New in town…

I saw their Facebook page and was impressed by all the nice photographs. That was why I was anxious to drop by this new place in town – the Horisen 1 Cafe…

Horisen 1 Cafe

…located among the shops beside the Star Mega Mall here in Sibu. I loved the very nice decor…

Decor 1Decor 2

Decor 3Decor 4

My! They even have Mr Bean’s British Leyland Mini 1000 there, right above the stage…

Mr Bean and car

…where I hear they would have live performances at night.

It’s a very big place, this gastropub – that’s what they call themselves so I guess it doubles as a watering hole later in the night…


…for those thus inclined but of course, we were there only for the food, nothing else.

My missus had the tori katsu don

Ton katsu don

…that came with a complimentary glass of tea or coffee, hot or cold (RM7.80). They liked the rice though I thought it wasn’t really anything to shout about but the chicken was very nice.

My girl had their mixed grill (RM18.90)…

Mixed grill

…and she loved their mushroom sauce, with a hint of some herbs and spices added and that really brought it a head above the rest. Unfortunately, the serving was so huge that she could not finish all of it…so if you are a small eater, perhaps if would be better if you could get someone to share with you.

Her friend/colleague had the chicken chop with black pepper sauce (RM12.90)…

Chicken chop black pepper sauce

…and she liked it very much. I, for one, would not order that as I am not a fan of black pepper sauce and for that very reason, you would not catch me going for the “prosperity burger” that makes an appearance once every year. Hmmmm…no wonder I am not prosperous! LOL!!!

I asked for their charcoal bun burger which I wanted to try to compare theirs with one that I just had a few days before to see whose would be better but they were out of those buns so I settled for what they called their French romance toast (RM12.90)…


…instead. Hmmmm…presentation was impressive, also on a chopping board like at many other places these days but I thought the toast per se…


…was a bit on the small side. I guess that was ok for a light lunch. I was wondering what was French about it though – that was balsamic vinegar, I think, and that’s Italian and the sides weren’t anything uniquely continental either.

The meat was quite nicely done…served open-sandwich style on toasted bread, probably baguette or French loaf and hence, the name, on a bed of cucumber and tomato slices with mayo and quite a bit of somewhat over-powering mustard and whatever else on top. All in all, I would say it would be all right to have this when one is in need of something different for a change but I would not say it was a must-order if you happen to drop by. I would have to go back one of these days and try the charcoal bun burger to see if that’s better.

It really is a big place, a spacious outside…and they have this inside area…


…as well. I took a few snapshots of the decor and stuff but they all came out blur. If you grew up in Sibu in the 50’s and 60’s like me, you would recognise those pictures on the wall, I’m sure.

While I was there taking the photographs, the chef came out to say hello…and HELLO!!! It turned out to be an ex-student of mine partnering with two other guys to open up this place. That’s good…and I do wish him and his friends all the best in their endeavour and hopefully, it will be a massive success. Good luck, guys!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

16 thoughts on “New in town…”

  1. the price seems pretty cheap and the portion is huge. looks delicious too!

    Yes, prices are ok here and what they serve is ok too. Not exceptionally good – the wow-must-go-back-to-eat-again good but good.

  2. what a cool coincidence, meeting your ex-student here … fortunately you enjoyed his food! πŸ˜€

    Why “fortunately”? Otherwise, cikgu would wallop him up or knock him on the head? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  3. Ooooo yes, I can see Mr. Bean’s mini! Haha.. Prices are ok, food looks good. The black pepper chicken chop’s gravy looks very peppery and spicy indeed.

    My girl’s colleague said it was very nice…and my girl loved the mushroom gravy in her dish too. I wouidn’t know – I did not try.

  4. He gave you any discount in the end?? Your ex-student. Such a small world in Sibu.

    Lovely place and nice food presentation. Haha. Mun was having meat with balsamic vinegar the other day and I commented I saw a food documentary on this Italian balsamic vinegar few nights ago. Lol. Look like balsamic vinegar is a thing in Western cuisine now, not only on salad but on meats and toasts

    My cousin who makes those artisan breads – she and the rest would dip the bread in balsamic vinegar and eat. I can’t say I’m a fan of that. Nope, no discount. Business is business, I wouldn’t want that. If I were to start a business and all my family and friends come expecting a free meal – sure bankrupt very soon. πŸ˜€ Anyway, he was in the kitchen – some others were in charge outside, maybe the partners…I dunno.

  5. Arghhhh!!! Your face is appearing all over the comment-column! Btw, i like the standalone building of this restaurant πŸ˜›

    Yes, it happens everytime I reply to a comment! @#$%^&*!!!! Yesterday, I could not reply at all till very much later in the day.

    It’s among some new shops in an area that is developing fast – not in the town centre.

  6. As long as you’re prosperous enough to enjoy what you want in life, that’s all that matters.

    Yes, but must always cut one’s cloak within one’s means – spend only what one can afford and can spare and it will be fine!

  7. So nice to meet an ex-student πŸ™‚

    Yes, and at least, when he saw me from their open kitchen, he took the trouble to come out and say hello. Some would pretend they have never seen me before in their lives. 😦

  8. Nice ambience indeed. All looks good but I am more interested in Mr. Bean’s Leyland mini.

    Yes, the place is nice. There’s one place here where they put up an old green Vauxhall on an elevated platform in front – dunno what they do there, maybe a scrap iron junkyard.

  9. Interesting fusion food. And creative decor. Are the benches with wheels at the side comfortable? Something different.
    Hahaha, another ex-student of yours. πŸ™‚
    Hopefully he will have success..not easy to run a restaurant or gastropub, for that matter.

    Yes, hope he and his friends will do well. More and more such places popping up everywhere now, even here…and they’re not exactly cheap but still, many are enjoying brisk business despite people complaining about rising prices left, right and centre.

  10. Lots of character evident in their decor.

    Nice decor but I can’t put my finger on a theme. I prefer places with a clear focus in their decor, not all mixed up.

  11. More eateries to attract tourists! But western food is not my cup of tea.. kampua noodles is what I love to have if I go Sibu.. even my girl misses it…

    Come to Sibu, of course, makes no sense to eat these things – nicer in KL, Ipoh, Penang, JB or Singapore, I’m sure. JB to Sibu, airfare is very cheap now. Just now I saw promo – RM28.00 only. Come, come…

  12. HELLO! your students are everywhere! That looks like a really nice and comfy place to dine at.

    Did you ask why they named it Horisen 1 Cafe? It’s not a typo of horizon right? Or is the owner’s name Horisen?

    No idea. There is a coffee shop, Horisen in the block at the back…so this one is Horisen 1. Dunno if related to the furniture shop here, same name also.

  13. For Mr Bean’s car, I would definitely want to drop by and say hi! πŸ˜€

    I agree with you, I don’t think your toast is very French. That mayo drizzle for one, French would definitely not do it like that.

    That was one of the things that got my thumbs down – I’m no fan of mayo…straight from the bottle. Don’t mind if they work at it and come out with something nicer of their own. There was a bit too much mustard too and I’m not particularly fond of that as well.

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