So nice…

I mentioned in an earlier post a while ago that Eric, the guy behind The Kitchen instant kampua venture, went and paid for my dinner here and asked me to drop by and enjoy myself. I certainly did not expect that, not at all, and indeed, that was so very nice of him, so sweet and generous. So, there we were back here…

N°2 Casual Dining, Sibu

…again that day for dinner.

Ahhhhh!!!! Fresh flowers…

Fresh flower

…different from the red ones on our previous visit! That’s nice!

We placed our orders and these were served first – their tempura of prawn (RM14.90)…

Tempura of prawn

…and they were very good. I would say that was our favourite that night.

We thought of having a pasta dish and decided to see what their pasta of curry seafood (RM11.90)…

Pasta of curry seafood 1

…was like. We were expecting some pasta in the usual curry gravy, served with seafood but what we got was quite different. There wasn’t any taste of curry/curry powder or if there was, we were not able to detect it, just a hint of santan/coconut milk…and curry leaves and all those exotic herbs used…

Pasta of curry seafood 2

It did get a little bit of getting used to – I thought that initially, it tasted kind of peculiar but after a moment or two, once I got accustomed to the unique combination of all the ingredients used, it was actually very nice – a welcome change from the usual tomato-inundated bolognese or overly rich and creamy pasta sauce.

We also shared the air-flown Australian beef sirloin with truffle pumpkin mash (RM42.90)…

Beef sirloin 1

…with a HUGE slab of the specially-imported beef…

Beef sirloin 2

…done medium rare, upon our request…

Beef sirloin 3

I am not really into beef steaks so I would not say that it got me thrilled with delight. I think I would prefer the Peruvian chicken I had on our previous visit.

My girl wanted the fish that the mum had – the fish in garlic chives pesto and capsicum salsa (RM22.90)…


…and like the one we had before, this was good. We thought of ordering the salmon that she had then as well but we did not think we could finish so much and instead, we had these Turkish beef kofta and tzatziki (RM14.90)…


…which did not really tickle my fancy…


I do think I would prefer the sausage I had the last time…but then again, I have this soft spot for sausages so others may beg to differ. Like I always say, to each his own!

Nobody wanted any dessert but I just had to order the French crème brûlée (RM5.90)…

Creme brulee

…that we loved so much but this time around, we felt it was slightly a little too watery – it was just perfect on that previous occasion. Nonetheless, it was still good and we still liked it very much.

Oh dear!!! We were filled up to the brim and we still could not use up all that money that Eric had deposited in my name. I suggested keeping the balance for my next visit but they did not think that was a good idea and gave me the balance! Gee!!! I guess I can consider that to be my ang pao for the New Year? Hehehehehe!!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “So nice…”

  1. some interesting recipes here at intriguing prices, ya … good amount of seafood in that pasta, and i like the vibrant garnishing for the fish and steak 😀 creme brulee for RM5.90 is also very difficult to find!!! 😀

    Yes, I like how it is not big and cheaper than the rest. That’s the way it should be. People can order another helping if it is so good and leaves them craving for more.

  2. What a great post, and even though I am not a beef eater I have to say that it does look moist and tender. 🙂

    The beef was good. I am not really into it either – will go for it once in a blue moon for the simple reason that we cannot get fresh ones here. We do get good imported ones though – from Australia and New Zealand, frozen and not cheap.

  3. So generous and kind of Eric 🙂
    All very nice food, like fine dining food, good.. I like that beef sirloin.. Seafood pasta looks good too..

    Yes, so sweet of him. I did not do very much other than blogging about his place and his product a few times or share on Facebook too…but I did buy quite frequently to send to friends to try.

  4. My response is same like mun.. they actually gave you back the balance! That’s super awesome! Here, they would just say: “order something to take away, any balance left would be OUR angpao!”

    Thank goodness I live in a little town, still with our old simple ways.

  5. Super delicious meal. Love the prawns and steak. Well cooked.

    Generally good, we enjoyed our dinner…and of course, the best part – it was free! Hehehehehe!!!!!

  6. What a feast! Steak sure looks good to me, i am a huge fan of steak but i can’t really eat too much due to uric acid

    You’re so young. Go and exercise!!! Build up some muscles, in the meantime.

  7. Nice of them to give u back the balance, thought they will forfeited the unused balance…

    They wouldn’t do that but I thought they would keep the balance for my next visit.

  8. Wah …so nice !!! Got people belanja makan atas food !! I love the pasta and steak. They looks tempting and good.

    Yes, some people can be so very nice, praise the Lord!

  9. Very nice spread of food but I can let go of the beef steak, done in medium rare, still reddish, I am scare to eat. Red meat high in uric acid

    Lots of natural remedies, and once in a long while will not kill you. I wouldn’t be able to afford having this regularly that’s for sure…so it is pretty ok. There’s uric acid in beans and vegetables too, yunno! Moderation is the key.

  10. Looks more like seafood marinara (except the tomato sauce dressing) to me.

    Happy 2015! =D

    Same to you. Nope, it’s not marinara – that would not have the fragrances of the curry leave and the other herbs used. Very different, and once accustomed to it, after the initial “after shock”, I thought it was really very nice!

  11. Good heavens! Even with all that food there is still a balance! This Eric fellow must have paid for more than 2 meals for you. Lucky you 😀 The food looks good and classy. I guess with the balance the restaurant gave back to you, you can come here again, eh?

    I could have gone for another plate of the fish and creme brulee, with the balance… Hehehehehehee!!!! Ya, this Eric’s so nice, so generous. Not obliged in any way to do this but he did, bless him!

  12. I could never say No to the delicious dishes. Very tempting. I like the presentation of the food. Very high class. 😊

    Yes, dunno why it is called “casual dining” when the food and place are definitely more towards fine dining – thankfully, the prices…not quite, still quite affordable. 😉

  13. So nice and thoughtful of Eric. That curry seafood pasta really is really special. If it was served in curry gravy then it wont stand out but this way, you’ll remember it for a very long time 😀 I kind of like that twist actually.

    Yes, very nice guy indeed! Good thing it wasn’t spaghetti in curry gravy – that would come across to me like a pale imitation of curry mee, something some people do at some places and they call it fusion. Double thumbs down!

  14. Very sweet of Eric.

    Foods look very good and love the food presentation too.

    Yes, people all so very kind and generous to me…including you too, all the time. So very blessed.

    Yes, must drop by here when you come back to Sibu, pretty good.

  15. Such an elaborate meal. You are such an epicure.(envy to bits)

    Not really, some kind and generous friend’s treat…or I would not be indulging or not so much, at least – just the simpler cheaper stuff.

  16. 5.90 for a creme bruleee! that’s cheap, somemore nice :))

    Yes, much more expensive elsewhere but the one here is smaller, a bit – nicer though, rich and creamy.

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