What else is there…

Last Saturday, we went back to this coffee shop for lunch.

I went around the stalls to have a look to see what else there was that we had not tried and I came across this…

YummyFafe roti canai kuchai

roti canai with kuchai (chives). That was RM2.00 a piece and it came with the bowl of dhal dip, and no, it was not chewy or rubbery, not stretchable like roti canai as we know it. In fact, it was crusty and crispy, something like the Indian pancake or aloo paratha that we had once here. The texture was more like those frozen roti canai or paratha that we can buy at the supermarkets and pan-fry them ourselves at home to eat. It probably would have been nicer if they had used butter or ghee, at least for the frying part, and no, I would not say that it swept me off my feet even though it was quite nice – something one may consider when thinking having something different for a change.

My girl’s colleague/housemate/friend ordered the curry mee (RM4.00)…

YummyKafe curry mee

…expecting to get something like the ones in the peninsula, with the curry gravy but no, it turned out to be something fried, something like mee mamak but with curry powder added. She said it was all right though and she quite enjoyed it.

My missus had the Foochow fried noodles (RM4.00)…

Foochow fried mee

…and no, this was not done in the same style that I grew up eating and would prefer a lot more – the gravy was kind of clear so even though it might be nice, it was simply not the same. This and the curry mee were from the chu-charΒ (cook & fry) place at the back portion of the coffee shop…and I noticed that they had rounded up the price, instead of the usual RM3.80 at some other places. That is perfectly all right though, I would say, considering that we did see a lot of ingredients like the meat and green vegetables in my missus’ order…unlike many other places around here these days.

Needless to day, my girl wanted the beef noodles (RM6.00)…

YummyKafe beef noodles

…that she loved a lot and I also ordered a bowl for myself. I don’t know whether it was the heat (it has been very very hot here lately) but I thought it was not as nice as before – the broth did not seem as thick and rich but when I asked my girl, she said it was the same. I do wish they could have an option though – one that has beef tendon and tripe added…at a price, of course. I would go for that one, that’s for sure!

I also ordered these dumplings (10 for RM6.00)…

YummyKafe dumplings

…to share, knowing that my girl loves them too…and that was our lunch that day.

Incidentally, an old friend from Penang flew in on Friday night but of course, like on most/all weekends, with my girl home, I was kind of tied up with her weekly visit to see her grandparents, driving her here and there to stock up on their rations for the week ahead and to buy any necessities that she would need for school and on Saturday night, we would have to go for the sunset service in church and come Sunday, I would have to drive her back to her school.

This friend and I were involved with some work for the ministry along with the couple who came from Trengganu that day so we would meet quite regularly, once a year, at least, during those days prior to my retirement. He was busy Saturday, anyway, as he was here on a working trip but I really felt bad that at such short notice, I was not able to make time to meet up. He was so sweet and thoughtful as to bring these celebrated tambun biscuits…

Tambun biscuits from Penang

..all the way from Penang for me and he sent them to me through a friend in that same line of duty, so to speak.

My sincere apologies to him…but I did tell him that I hope he would come back someday, not on a brief working trip like this time around, and stay longer so I would be able to take him around like what I did for our Trengganu friends last year…and he would have to let me know way ahead of time.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

16 thoughts on “What else is there…”

  1. Roti canai with kuchai is very interesting. I dont think we have it here like that (or I am a frog under coconut shell).

    And ooooh. I love tambun biscuits.

    My first time seeing it too. You like tambun? Our tambun-like tau sar peah is nicer but ours is so much more expensive. 60 sen each!!! 😦 But these that my friend got me were very good, much nicer than what I remember them to be – maybe they were fresh or perhaps it was because I had not had it for a long time now.

  2. Him Heang biscuits are good.. I always go for the other one though, Ghee Hiang, from Penang too.

    I love crispy pratas, or roti canais, not just the edges, but the whole thing. Yum!

    Can’t remember the ones I had – maybe I had both before and some other brands as well and was not all that thrilled by them. This time around, I thought they were not too bad – maybe because I had not had any for so long. Been a while since I went to Penang.

    Hmmmm….very oily, those things. They soak the dough overnight in oil…and look at all the oil they use in the cooking on the hot plate. Best not to eat too often.Once in a while is ok.

  3. I actually prefer roti canai on its own – no need for the dahl dip for me. We’ve got a wonderful spot just around the corner from our home.

    Me too, if it good enough. Same thing with anything that tastes great on its own – no need for the sauces and dips. Will only resort to those when they are not tasty (enough).

  4. Roti kucai? Never eaten before.. I usually have my roti planta or roti telur only.. Him Heang tau sar peang is nice, I’ve tried Dragonball too, but HH is nicer..

    Can’t remember all the brands I’ve tried. Used to go to Penang very often when my girl was in Sg Petani – but not anymore now that she’s back here already and no longer there. Roti planta? Good grief! They soak the dough in oil overnight, use so much oil to cook and you get them to add Planta some more? (Not that it’s butter that would give it that extra fragrance to enhance the taste and bring it to a whole new level) *faints* πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  5. That roti canai is interesting. With chives it would be tasted great.

    Not a fan of tambun though. Hehe.

    It’s ok, don’t mind eating those tambun but I would not be craving for it. Would buy some home for family and friends though, when in Penang, as it is so popular…like how people coming to Sibu will buy all the kompia they can carry home. Ya, the kuchai roti canai was not bad but I prefer their roti jala.

  6. roti canai with kuchai? that’s rare!

    No harm trying out new things. Who knows it may catch on. Variety is the spice of life, dare to be different!

  7. Roti canai with kuchai… sounds like a pancake with kuchai (kueh tepung goreng + kucai) my mother used to make for breakfast when I was a kid.

    I do think it is more like pancake than roti canai, as we know it…or it is something like the frozen roti canai sold in packets after we fry it ourselves in a pan at home, not like those freshly-cooked roti canai at the shops.

  8. LOL….I would expect something with soup for the curry mee too. That one more like mamak fried noodle.

    Yes, maybe they don’t know mamak – I once heard a West Malaysian Indian lady asking a local Chinese VIP if there were any mamak shops in Sibu. He did not know what she was talking about so she said they were Muslim Indians…and he said no, no, no…no Indians in Sibu. Duhhhhh!!!! Ignorance is bliss!!! 😦

  9. You sure those are roti canai? The hawker calls it that? From your description, it is just like those Chinese pancake…

    It’s a Malay roti canai stall with all kinds of roti canai – roti canai biasa, roti canai cheese, roti canai Planta, roti canai telur etc…etc… all they have and this is something new that they have come out with – roti canai kucai…and yes, that is what they call it! Due credit should be given for their innovation and creativity and for trying something new.

    Not a fan of canais especially knowing that they soak the dough overnight in oil and they use a lot more on the hot plate when cooking. I don’t mind the roti jala – they do it very well here, more the Indian dry & crispy style…not the limp and wobbly nyonya ones, and only RM1.00.

  10. wow, roti canai with kuchai sounds interesting! a cross-over between roti canai and the kuchai popiah

    Is there such a thing as kuchai popiah? Never heard, sure can’t get it here.

  11. Roti canai with kuchai sounds interesting & something new. Am a noodle lover so count me in for all the noodles dishes but not a fan of tambun, find it too dry for my liking.

    That is why I say our tambun-like tausar peah here is nicer, very moist plus the nice fried shallot fragrance and not sweet…but expensive. 😦

  12. Maybe you can make savoury pancakes with chives using your own recipe. Sure will be better than the roti canai.

    Not a fan of chives, only lately, I’ve acquired the taste and don’t mind eating it. Last time, if I found it in my fried kway teow, I would pick it out strip by strip and place it nicely by the side.

  13. Roti Canai Kuchai? That’s new! Should try it next time. 😊

    Dunno if it is available anywhere else but if they do well here, you can be sure every other roti canai stall will be doing the same thing.

  14. Interesting that you are writing about dhal. I have been craving that for about a week or so and I’m finally making some later today, along with chapati.

    I have not made dumplings in a while, I really should. My daughter loves them so much. When she was a toddler, she called them “dump-per-lings.”

    Yes, the perfect dip for chapati. Some do not give very good ones, kind of watery, not enough dhal – I like it nice and thick.

    My girl loves these dumplings – I’m ok with these, will eat when there’s any but will not go out of my way for them.

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