The next day…

My Singapore friends only had one full day here this time around so we had to squeeze as much in as possible.

I picked them up at the hotel…

New Li Hua Hotel 1

…where they were putting up…

New Li Hua Hotel 2

…and drove them here for my favourite kampua noodles in town

RTM kampua

…and yes, they liked it too. Alfred did say it was not exactly authentic, more like a cross between kampua noodles and kolo mee and yes, I would say that he hit the nail on the head. Gee! He sure is becoming quite an expert now, eh? Hehehehehe!!!

After that, we drove around in search of this shop for the tom yam giant freshwater prawns served in a coconut but unfortunately, it was no longer there. We found out that they had moved to the Salim area on the far end of town on the other side so we decided we would just give it a miss this time around and reserve it for their next trip to Sibu…and since we were in the vicinity, we just headed to the nearby park and they went up the hill…


…where you will get a bird’s eye view of the whole of Sibu town…

Aup 1
*Alfred’s photo on Facebook*

…if you climb up this tower…

Aup 2
*Alfred’s photo on Facebook*

…and there is this rope suspension bridge…

Aup 3
*Alfred’s photo on Facebook*

…as well, among other things and after some time at the top of the hill, they came down…


I know the kompia and the rojak here are pretty good and visitors can buy the feed to give to the thousands and thousands of kois and the rest in the lake but unfortunately, the stalls were closed – they close on Mondays. I guess that would give the fish a break as the guy there said that there would be a lot of people on weekends so the fish would get a lot to eat over those two days.

After that breather, we headed here for the nice Sarawak laksa that would be very much more like the authentic ones in Kuching, unlike what they had the last time they were in town even though they thought it really tasted so very good and had a second bowl but oh no!!! It was closed Β – they close on Mondays too! Tsk! Tsk!

Then they were keen on having some yong tofu, so we stopped by here and they had these…

Yong tofu

It seems that one does not need to order in the fixed sets as depicted in the photos displayed at the stall. According to them, one can just order a bowl of fish balls with the tang hoon (glass noodles) and pick whatever else one would like to add to it and they would charge accordingly. There is a list of items with the prices at the stall…but it is in Mandarin.

They said it was nice and I ordered some sio bee for them as well – they were pretty good when I had them once but this time around, I thought they were not at all great. Too bad the middle stall was not open or they would have the big thick own-made noodles (like the one in KL Hokkien mee) with char siew or roast duck or stuff like those…

*Archive photo*

konlou noodles in KK/Sabah. I guess this one’s closed on Mondays as well. Sigh!!!!!

Next stop – the Sibu Central Market…


…because Alfred wanted to buy some Bintulu belacan (dried prawn paste) and our local unpolished brown rice home…and while we were there, we stopped by the freshwater udang galah (bamboo prawn) stall and bought some big ones at RM45.00 a kilo. The prices have gone down now – the medium-sized ones that we would usually buy are back to RM30 a kilo now that Chinese New Year has gone past and besides, it is in season right now – there are a whole lot available but of course, one need not expect the restaurants around town to lower their prices. Don’t even dream that would ever happen! We also had pineapples, real nice and juicy ones – the so-called kelapa sawit variety and also the ones from Sarikei, very expensive in Singapore, but I did not take a photograph of those.

On the way back to the car, they said that they wanted to stroll around the hawker centre on the first floor just to have a look and they promised not to eat anything as it was almost time for lunch. However, they caught sight of this…

Pig's blood

…at the stall with the bright lights on…

Hawker centre

…and their defences came down! They said that they love it so much but they cannot get it in the island republic as it has been banned ever since the H1N1 or swine flu or whatever outbreak in the Asian region many years ago. I thought they would always cook this with kangkong (water spinach) but they said that they had asked for midin instead as they lovedΒ midin so much and would like to eat as much of it as possible while they were in town. That big platter of pig’s blood plus the ferns only cost RM8.00 (around SGD3.00) and of course, they enjoyed it very much.

They also ordered the rojak


…from this stall and they liked it but I did not think it was all that great – I’ve had many others a lot nicer elsewhere. I had theΒ ngor-bee therng (literally translated as five-flavour soup)…

Ngor bee therng

…which is supposed to be a cooling dessert but somehow or other, I did not think I derived as much pleasure from it was when I used to have it at a stall in town during my younger years. Time passes, things change…and one’s taste too, I guess.

Now, this, I like!!!

Free seating

At “some places” (not here, not in Sibu), you will be unceremoniously shouted at, scolded by the rude people there for sitting at the wrong table…or on the wrong stool. I really wonder how/why people can be so nasty – surely they can just say it in a more pleasant way. I always believe that it is not what you say but how you say it that makes the difference.

And YES, believe it or not, right after this, we went for lunch! LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

26 thoughts on “The next day…”

  1. kampua noodles! been long since the last time i had them. missing sibu and sarikei kampua. and also the “kuey chap”!

    Not coming back anytime soon? Ching Ming next weekend. Let me know – would be glad to take you around too…for all those and more!!! They’ve instant kampua now, ingredients included – can ask your family back home to buy and courier a pack or two over.

  2. Used to have the pig’s blood with Yong Tau Foo last time, I heard eating pig’s blood helps to clear your blood, is that true?

    That’s what my father used to say, barbers would eat it every month.

  3. Nice, half day city tour.. Nice breakfast, then went up the hill, then midbreakfast again (?), then central market, then lunch again.. Oooo I like that piggy jelly blood so so much.. They always fry with leeks in chap farn stalls, but now cant find them anymore..

    Can’t find them anymore? Here, not common too but there are a couple of places that I know where they do it really well – cook fresh, not chap farn, very nice. I like it too but not my missus…so like duck, we do not get to eat it at home. 😦

  4. There’s a few large food courts in Penang that are like this too. The tables are supposed to be open seating, but somehow each stalls carve out their own “territory” and you can only sit at designated tables else you want to be yelled at or worse, kicked out. I generally avoid these few food courts.

    Gurney Drive is one…plus the food is not all that great. Tourist trap – I would never ever go there again.

  5. Planned to walk at that park but did not manage too. Oh well, will keep that kiv till next time I drop by Sibu.

    I just had my ngor bee thng last night. Will post it out this morning.

    Where’s a good one in Kuching? Never had it there – only had ang tao peng, very nice… I used to frequent the park when my girl was small – she loved playing at the children’s playground there.

  6. Has been ages since I last have pig’s blood. Love that plate of pig’s blood with midin. Long time ago, open air market, Kuching has this practice, only allowed to sit at designated tables and order from that particular stall but now they have open free seating. Guess your friend will make a come back soon.

    …and I sure am looking forward to that. Can’t wait!!!

  7. ooo, i don’t think i’d be brave enough to climb that tower … it looks rather high! πŸ˜€

    No problem for you, I’m sure. You’re not so fat and so old like me. I just sat at the gazebo and waited for them. πŸ˜‰

  8. do you have pictures inside the li hua hotel?

    Their website is still under construction. The rooms are identical to this sister hotel – the newer Medan Hotel, another one in the same hotel chain under the Hock Peng Organisation.,-sibu.html
    This is the older Medan Hotel, a stone’s throw away from the new Li HUa – very much cheaper but no lift…so would need to book early for rooms on the 1st floor:

  9. central market looks clean, not like our chowrasta market… stinks.

    Pat on the back of the town council people – they work hard to give the best to us here.

  10. Haven’t had pig’s blood for over 50 years! Used to love it as a kid.

    Dunno the last time they had it but I guess it had been quite a while for them to want to eat it so much.

  11. The Central Market, if i go, sure can stay there for long… hehe…

    IF, a very big IF!

    1. See when Claire wanna go, go together, hehe…

      She’s not keen lah. Would rather go Penang.

  12. I wouldn’t be able to find out the difference between kampua or kolo… I am not expert yet, right? πŸ™‚ But the portion seems rather huge though…

    Talk no use. Must come, see and taste, first hand experience. See my friend, 2nd time here already an expert! πŸ˜€

  13. Where the tom yam giant freshwater prawns served in a coconut moved to in Salim area?

    I dunno, have not gone to see but they say at a place called Cha Siang or something like that – lots of good food, good kolo mee…nice deep fried ang chao pork served with cincaluk and so on. Hardly ever venture to that side of town at night.

  14. I got my fare share of sitting at the wrong table esp in SS2 Wai Sek Kai. Different tables can only order desserts from certain stall and if you are not seated accordingly, you can’t order your fav Leng Chi Kang >_<

    Oh? At SS2 too? Tsk! Tsk!

  15. I miss kampua noodles!! Dunno when I got the time (and family’s decision) to come to Sibu… 😦
    Nice hiking place there! I would love to walk on that suspension bridge!

    OK, I settled with kolo mee first now in SG.

    I don’t think you will ever head this way. Most would go off to places like Bali or Bandung…or China or Taiwan – may be cheaper even, I wouldn’t know. Never been.. When my friend from Singapore wanted to come the first time, I was worried that he/they might be disappointed but the fact that they came again a second time after less than three months says it all. You don’t know what you’re missing.

  16. wah eat so many things in half day…but then no surprising la…last time went sibu also eat at least 6 meals a day LOL

    Yalor…you people even worse but one good thing, wherever you went, you all texted me first to find out what’s nice. Did not just go and eat anything anywhere – not everything everywhere is nice. Same thing, any place one goes to.

    Gosh! They even went to KFC when they went out roaming on their own…the last time and AGAIN this time – said our chicken is nicer! That’s new to me even though I did hear from people home from overseas that our KFC chicken is nicer than theirs. Don’t ask me why or how – I have not had any for a long long time!

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