I used to drop by this place very frequently way back in those days five years ago when it first started as a very small stall but it certainly has grown by leaps and bounds. The thing is I do not go out so early in the morning anymore so they do not get to see me so much these days.

However, the other morning, I had to go to town and I went very early to avoid the peak-hour traffic between 7.45 and 8.30 a.m. and I decided to make a detour and stop by the kuih stall to see what I could get for the family for breakfast. The problem when one gets to the stall is that there are so many things that it is so difficult to make up one’s mind…and one would end up buying more than what one should. That morning, I got all these for RM10.00…

From Bandong kuih stall

…for our breakfast for 3 persons. In that plate of goodies, starting from the top and going clockwise, there were the vadai (3 for RM1.00) followed by the murtabak with potatoes inside (3 for RM1.00), the cucur (fried fritters, 4 for RM1.00) stuffed with sambal and the kueh lenggang or ketayap (3 for RM1.00) as they are also called.

The paper-wrapped packets (top right) were the nasi lemak with sotong sambal, RM1.50 each…

Bandong nasi lemak

…but you can get those with plain sambal (without the sotong) for RM1.00 each only.

To the left of the packets of the nasi lemak was the packet of kueh jala, 6 pieces for RM3.00…

Bandong kuih jala

…and it came with curry gravy plus a piece of chicken and two chunks of potatoes. This was the most expensive of the lot and the one that I enjoyed the least. I don’t quite fancy the soft and wobbly roti jala – I would prefer it thin and crispy like the ones I would get here

Yummy Kafe kuih jala
*Archive photo*

…and the curry gravy wasn’t all that great either.

The lady-owner of the stall saw me and she gave me these…

Bandong new kuih

…to try, on the house. I don’t know what they’re called but they really tasted great! I think they’re something like the ones I had here except that they do not colour the white part green…

Nyonya Colours kuih
*Archive photo*

We all liked those a lot and I sure would want to buy them the next time I drop by.

I’ve tried the kampua noodles at this coffee shop before too – the Kim Chuo Food Centre, next to SESCO Payment Collection Centre among the shops in the Dewan Suarah (Civic Centre) area and I could clearly remember that it was not bad at all and had the original/authentic Sibu kampua mee taste. They used to have a stall in front selling those local kuehs (cakes) as well but I am not sure whether they still have that or not.

That day, I had to go to the payment collection centre to settle some matters and I decided to stop by the coffee shop for the kampua noodles (RM2.50)…

Kim Chua kampua mee

…and yes, they were as good as I remembered them to be. In case anyone is wondering, I did not bring my camera along so I had to snap the picture using my new handphone. It certainly turned out all right…but I must remember to turn it sideways next time so I would have  the usual horizontal shots instead of a vertical one like this one. It certainly takes very much nicer photographs than my old, antique one, that’s for sure.

As for the new camera that I got for my birthday, come back tomorrow and I’l tell you all about it. Hehehehehehe!!!!