Any other day…

It was a day like any other day, the Sunday during the wedding weekend. Everything was over so we were settling back into our usual routine though I did go out that night for dinner before my cousins from KK left for home the next day.

We went to the midday service at the cathedral in town and when it was all over, we went looking for a bite to eat and I decided to drop by here for my girl’s favourite beef noodles in town…

Yummy Kafe beef noodles

…and the dumplings (RM8.00)…

Yummy Kafe dumplings 1

My girl remarked that she found it kind of comforting eating those noodles – I guess that would be what people call comfort food then and of course, she enjoyed the dumplings too…

Yummy Kafe dumplings 2

My missus ordered the fried kway teow with cockles (RM4.00)…

Yummy Kafe fried kway teow with cockles

…from the stall at the back. The serving sure was huge! I did not try but she and my girl said that was very nice as well.

I had the kueh chap special…

Yummy Kafe kueh chap 1

…from another stall in this coffee shop and I can’t remember now how much that was – probably RM7.00 or RM7.50, I think…

Yummy Kafe kueh chap 2

It was quite good though I would not say it was the best I had had in town. I have not it anywhere much these days so I cannot say for sure which one would be better but I can say for sure this one (RM7.90)…

Noodle House kueh chap
*Archive photo*

here is very much nicer. That was it for our lunch that day.

Gosh!!! We are already roundabout halfway through the long end-of-year school holidays now – time sure goes by real fast when you’re caught up with so many things and having a lot of fun. So far, my girl had not been into cooking very much but she did make this gnocchi in creamy tomato sauce with bacon and broccoli…

Mel's gnocchi

…and also these cheese sticks…

Mel's cheese sticks

Personally, I would prefer taking her out to eat the things she loves to having her slaving away in the kitchen even though she enjoys that as well…and so do I.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

30 thoughts on “Any other day…”

  1. makes me hungry… at this hour of the day… prolly will skip the kuey chiap, but the rest… oh my dear…

    Kueh chap, let’s go to good ol’ Noodle House – nicer and of course, we can have the pork belly kompia with it. Come, come!!!

  2. a nice, hearty plate of CKT for RM4 sounds like something we might not be seeing much of in the near future … hopefully if prices increase next year, it’ll be RM4.50, and not RM5 🙂

    RM4 is probably because of the cockles added. That’s the price of such fried noodles at some places but the general standard is around RM3.50, I think…but with a few miserable bits of meat and green veg. 😦

  3. Love all the food in your post today, especially when I see those pan-fried dumplings, the one I always say I could eat 10! Haha 😀
    Wow Mel is a good cook, those cheese sticks look like they’re from the bakery…

    Yes, she’s good with her hands. Very delicate in her work. Takes after her mum, not me. 😦

  4. everything suits me here, i am a fan of koay chiap too, haven’t had that for quite some time 😦

    You are? We have some good ones here but not many. Relatively new here, been around in Kuching for years now…but not here.

  5. All the lunch selections look pretty good. Melissa is quite the cook. Her gnocchi and cheese sticks are killing me!

    Yes, she’s good. Learning slowly by the day.

  6. So your daughter prefers to cook more Western stuff while you are the more traditional old man 😀

    Yes, and lazy too – I wouldn’t want to cook what she cooks – look like a lot of work. 😉

  7. i like my fried koay teow with big juicy cockles too!
    unfortunately i am allergic to it.
    they said it is “dirty” whereby causes all the pimples on my face. >.<

    Don’t think it’s the cockles – more the char kway teow as a whole – fried stuff can be heaty and oily…and heatiness and oily stuff can lead pimples. You need to avoid those.

  8. Once a while it is a comfort to let your girl does all the cooking and pamper you with her dishes. I am still not used to having gnocchi. Don’t ask me why.

    I’m ok with it. Like when I ate those fish noodles in Sabah, it felt like eating thinly sliced fish cake – not really crazy about those.She enjoys cooking so we’re only too happy to let her do it whenever she feels like it.

  9. Beef noodle, dumplings, char kuey teow, kueh chap, gnocchi, cheese stick….all I like! This is one of my favourite posts! 🙂
    It’s good Melissa enjoys cooking….and you enjoy eating her creations. 😉

    Yes, she deserves a good break from teaching…and for her, cooking’s a good way to unwind and de-stress..

  10. Awwww…. i adore these cheese sticks sooo much! They must be scrumptious!

    Yes, they were great! My girl made them on her own, didn’t bother to watch so I wouldn’t know how to do it. 😦

  11. wow, what a good cook / baker your girl has become :D…

    can i have some comfort food today? ><

    Why would you need comforting when you have your sweet and beautiful wife and two handsome little boys? Sure you’ll find all the comfort you need there. Sheer joy!

  12. Soon school will reopen? Not yet…Christmas is not here yet.. still got two or three weeks more to go before school opens… meanwhile enjoy your time together!! 🙂

    Yes, but time flies. Will be over very soon. 😦

  13. Aiyaa…the kueh chap!!! That was what I wanted to taste. We have it here in KK as well but I want to taste the one in Sibu. Next time, lah. So much food, so little stomach.

    The one at the place we went to for breakfast, Noodle House, is very good. Didn’t know you would like that – it was at one time an only-in-Kuching delight but we do get it here now. There’s one place that’s really great but I have not been for a long time, dunno if it’s still so. Come, come…come again. Lots more here, you simply MUST stay a lot longer…and be prepared to, like my Trengganu friend said, “stuff your face with food all day long”. 😀 😀 😀

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