It ain’t over yet…

The day after the wedding banquet, my cousin and her hubby, parents of the bride, were taking our cousins from KK and our nephew out for dinner before they left for home the following day and they invited me to tag along so there we were at this place…

Hai Bing, Sibu

…reputed for its nicest crabs in town…

Hai Bing crabs

…and also the most expensive.

It has been around for a long long time now but lately, the air-conditioned section in the block on the right had been taken over by somebody else so they are now confined to their own shop and half of the passageway in between the two blocks of shops along Jalan Maju.

Yes, the crabs were superb that night, big and firm and succulent and we also enjoyed the siput sudut or balitongs…

Hai Bing chee loi

We do not cook these at home so we will only have once in a very very long while when eating out. My girl does not eat those, that’s why. I loved how they did it that night and personally, I felt theirs were very much nicer than those that I had had elsewhere.

The prawns were very good too…

Hai Bing prawns

…and so were the bamboo clams…

Hai Bing bamboo clams

…cooked with curry powder.

I suggested ordering the midin

Hai Bing midin

…as I was pretty sure they would not have that in Kota Kinabalu. They did not seem to know of this variety of jungle fern that is mighty popular here, just the pakuΒ that is easily available all over the country. They enjoyed that but it was this plate of Foochow fried noodles, with sauce…

Hai Bing Foochow fried noodles

…that they really enjoyed a lot and had more than just a second helping…just as I had expected. I requested for a small plate of that, just RM5.00, for I was pretty sure they would like something they had had when they were kids growing up in Sibu, different from anything that they would get back home, and true enough, they did! I did not think it was the best in town though but it was pretty good, especially when I added the complimentary dark soy sauce and sliced fresh chili to it.

All in all, I must say that I certainly enjoyed the dinner that night, the very nice food and the most delightful company – thank you so much, Bened and Doreen, for the the treat!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

27 thoughts on “It ain’t over yet…”

  1. Yummzzz, seafood dinner! Not a fan of crabs, but I like their gravy eaten with fried mantao.. I’ve never eaten balitongs before, but I know how they look like. I like the clams and prawns and oohhh the noodles.. Can’t go wrong with that..

    Yes, deep-fried mantao with chili crabs – used to enjoy that in Singapore in the 70’s. Haven’t had it for a long time now. You love noodles too? My girl would rather have that instead of rice, anything fried.

  2. how much per kg is the crab there? hehe! i love crabs the most!
    I enjoy balitong as well but i realized many people doesn’t know how to eat especially younger generation one. haha

    No idea. Last we asked it was RM45 here. These are not the farmed ones – those would be cheaper but of course, not as nice. Hmmm…aren’t you the younger generation too? πŸ˜‰

  3. And this was also a make up dinner for you for emcee-ing, isn’t it? Nice dinner πŸ˜€

    Not really. The next-of-kin from KK were going home the next day and the hosts were taking them out for dinner while I was thinking of doing the same, so they asked me to join them. Actually, they had given me a big fat ang pao for the “job” – didn’t expect that I thought I was doing them a favour, chipping in a bit to help them out on their happy occasion.

  4. Speaking of siput sedut, I’m worst at it. I don’t even know how to sedut it. lol!!

    Suck the other end first to make it “ketat”…and then suck at the right end and it will come out very easily. Chut chut! Hehehehehe!!!!

  5. de-shelled bamboo clams… would really love to try that, don’t have to get rid the shells :p

    Yup, and the broken bits of the very delicate shell put me off very much. After the first few times, I also remove the shell everytime I cook that.

  6. Awesome food. Love them all except the crabs. You know why? Hahaha!!!…lazy to dirty my hands. Chut chut & bamboo clams, topping my list. Yumzzzzz!!!!

    You are like my daughter – she would rather not eat so the mum would have to do the chore for her…so she gets all the claws – easier to get rid of the shell and the meat will still stay intact. Hehehehehe!!!! Thankfully, we very seldom have crabs.

  7. The food here looks awesome. How much does a meal like that cost?

    I haven’t any idea, sorry. I did not foot the bill that night but from past experiences, that plate of crab alone would be over RM100, that’s for sure. Their prawns don’t come cheap either – the rest I guess would not cost as much. There were 9 of us, I am quite sure it would be around RM300, maybe more.

    Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Most welcome, and do come again!

  8. wah, love the variety of seafood you’ve showcased in this post … only one thing missing … squid! πŸ˜€

    Ummm…I would not think squid’s a favourite around here…except at one of those places where they serve it coated with batter and buried in mayo and they call it salad sotong…or one of those ikan bakar stalls.

  9. Love anything seafood….those crabs look super duper good! πŸ˜€ And what’s even better…de-shelled shellfish…yay!

    It was an awesome feast all right. We certainly enjoyed everything very much.

  10. My saliva drooling all the way from Singapore to Sibu…

    So you’d better follow your saliva – come here soon! Can eat all these and lots lots more! πŸ˜‰

  11. Expensive but food was good. I never eat there but take away its dishes once. Quite tasty I have to say.

    All my favourite dishes! Drooling although I am still full from my dinner ^^

    Yes, I guess that is why they’ve been around so long despite the prices. Quality over quantity…and price.

  12. I am not too fond of having crabs at the restaurant as I find it messy to eat. But some people just love the action of hammering the crabs to extract the flesh.

    Nor for me either…but what’s got to be done got to be done. You will have to find an eating partner like my missus – she’ll painstakingly go through the chore for our girl. Not for me though – I would have to do it myself. Hehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜€

  13. Ah this was THE place to go back in the 80’s and 90’s, remember many dinners and banquets here as a kid.

    The food looks awesome, and better than the bus terminal crab place with the ridiculous prices they’re charging now for crabs you pick out of the tanks from the back.

    I do drop by once in a while especially when we’ve a craving for crabs – not bothered to go elsewhere, the best is right here…but they have one standard recipe. We had a bloggers-meet here once, remember?

  14. Ooo, long time no eat balitong! Anyway, not very successful in sucking the flesh out! Bamboo clams look good πŸ™‚

    No? If it refuses to come out, suck the other end first and then turn it over and such the right end – it works, without fail! Will surely come out one.

  15. Hai Bing, standard still there? I only been there once for crabs too. I should try go and try again and I love the balitong, not many place can get the taste I like . So far I like the one at Muhibah.

    That used to be my favourite until I tried the ones here that night – this one is very much nicer!

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