Taste and see…

It was Christmas Eve but we did not have anything planned for the day other than the church service that night and we would only be having our special dinner at home on the actual day itself. That was why we were up and about the whole day and we stopped by the Cafe Ind

Cafe Ind - Christmas decor

…for lunch. Of course, I’ve blogged about this place many times – the one serving North Indian and Indonesian cuisines.

For once, my girl did not order their mutton bryaniΒ that she loved a lot and wanted to have something else to taste and see if it was any good and she had the chicken paratha (RM11.00)…

Cafe Ind chicken paratha 1

…which had bits of their tandoori chicken inside…

Cafe Ind chicken paratha 2

…and yes, she loved it very much! The potato whatever that came with it…

Cafe Ind chicken paratha - potatoes

…was superb as well and my girl said the dip was very nice too.

I had the butter chicken curry (RM17.00)…

Cafe Ind butter chicken curry 1

…which was prepared using their tandoori chicken as well and served with basmati rice and it came with some raita and a papadum by the side.

My girl tried the curry…

Cafe Ind butter chicken curry 2

…and loved it! She said it was very nice unlike the one she had when she was in New Zealand which was rather sweet and not to her liking.

The boss of the cafΓ© specially asked his very handsome North Indian chef…

Cafe Ind North Indian chef
*Note the authentic custom-made stone tandoori (oven) to the right – the Indonesian kitchen is separate and is located on the other side*

…to dish out his aloo paratha

Cafe Ind aloo paratha

…for us to taste and see if we liked it or not. This is pan-fried, not baked in the tandoori oven…and yes, it was very nice – so very tasty and fragrant you can eat it on its own, no need for any dip or accompaniment of any kind.

My missus went for the Indonesian menu and ordered their fried bihun (RM13.00)…

Cafe Ind Indonesian fried bihun

…and the serving was so huge she could only manage slightly more than half of it…and no price for guessing who had the rest! Hehehehehehe!!!!! I, for one, had never been a fan of fried rice or fried bihun at the shops or stalls outside for the simple reason that I would think that my own would be a lot nicer…but when I tried this one here, I had to admit that it was indeed really very good! Well, what do you expect! Just look at all the ingredients used – prawns, chunks of chicken, green peppers, fresh shitake mushrooms, thin strips of omelette. With all those added, it cannot possibly be not nice, don’t you agree? Another good thing about this one was the fact that there was no msg overload unlike the ones elsewhere – well, when you have all those ingredients, you do not need any msg at all to make your dish taste good.

That certainly was a delightful lunch – the total, inclusive of drinks, came up to RM52.00. Pretty decent for an exclusive (you can’t get these elsewhere in town) meal, don’t you think? And if there is anyone who still does not know the location, it is at Lai Chee Lane (2.291248, 111.828865) right behind the Bank Simpanan Nasional branch along Jalan Kampung Nyabor here. Go ahead, drop by and taste and see if the cuisine(s) here is/are to your liking.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

25 thoughts on “Taste and see…”

  1. You made me want to eat bihun at this hour >_< But first, I'll have to book a flight to Sibu πŸ˜€

    Hmmmm….coming over here is the last thing on your mind, I know. 😦

  2. ooo, that’s very solid praise for the bihun … the price is a bit surprising though, i didn’t expect it to cost RM13 … but since it’s good and can feed two people, thumbs up! πŸ˜€

    Seems to be the trend these days – huge serving, charge more. Dunno why. Many would just order one and share by as many as four or even more , I’ve noticed. (Maybe that is why they hike up the prices for their drinks – they make more from there) They should reduce the portion, serve half only…good enough for one and charge say, RM8 – two plates of that, they would make RM3 extra actually. I would prefer a smaller serving…and then order a curry or something to go with it.

  3. Ahh, I thought Mel was gonna have her favourite mutton.. Oohhh tandoori chicken, I like.. There’s a mamak here downstairs our office and I always go for their tandoori chicken too.. It is served together with a piece of naan and some cheesy mint yogurt dipping, very nice.. Aloo paratha looks nice, pan fried, looks like it has cheese and garlic inside, must be very crispy and fragrant..

    Yes, the aloo paratha was good…but I would prefer the oven-baked varieties, healthier. They do have tandoori chicken served like that on the menu here too but I had that with their rice. Maybe I’d go for that on our next visit.

  4. Lovely meal. I like that butter chicken curry and paratha. The mihun looked good.

    Did you drop by here when you were in Sibu? Very nice place.

    1. No unfortunately. Many times I were tempted to go but no one want to go together. Haha. It wouldnt be practical to bring my kids along as they do not fancy such dishes.

      Hahhhh!!!! Should have invited me. I would go anytime… Hehehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜‰

  5. Though all looks so good, still I prefer the fried bihun.

    You’re not alone – same as my missus, not very adventurous in what she would like to eat…just that she wants to follow me and my daughter to go and eat these things. Given a choice, I am pretty sure she would want to go for something else.

  6. Paratha? Looks like Naan with meat filling to me…

    Pray, tell me the difference – I am a goondu when it comes to these other than one’s oven-baked and the other’s pan-fried. This is the only true blue North Indian place here – and even then, it’s only half of the place. The rest are all the ciplak West Malaysian ones and those, we only have two, if I’m not wrong…and they only have canai, murtabak and sometimes, thosai.

  7. Nice! It must be hard to get a tandoor oven to Sibu, I’ve never seen it there until this photo.

    The mamaks here all have it, but it’s only the expensive chain mamaks e.g. Penang Kayu Nasi Kandar, etc and I’ll always go for it if they just freshly made a batch of tandoori chicken.

    Yes, I’ve seen them using a black cast iron cauldron at the shops over there, all the chicken in skewers left to stand in it – that is why many do not like the tandoori chicken there – too dry they say. If you leave it to stand in the oven like that, sure it is overcooked and cardboard dry. Not nice anymore.

  8. I love this place, the food always nice. Glad that they are still “stay strong” despite so many other cafe / restaurant coming up.

    They’re doing all right. Certified halal so they do get a lot of business from those who would stay away from the so-called pork-free places.

  9. hello! merry christmas and happy new year! =D butter curry chicken attracted me most!

    Same to you. You can get this at the Indian places there – nice or not, dunno lah. Had it in Kuching once, at a North Indian restaurant, also very good.

  10. Oooooo…what a dishy chef! πŸ˜€ Looks like everything ordered was very good, eh? Even the fried meehoon. It sure was loaded with plenty of ingredients.

    Yes, handsome like those Bollywood guys! πŸ˜€ Everything was good, we sure enjoyed our lunch.

  11. Lunch time coming, the foods making me hungry…

    Yes, you too. When are you coming? I’ve a friend and his friends here right now all the way from Singapore – feasting away!!! Yum yummmm!!!!

  12. awww….it’s been few months since I had these….naan and chicken tandoori. Miss them! there are a lot in little india here and some are authentic indian style!

    I love Indian cuisine – North Indian, not spicy, rich and bursting with flavours!

  13. I think everything that this restaurant serves should be decent, maybe you should start sampling more of their other dishes πŸ˜€

    I’ve tried quite a lot of stuff on their menu already – blogged about this place many times before.

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