried the famous kampua noodle. Only tried the kolo mee. Quite a few places they serve Sarawak kolo mee here but I wouldnt know if they are truly authentic. Taste nice, tough. 🙂

    Come on over! Grab some cheap promo. See my Singapore friend – not even half a year, here the second time already. So nice here, and so cheap!

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