All in the mind…

Last week, before she came home for the one-week school break, my girl was reading the book  “The Hundred-Foot Journey“, one of the two that I had bought for her for her birthday and all that time, she was craving for this – the mutton bryani (RM18.00)…

Mutton bryani

…so when she came back last weekend, we went for the nice one at this cafe with the authentic chef from Northern India.

For the uninitiated, the book is an international bestseller that has now been made into a movie, a Steven Speilberg-Oprah Winfrey production, of the same name…

At the same time, I, on the other hand, actually had that intention to drop by this place already as I saw this post in a friend’s blog and that triggered a yearning in me for some naan (RM4.50)…


…and this time around, I specifically gave instructions that I did not want it glazed with oil like what I had on my previous visit as that would give the impression that it was rather oily even though it wasn’t really so and I enjoyed it a lot more than the garlic butter naan that I had prior to that last one. It was very well done that day – there were layers in the bread, baked to perfection in the tandoori oven till flaky and crispy and I truly enjoyed it to the max!

And talking about tandoori, I had the tandoori chicken too served with their special Indian basmati rice (RM16.00)…


…with raita and dhall dip by the side. Needless to say, that was very well-done as well and absolutely satisfying. The meat was so juicy and tender unlike some that I had had at some places elsewhere.

My missus, however, did not want anything Indian and so she opted for something from their Indonesian menu…and she ordered this nasi balado, beef (RM16.00),,,


…to try. She seemed to have forgotten that I had that before and it was not at all nice as the beef was overcooked and extremely hard but thankfully, it was very well-done this time around and the best part was that it  was spicy – just the way she liked it!

No, it certainly was not cheap – the total came up RM62.50 but the boss decided to waive the 50 sen and rounded it all up to RM62.00. However, what mattered most was that we left the place feeling really happy and satisfied that we had had a delightful meal that we enjoyed a lot and actually, after that rather heavy lunch, we were still full come dinner time so we just had something light that evening.

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28 thoughts on “All in the mind…”

  1. I had some naan also over the weekend, pretty good. The set (Rm 10) comes with a tandoori chicken thigh and garlic naan. You can opt for plain, cheese or even butter naan. I’ll bring you there next time 😀

    Where’s this? So cheap. Nasi kandar place will cost even more than that. Their cleavers are very sharp…but I hear they do not do that to locals.

  2. The tandoori chicken looks juicy! Yumz!

    Very! I love it here. They do it upon order…and serve immediately when done. So nice!

  3. I love all the food here!! The mutton briyani , chicken tandoori and naan. Yes, I love Northern Indian food. It’s much better than the southern Indian type which are mainly vegetables.

    Not sure whether I’ve tried Southern or not. One authentic one in Kuching, also Northern – the rest, mostly local Indians, I guess.

  4. I had Indian food once and found it to be too spicy for me, and that was the mildest curry! LOL! The chicken does look really good here. I do love herbs and spices, but not where it burns my tongue or throat. Lovely photos! 🙂

    I wonder where the chef came from. North Indian cuisine is not spicy at all – and if I’m not wrong, they use a lot of yogurt in their cooking.

  5. This year i spent my holidays on Mauritius. I could try tandoori chicken and naan bread. I love that! To be perfectly honest I was a bit afraid of the red chicken but it turned out that it’s completely delicious!

    Yes, they’re all very nice. The colour is from the marinades, so no chili. Not spicy at all.

  6. Er.. I prefer the oily naan, preferably with cheese as well, nom nom nom! 😀

    I had that…and everyone criticised left, right and centre. I had the garlic butter…but I prefer it plain, dipped in curry gravy.

  7. I like garlic and cheese naan, but my mouth would smell after that, so usually I would chew a gum or some mint candy.. I love that mutton bryani, in fact, anything mutton.. It’s not cheap.. Mum used to tapao a packet of mutton curry (RM15 worth maybe), boiled rice at home, and we only ate rice+mutton curry for dinner.. Very nice, noone was complaining..

    Tapao also so expensive? From the nasi kandar shops? Wowwwww!!!!!

    1. In KL, tapao is either same price or more expensive. Some morons will say the cost of the plastic bags and packaging needs to be taken into account 😦

      At one time, they charge 50 sen for the new environment-friendly food containers, now they never mention – dunno if they still charge or not.

      1. Nasi kandar is really not cheap here.. In a food court lagi! A plate of rice with mutton curry, fried chicken and an egg is RM11.00.. A plate of rice with mutton curry, egg and vegetables might cost slightly cheaper, say RM8.00..

        I know. I’ve had my share of those cutthroat experiences. Will not bother dropping by any ever again…plus the food ain’t all that great.

  8. I read an interview with Helen Mirren recently on that movie. I think it would be a movie that I would enjoy watching. As always, I am all for Indian food. Yum! Yum!

    They have the interview on youtube, and with Spielberg and Winfrey too. Go, go and watch and tell me if you like it!

  9. Not a fan of Indian food but I would say the tandoori chicken looks nice. Sometimes for a change I will go for it. I find that their food are usually very oily.

    Which one do you go to? Can’t be worse than Malay food. North Indian cooking uses a lot of yogurt, good for “washing” away the oil.

  10. I am keen with the movie. We plan to watch it soon. Maybe can have this Indian food before proceeding to the cinema.

    LOL!!! Or you will end up craving for it after the show. 😀

  11. mutton curry n tandoori chicken, i can have those all day! but my favorite is still baigan baratha, the mashed up brinjal dish 😀

    Dunno if I’ve tried that before. My favourite is palak paneer…

  12. The nasi balado was big portion and look spicy!! I think I will go for tandoori. hehe. I enjoy spicy food but not too extreme. ^^

    Do drop by, very nice!

  13. i haven’t watched the hundred-foot journey yet … i’ve been meaning to, and i think that as soon as i watch it, i’ll probably run out for an indian meal! 😀

    It seems to have that effect on those reading the book… 🙂

  14. I dont really get the chance to eat all of the above as William and Ethan are not a fan hence the minority me will just have to read about it on people’s blog such as yours 😦

    Poor thing! No wonder so small! 😀 😀 Come, hop over here…leave the kids with William – I’ll feed you. 😀

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