Can’t fit in…

Well, we tried but we just couldn’t possibly fit in all the places in town that I would want to take my girl to during her over-a-month-long school holidays to enjoy all the things that she loves.

We did manage to drop by here for lunch though – on New Year’s Day before the holidays ended. I noticed that there was this on display…

Extracts 1

– extracts from the book that I had a hand in writing and they were also featured in this magazine…

In Borneo Talk

…and also a number of newspapers as well.

I expected my girl to order her favourite – the nasi bryani with mutton curry but she said she did not want something too heavy as she would like to save some tummy space for dinner. That was why she opted for the tandoori chicken paratha (RM12.00)…

Cafe Ind Tandoori chicken paratha

…which is the Indian bread with bits of the special traditional stone oven-baked chicken inside and she loved it a lot.

She also enjoyed the potatoes…

Potatoes by the side

…by the side and was wondering if she could find the recipe so she could cook her own.

My missus stuck faithfully to her favourite kalio ayam (RM14.50) while I decided to try something that I had not had before – their opor ayam (RM14.50)…

Cafe Ind opor ayam

…and boy, it was so very good!!!

The potatoes…


…and egg…


…by the side went so well with the gravy and as it was a non-spicy dish, they gave me this special serving of sambal cili (chili dip)…

Sambal cili

…to go with it but I did not think it was necessary because the very rich and absolutely heavenly gravy and the chicken…


…tasted so good that I did not want to drown it out with all that chili. I felt like I was being transported back in time to 1973 and those days of the awesomely delightful nasi pandang at places such as the Rendezvous, Bras Basah Road in Singapore.

One thing’s for sure, I certainly would want to have that again the next time we drop by this place but I guess that would have to wait till my girl comes home on weekends and the same applies to all the other places that we did not manage to visit while she was home. The total came up to RM47.50 and the nice boss gave me RM10.00 change for my RM50.00 note, which meant that he had waived more than just the iced water that we had. Isn’t that nice?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

17 thoughts on “Can’t fit in…”

  1. a discount of RM7.50? that’s kind and thoughtful and generous indeed, and i’d return here for those reasons 🙂

    Yes, that’s one good reason but the best excuse to keep going back is that what they dish out is really good. Looking forward to our next visit, that’s for sure.

  2. The Indian bread looks interesting.

    It’s very nice, traditionally-oven baked. Honestly, I would go for these instead of the western ones.

  3. Food looks great especially the opor chicken. The rich & heavenly gravy pour over it is enough to make me drool. No photo of the kalio chicken? Oh boy, that’s a huge discount. Enough for 2 plates of kampua noodles.

    I’ve had photos of the kalio chicken many times in my previous posts so I do not want to feature that repeatedly. You can click the link to refresh your memory if you are keen. Yes, that was very nice, indeed – such gestures would surely keep people going back for more.

  4. Excellent looking food, and a good discount as well. Who could ask for more?

    Indeed. You had nasi padang at Rendezvous before you left Singapore? Or Tiong Hua next door? Or the one at a shack/wooden stall right beside the entrance to the National Library? I really enjoyed the food at all these places in 1973, so very very nice.

    1. Rendezvous was my father’s favourite; always took the family there whenever we were in the city for shopping. In recent years they moved to Clarke Quay and my wife and I went there a couple of years ago. Sadly it did not live up to my memory of it. I remember in the old days, a whole lot of little dishes of food would be brought to the table, and you only paid for what you ate. This is no longer done, of course, and you select from the bain marie. Not the same at all.

      Sad to hear that. Then I must not go there anymore, preserve the fond memories of the place. Like the nyonya restaurant in Malacca – it was small, dark and not impressive with a few old nyonya ladies running the place and the cendol was absolutely heavenly – I went back again a couple of years ago – it sure was not the same anymore, very disappointing. I will not bother to go back there ever again:

  5. the tandoori chicken pratha looks tempting. especially if it’s cook inside the stone oven. I really heard that is so nice, u know. traditional way

    Nicer than the tandoori chicken I had in KL or elsewhere, maybe that is why many have told me that they do not like it – hard and dry. I noticed that they cooked the chicken in those iron cast ovens…and left them inside to keep them warm prior to being served. Should not do that. The naan, paratha here, all cooked in the stone oven, extra special and nice.

    I’ve linked you in my blogroll. Do keep dropping by and commenting, always welcome. Thanks.

  6. Bookmark the opor ayam, would love to try it…

    Check out the nasi padang places in Singapore – bet there are very very nice ones over there. Used to enjoy them so much a long time ago.

  7. food food everywhere.. how to fit into our 24 hours, and limited stomach capacity? :P..

    24 hours? You’re coming over for a day? Impossible!!! At least three days or more.

  8. The food looks good and prices reasonable. The best part was the RM7.50 discount, very generous of the boss!

    Yes, great place for a nice lunch break or to go to for dinner. Sure is nice of him to do that.

  9. That’s a lot of discount given for food. Nice touch indeed. I think I would love the ayam penyet.

    I tried the ayam bakar, was all right. Can’t remember if I had the ayam penyet, maybe I can order that next time.

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