With these hands…

I had to drop by here again last Saturday morning as I wanted to place some advance orders for these

Instant Sibu kampua

…for my friends who will be in town around the end of the month. Indeed, word has gone round about it, spreading like wild fire, and everyone would like to get hold of some to try or they want more of what they have had and liked a lot…and the last I saw on Facebook was that someone in Africa has received his consignment of the stuff – one whole big box of it…and another very happy individual would be my friend, Annie-Q, in KL, of course – her mum dropped by KL and passed her 15 packs of the instant kampua and needless to say, she has been enjoying that since!

They make the noodles by hand…

Making 1
*The Kitchen’s photo from their Facebook page*

…and dry them in the sun…

Drying kampua
*The Kitchen’s photo from their Facebook page*

…with no preservatives added so they should not be kept too long – I hear that they’re good for around three months only. The production is not on a very big scale and is somewhat labour intensive…

Making  2

…done manually, step by step…

Making 3

…all the way…

Making 4

…and that is why if you intend to get hold of any especially when you want a lot, it would be best to go a few days earlier and place your order.

Well, since we were already there, we thought that we might as well have brunch and since Melissa had not been there before, I suggested that she had their very nice fish noodles…


…with the ordinary bihun and not the big variety, the hung ngang that my missus had previously and she enjoyed it very much…unlike what she had at Taiping, Perak when a coursemate took her and her friends out to eat and she had the same there.

It is quite obvious that my missus likes their fish tom yum hung ngang


…that she had on our previous visit – she had that again and she was wondering whether everybody else would get so much fish as well as she thought that was really quite a lot.

I decided to try their kampua noodles…with stewed pork…

KM with stewed pork

…but it did not really tickle my fancy. The stewed pork was very nice – nicer than what they serve here or here but the gravy drowned out whatever kampua noodle taste there might be. It tasted fine, this much I would admit, but I’m afraid it did not taste like kampua mee as we know it. I should have ordered the usual kampua mee that is also on their menu and I could have made a more valid comparison. Incidentally, I did ask the girl and she said that they do not use the noodles that they make themselves for these – I guess they do not make them fast enough for sale and would be hard-pressed for any to use themselves.

While we were there. the lady boss gave us this Chinese green bean dessert…


…to try, on the house. I think it is believed to be cooling and we found it very refreshing though I thought it could do with a little bit more sugar – it wasn’t sweet…but I guess that is supposed to be good, health-wise. I can’t remember what the white things in it are – can anybody help?

So having placed the orders and after having had our fill, we left to loiter around some places in the town and spend some quality time together on that Saturday morning before we sent Melissa back to her school the following day.

Oh dear! Oh dear!!! Breaking news! The Kitchen has closed shop – or perhaps, it will be taken over by some other people (I think I saw someone there once, negotiating!) Hopefully, the new folks will have some nice things on their menu as well…and hopefully, I can find the place to collect the instant kampua noodles that I have ordered – obviously, they’ve set up their base some place else and will focus solely on making these.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

45 thoughts on “With these hands…”

  1. Those must be some good noodles. The broth in the second dish looks rich and savory, yum!

    Do they have an online store, or is it simply local? Oh, I hope you locate the kitchen soon so you can retrieve your precious noodles!

    The noodles are good, as good as the real thing that we can get around here minus the meat and the chopped spring onions. The broth in both the first two is nice – one’s rich milky fish soup and the second one’s spicy Thai-style tom yum.

    They’re not into mass production – small-scale business venture that has drawn an overwhelming response, not sure how big they plan to become now that they’ve closed the eatery to concentrate on this. It’s ok – I should be able to locate them when the time comes – I have the guy’s mobile contact number.

  2. The fish noodles look good….ooops closed shop? Was hoping to tumpang one of the crew members to bring it to KL for me 😦

    You want the instant kampua? What crew members do you have stopping by here? I can help you get them and pass to them to take back to you…and I can get the other goodies from around here as well. Just let me know. Just PM me on Facebook, no problem at all.

  3. Such a shame that it’s closed down! 😦 😦 😦

    I was happy to read about such a shop only for it to close down … *heart breaks*

    I guess they want to focus on making the instant Sibu kampua owing to the overwhelming response. No worries! Lots of other places, other nice things to eat in town. Not sure if the Penang prawn noodle place below the hotel is still open or not – loved it a lot! Their curry mee is nice too! Don’t bother about the other stalls – nothing that’s really great.
    https://suituapui.wordpress.com/2012/04/23/you-and-i-both and https://suituapui.wordpress.com/2012/05/24/carry-me

  4. Why not you open a franchise in other part of Malaysia, who knows, it will be selling so hot till no stock, keke….

    I don’t think it is patented so no need to buy the franchise – anybody can make and sell…if they know how to make, that is.

  5. I havent go and buy this kampua. Maybe next month when I am going back to Kuching again.

    I read on their Facebook page, their base is next door to UOB. Yet to go and see.

  6. The tom yum and fish head bee hoon look awesome! should look for something to eat now :p

    Ya, none here now, not anymore…will have to look elsewhere.

  7. All because of you buying so much until they have to close shop and concentrate on making the instant kampua just for you, hahaha. Fish head noodles looks good. Hopefully the new owner would come up with more choices on their menu.

    Dunno what the new owner has to offer – will drop by and see one of these days. Hopefully some nice stuff like what they had originally…

  8. Hope they expand their business then you can become their part time agent by sending out these kampua to the peninsular bloggers… Hahaha

    Sending? This poslaju in the peninsula going from bad to worse – shorten my life only….so angry, where got sampai hari esok? Thankfully, ours here not like that.

  9. Too bad no longer in business. So sad lo :(.

    Lol…you should takeover the business. Then I can guarantee pasti sedap n berkualiti

    They still make the instant kampua for sale. Any good?

  10. Ha! Just had my fish head noodles this morning. Slurp slurp.

    My mum love their toast and also you have not try their after “modify” vinegar pork, my mum said very nice. She told the boss his vinegar pork taste like stew pork instead or pork vinegar. The boss did tell my mum he want to close down the biz, one person hard to handle the food and also the instant noodles. But good that he is continue his instant kampua!!

    Too bad I don’t have chance to try their food. I would love to try his tom yam hung ngan, must be good.

    It must be good since my missus wanted it again – I did not try. Ya…I did not like the black vinegar pork…and too late now. No opportunity to give it a second chance. 😦 Ya, he did the cooking himself, it seems…and the rest helping out – seemed like all in the family.

  11. Now I know kampua is 干面 in Mandarin, hehe~

    The tom yum gung looks so inviting la! Salivating already :p

    My missus enjoys that – too bad, will have to look for something as good elsewhere now.

  12. Looks like a painstaking process to produce those noodles. Glad you captured some of the steps in your photos … I like looking at stuff like that 😀

    It sure looks like it as it’s all handmade, all done manually. Glad you like what you see here. 😉

  13. No preservatives is always a plus

    Sorry about it closing. Hate when that happens when you found a place you love.

    Yes. I do hope the new people running the place will have such nice stuff as well.

  14. Fish noodles? Looks very yummy. I normally have fish head noodles.. like it with some preserved vegetables and evaporated milk in the broth. 😀

    That’s the KL style, not so popular with the people in the north. I love the one here – very nice.

  15. It is a lot of hard work making kampua noodles! I guess now they want to focus production on bigger scale hence the move. Am hoping some day they export it over here hee..hee….

    Ya, they must be doing really well to give up their kopitiam business.

  16. Ooo..the fish noodles. Love it especially the tom yam gung broth. Wait..close shop edy?

    Somebody taking over so they can concentrate on making the instant kampua. Selling like hot cakes…

  17. tom yum hun ngang !!!!! something new to me.. haha.. but i still love our traditional zhaochai hun ngang.. kakaka..

    I know one place where you can get that – CafeCafe. They’ve opened an outlet in Kuching – Rubber Road…but their serving is HUGE! Enough for 2-3 people, at least. Go, go and give it a try. I love their cincaluk fried rice here.

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