Here comes another one…

This place that I used to frequent quite regularly no longer serves nasi campur (mixed rice) for lunch – they only open at night but no, you can’t get to enjoy their lunchtime delights in the evenings…unfortunately. I did come across another place not too long ago but I have not been to that part of the woods so I have no idea whatsoever whether they are still in business or not.

Well, it so happened that I was in the vicinity of this inn…

Eden Inn

…that used to be at the Catholic Centre beside the Sacred Heart Cathedral here and I noticed that the air-conditioned restaurant that was there on the ground floor has been converted into a coffee shop. It only has its name in Mandarin on the blue-coloured sign and that’s Greek to me.

I spotted a stall at this particular coffee shop with a name in its own right – Ruai Aku

Ruai Aku

The ruai is the corridor-like common/living room in a longhouse stretching right across its whole length while each family would dwell in the privacy of their own bilik. This is where all the ceremonies and festivals like the Gawai Dayak at the stroke of midnight on the 31st of May would be held.

Going closer to have a look, I found that it was run by an Iban lady from Kanowit, Nanga Dap to be exact. I did like what I saw so I decided to have lunch there that day.

There was chicken curry but no, I did not want that nor was I keen on the sotong ( squid)…

Ruai Aku sotong

…as I was more into the local ethnic delights like the pansoh babi (pork cooked in bamboo)…

Ruai Aku pansoh babi

…and the kasam ensabi (fermented vegetable) with buah kepayang aka buah keluak

Ruai Aku kasam ensabi with buah kepayang

No, I did not go for the cangkuk manis with pumpkin…

Ruai Aku cangkuk manis with pumpkin

…either but I simply could not resist the sambal petai (stink beans)…

Ruai Aku sambal petai

…and also the rusa (venison) masak hitam

Ruai Aku rusa masak hitam

I would not say it was all that cheap – I had two meat and two vegetables…

Ruai Aku my RM8 lunch

…and the total came up to RM8.00 but at least, I did enjoy what I picked so it was all right. My missus just had the pansoh babi and the kasam ensabi with buah kepayang that I had and also the daun bandong/empasa (tapioca leaves), one meat and two vegetables and hers was RM5.00 altogether.

For one thing, parking around here may not be all that easy so I am not sure whether I will be dropping by again or not. We’ll see…

RUAI AKU is located at the coffee shop below Eden Inn (2.285223, 111.831256) along Jalan Maju to the right of Hai Bing Coffee Shop/Seafood Restaurant, right across the road from the Rejang Esplanade.

Author: suituapui

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12 thoughts on “Here comes another one…”

  1. RM8-10 is the norm here in KL when we eat rice like these. Very rarely can get RM5 below. I like what you picked. They are my type of dishes 🙂

    KL’s a big city mah, this is just a small town but it would be cheaper if I had gone to the Chinese chap fan places which somehow, I can’t get myself to go to, mostly too oily, lots of msg and to me, not that nice.

    There are only a few of these ethnic ones and I don’t think they are all that popular with the masses here. I, for one, would not mind paying a bit more, as I do enjoy this kind of food.

  2. 2 meat 2 vege for RM8, I won’t say it is expensive compare to what my hub had from the nasi campur Malay stall, 1 fish (kembong) & 1 veg (bitter gourd fried with egg) for RM5.50

    Gosh! Kembong should be around RM1.50 and they usually use the cheap frozen ones and veg will be RM1.00 – RM5.50 sure is rather overpriced.

    1. I was shocked at that price too. Charge as they like.

      Sometimes I too get the feeling that they do that…and when asked for the breakdown of the prices of all items, they would not be able to come out with the figures. 😦

  3. Very unique spread, none like those served here in Penang

    I know places in Kl that serve our Sarawak own ethnic cuisine – have not heard of any in Penang.

  4. Me is no thank you to petai…

    Lots of health benefits. Once you’ve acquired the taste, you will love it. I was like you too not too long ago.

  5. Wow.. your plate of goodness is overflowing… very reasonable price!

    RM8??? Hmmmm…i guess pork is getting more and more expensive these days…and venison is definitely not cheap, and petai too.

  6. Parking can be such a deterrent. It’s quite a pain in my area too although there is basement parking at the nearby mall, most people prefer not to.

    None here. The multi-storey car park at a hotel is not all that near but when there are functions there, people would rather park as far as here and walk all the way to the hotel, simply refuse to pay the RM3 parking fee. So ridiculous!

  7. RM 8 is not expensive given the amount and the exotic-ness of the dishes

    Yes, and what’s more important is the pleasure derived! I don’t mind forking out that kind of money for something that I enjoy so much.

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