Never tried…

This place has been around for a number of years now and I’ve been there a number of times but somehow or other, my girl had never been there to try the stuff that they serve here. That was why two Sundays ago, after our midday service at the cathedral in town, on our way home, we stopped by here for lunch.

They are most famous for their Foochow fish balls (RM4.20)…

Fish culture Foochow fish balls

…which are actually fish balls stuffed with minced meat and when you bite into it, the “soup” will squirt out so in a way, they are something like those xiao long pao at the dim sum places.

My girl ordered the kway teow soup (RM5.50)…

Fish Culture kway teow fish ball soup

…and they had those fish balls in it as well. She liked what she had but the serving was a bit too big for her to manage. I did try a bit and I too thought it was good.

My missus had the Hoisin sauce chicken rice (RM6.90)…

Fish Culture Hoisin chicken rice

…but we all thought it wasn’t anything special and was a little too salty for our liking.

I ordered their rice with ang chao meat but it never came. Luckily, I had ordered some items from their dim sum selections including the Foochow fish balls and these…

Fish Culture bitter gourd with fish paste & salted egg yolk

…bitter gourd stuffed with fish paste and topped with salted egg yolk. The bitter gourd was a bit bitter but I did not mind that one bit – I would say they were pretty good.

I like these too…

Fish culture lor mai kai buns

– they were something like lor mai kai wrapped all around with steamed pao skin though other than the rice, there wasn’t much meat, egg or mushroom inside…and I’m sure everyone would be familiar with this…

Fish Culture black bean pork ribs

…and these…

Fish Culture yam puffs

…but their fried dumplings…

Fish Culture fried dumplings

…were different – they had fish paste inside instead of meat and they were very nice too.

From what I could understand from the sign there, these dim sum selections were going for RM12.00 for any three but I was charged RM25.20 on my bill instead of RM24.00 – maybe there was something in the fine print that I did not see….or could not read. Anyway, it was just a difference of RM1.20 so it was all right – what mattered most was that we enjoyed what we had or most of it, at least.

I have been so very blessed with all the Christmas cards and gifts that I have received and just when I thought that that was it for the year, I received a message via Facebook chat from Eric, the guy behind The Kitchen instant kampua enterprise…telling me that he had paid my bill at this new place in town and asked me to go and eat there, his Christmas/New Year treat! What??? It seemed that he had always wanted to take me out for dinner or something to show his appreciation for my help in promoting his kampua noodles but he had not managed to find time to do do – he’s very busy, I know. Wink! Wink! So he decided to do it this way and I could go and enjoy myself with my family. Isn’t he so sweet and thoughtful and so very generous? Not many of those that I have helped boost their business would bother doing that, not at all.

Thank you so so so much, Eric. Belated Christmas greetings & God’s abundant Blessings in the coming year to you and your family. May your enterprise continue to flourish and prosper in the days ahead. Cheers!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

18 thoughts on “Never tried…”

  1. I only realised you are having dim sum at the end of the post. Haha …maybe the word dim sum always related to hk dim sum. I always hurt myself with the hot soup in the foochow fish ball. Hahaha…
    Glad you have a blessed Xmas with people showering you with cards and gifts!

    Yes, I would tell visitors not to expect that when I bring them here or they would be disappointed. If it’s the HK one anybody wants, I would take them to another place in town, not here – very good, chef from Shanghai…and cheaper and nicer than many elsewhere too.

    Yes, I am so thankful that I’ve been thus blessed.

  2. The hoisin chicken looks really ‘thick’ and salty.. I can imagine the saltiness, haha, lucky there is rice to eat with.. My favourite? Gotta be that yam puffs (woo kok)! Love them 😀

    Those were ok – more or less what one would get elsewhere.

  3. ooo, there are a few unique items here that i haven’t seen anywhere else … such as the bittergourd yong tau foo topped with salted egg yolk … interesting and unexpected combo, and it looks like quite a good amount of yolk on top too 🙂

    It’s nice…not the wowwwww…so very nice, nice but nice. Would need to know what to order here as they have such a very wide selection and not all are nice…or to me, at least. I do prefer fewer choices…and all are nice.

  4. I do enjoyed the dim sum here. Their meat fillings are so generous. Not so much for uts noodles and rice. Like you said a bit salty.

    So nice of Eric to treat you to the new place but then again you have been helpful so a very good gesture.

    Yes, I remember you’ve been here a few times. Different from any dim sum anywhere else and not all are nice. Would need to know what to order. The kway teow soup was nice but not the rice…nor the noodles that I had before.

    Yes, it’s so very nice of him. I just blog for the joy of it and anything or any place that is nice, sure I would say so and let everyone know. Solely my own opinions, of course! Some may not share the same sentiments and I have had my share of people dropping by to slam me or disagree…rudely. So put off by the likes of these. They do not have to check out my blog if it makes them so unhappy – like coming to someone’s house and picking up a quarrel. Tsk! Tsk!

    1. That was very unethical of certain people. Cannot accept criticism.

      Not criticising them even – just that they do not agree with my opinions of certain things or places. Like I always say, one man’s meat, another man’s poison. To each his own! I would just delegate them to SPAM. Good riddance, bad rubbish. Best ignored!

  5. Dim sum looks so good. Lor mai kai wrapped with steamed pao skin is something new, unlike the usual ones. So kind of Eric to give you a treat. So blessed.

    Yes, it was so good of him, so thankful. The lor mai kai wrapped around in pao skin is one of the nicer items here.

  6. I’ve had the fishballs stuffed with minced meat before. But I don’t fancy it very much. What I have not seen before is the lor mai kai wrapped with pao skin. That is rather unusual.

    I wouldn’t say I’m a fan either, just so so with me…the same with xiao long pao, not my favourite either. Don’t see the attraction. Lor mai kai, I like…even the regular ones, no pao skin.

  7. I think that’s 5% service charge or something. And I don’t think I have ever seen glutinous rice wrapped with pao skin, that would be super filling!
    Wonderful, you even get free meals! 😀

    Yes, it is indeed wonderful, eh? Can’t expect anything more really. Nope, no tax here but since it wasn’t much I did not bother to ask for an explanation.

  8. Bookmark the foochow fish ball

    Coming? I’ve a Facebook friend from Singapore coming tomorrow – flying via Johore.

  9. The lor mai kai looks so unique… No, I dont have it over here… And the bitter gourd too… Nice… Sedap…!

    I’m sure you’ll like the stuff here, not spicy… 😉

  10. Aiyer.. so nice one.. I’m still finding where they sell the instant kampua. I heard there’s one selling in bulk at japan keretapi. Haven’t had time to go there yet.

    Anyways.. I wanted to say… my dad loves foochow food .. so is my hub o.O

    I hear there are all over now, at most supermarkets. These days, there are so many different brands one would not know what is good and what isn’t.

  11. Cool! I’ve never seen that before! 🙂

    What an innovative idea! Loh mai kai wrapped in pao, that looks good and I imagine it must taste good too. I’ll remember to drop by next time I’m back which should be quite soon, since we’re not celebrating CNY (due to my late mom) so my dad will be going to Singapore instead and we’ll just have the reunion dinner before everyone goes back.

    Ahhhhh!!!! Looking forward to seeing you again! Hey!!! I forgot to pass you THE book on Sibu food the last time you came back. Gotta remember the next time.

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