So long…

I’m afraid the photographs in this post are not going to be very nice as they were all taken using my antique handphone. Actually, I was not planning on going anywhere in particular that afternoon so I did not bring along my digicam but out of the blue, my girl said she would like to drop by the Food & Cultural Fair that I mentioned in this earlier post…and of course, her wish is my command!

We went early, just past 5.00 p.m. but it does say on all those banners hanging all over town that the fair would open from 5.00 p.m. till 11.00 p.m. daily…so I was most disappointed that more than half of the stalls were still closed! If you say 5, then you should be ready to roll by 5, not 6…or later! Tsk! Tsk!

The ones that were open did not get me all excited. There were all these regular stuff…

Assortment of kuehs

…that you probably would be able to find somewhere around town on normal days…

Curry puffs & sio pao

I did ask about the ang koo koi though and was told that they were selling at RM1.30 each. I got mine at the Rejang Park stall for only RM1.00, the last time I bought some home.

The celebrated Foochow fish ball…

Foochow fish balls

…stall was open. I wonder if their business is still as brisk as before – you would have to take a number and once all the numbers had been given out, that would be it. Come back the next day to try your luck. But that was not all! You would have to queue and wait for your number to be called to collect the balls. Honestly, I really cannot understand why people would put themselves through all that hassle for something that is not all that great, if you ask me, and you can always go to the shop (they have two now – here and here) anytime to buy – no need to get a number, no need to queue, no need to wait…and you may even find them in the frozen section at some supermarkets.

There was this guy grilling some chicken chops…

Chicken chop stall

…and they did look pretty good but no, we did not feel like having those that day. There was a stall selling Kuching sio bee, most probably the ones from here…and another one selling Kuching braised meat – pork, chicken, duck, they had them all but of course, we are staying away from anything with soy sauce, thank you very much.

The Malay stalls are on one side of the fair and even fewer were open when we were there. This was one of them…

Malay stall

Then I spotted this stall…

German sausages

…with this German guy…


…running it, selling what he insisted were real/authentic German sausages. I’ve read about the guy or his sausages in some blogs before – he resides in Kuching and was at the Kuching Food Fair, maybe for a couple of years running now and was very popular there. Unfortunately, we were not in luck – the flight was delayed that day so the fresh stock he was expecting had not arrived and all he had at that point in time were these…


…that were so very long, 12 inches at least, I’m sure, and yes, we thought they were very nice, nice…but not cheap, RM10.00 each! He did give us a slice of his garlic bread free of charge though, the nice guy and yes, we would want to go back again to try the other sausages that he has for sale at his stall, probably another 8 or 9 more.

You can read more about the fair in this newspaper report, if you are interested.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

14 thoughts on “So long…”

  1. Really suck when not all the stalls open. 12 inch sausages are long. Haha.

    I did asked hubby about the German guy. He said look like his friend but yet, not too sure.

    We went again last night, around 7. All open but nothing much, really. Nothing that would make us want to go back again.

  2. The German sausages looks like the one I had at “Let’s Pork” sometimes ago & as you know am a typical Chinese, so not really into it. Usually food, kuih or anything sold are Food Fair are more pricey. The Malay stall has quite a varieties to choose from.

    I did not like how everything was not covered. I would not buy from such stalls.

    Me too. I do enjoy sausages once in a while…in small doses and I’ve had some very nice ones. Can’t say I enjoyed the rest that the guy had to offer all that much.

  3. The presentations are organized and colourful!

    It was all right. I prefer the (farmers’) markets overseas – the weather is cooler and a whole lot nicer for browsing around looking at all the stuff.

  4. If i go, i sure end up overbuy and overeat, haha…

    This one ends after New Year’s Day, 1st January…and a few days later, the Chinese New Year food fair will begin. Sure you will be my same shape and size if you live here in Sibu. 😀

  5. I agree with you! The stated opening time should not be the time you show up to get ready. You should be ready to go and serve your first customer. I’ve seen this too often around KL too.

    Exactly! The same applies to those invited guests showing up for wedding banquets. Fashionably late is a thing of the past – there are people showing up very very very late, 30 minutes…even an hour…and I hear in KL, even a few hours till way past my bedtime. That is downright rude!!! When I was running events for my school staff, I would get the food served on the dot – those showing up late could have the leftovers. Nobody would wait for them. Just did it once or twice, everyone knew better after that and was always punctual.

  6. Oh, I do love sausages! But they don’t come cheap 😦 What with our Ringgit depreciating, it will be even costlier.

    Indeed! All those imported ham and bacon and sausages cost an arm or a leg these days. I would buy for my girl to enjoy though – she loves them so much…and I do not spend much on anything else, anyway, just food…and for myself, anything that is way too expensive, I will choose to go without. Wouldn’t die from not eating.

  7. Now you’ve made me want to bite down on a big, juicy sausage! Truthfully the pics you take with your “antique hand phone” are nicer than the ones I take with my up-to-date iPhone … luckily I have a proper camera that I use for the blog 😉

    Nahhhhhh!!! You’re only saying! I’ve seen photos taken by my family members or friends on their iPhones or other smartphones and they all look so good. Makes me feel like I wanna go and get myself one too.

  8. Love food fairs.. provided they sell my favourite food… 🙂 I seldom take sausages but I know my young ones will love those…

    Like my girl. Went back again for her sake as she wanted to try the rest. Wouldn’t go through all that trouble for myself, that’s for sure.

  9. Love food fairs.. provided they sell my favourite food… 🙂 I seldom take sausages but I know my young ones will love those…

    Oops!!! Duplicate comment. Never mind, the more the merrier. Hehehehehe!!!!

  10. The food looks amazing ! Have a lovely week!

    You too. Your first time here, I see. Welcome and do drop by again. Nice blog, you have there – will hop over to browse around when I’m free. Cheers!

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