With a hammer at hand, I would have no problem at all eating crabs as I could hammer away to crack the hard shell and that is exactly what you will get…

Hai Bing Seafood Restaurant crabs and hammer

…when you drop by here…

Hai Bing Seafood

…for the crustaceans.

We happened to be in the vicinity that day and I asked my girl if she would like to have crabs for lunch. She was reluctant initially as she knew this place was never known to be cheap – they have the reputation of having the best crabs in town but at a price.

The last time we had it was when my brother in New Zealand was home in 2012 and I did have it again once with some relatives of mine in 2014! I told her not to worry as we seldom had crabs so we just threw caution to the wind and sat  down at a table…

Hai Bing Seafood table cloth

…and placed our orders and waited.

This plate of sweet potato leaves, ching chao (fried plain)…

Hai Bing Seafood sweet potato leaves

…came first and yes, it was very good, perfectly done with its nice wok hei fragrance.

We also ordered their deep-fried ikan bawal hitam/or chio (black pomfret)…

Hai Bing Seafood or chio

…and got a huge one but it did not matter one bit as it was very fresh and so very nice – we certainly enjoyed that very much! We asked for it plain so as to be sure it was gluten-free.

I asked for the crabs and I did not know what the guy meant when he said that because I was my father’s son and because I wanted it, they would have to cook it for us. Maybe they do not usually have it for lunch, just for dinner but since he said we could have it, so we did…

Hai Bing Seafood - a feast of crabs

Oh my!!! There were TWO crabs, two BIG ones – I had expected just one to be shared among the three of us and I could not help thinking that this would cost quite a bit, over RM100, at least but never mind, we just ate and we really enjoyed ourselves to the fullest.

When we were done, absolutely satisfied and happy after that very delightful feast, I went to pay the bill…and I was so shocked when the old boss told me the total – only RM68.20 for all the dishes and three bowls of rice and our drinks. I paid him RM70.00 and he gave me RM3.00 back – never mind, he said. Goodness gracious me!!! That was so very cheap – almost as much as what I would have to pay at a lot of places elsewhere for nothing really special – no fish, no prawns, no crabs.

Looks like we will be back here again a lot more sooner now, not after around half a decade or so.

HAI BING SEAFOOD RESTAURANT is located right beside Eden Inn (2.285223, 111.831256), to the left, along Jalan Maju, right across the road from the Rejang Esplanade.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

17 thoughts on “Hammer…”

  1. I never order crabs if eating out as I find it difficult to handle, very messy and not much to eat. I like how they deep fried the ikan bawal till so crispy. My guess is they know your father well and because of that they are willing to cook it for you though it is not in the lunch menu. Was surprised to see that they are using the hammer and not the special equipment solely used for crabs.

    Very old school, giving hammers for people to use to eat crabs. I’ve seen restaurants in Kuching or where giving nutcrackers – those were not exactly any kind of special equipment for eating crabs.

    Maybe we were the only customers and it was past 12 noon already – Chinese people believe that the first customers are the special ones – will bring in good business in the day. If they leave without buying or eating, that would mean no business at all that day.

  2. OMG! So cheap and boss gave you discount some more. Must patronize this place more often. Hehe.

    Crabs indeed not cheap. We also seldom have it. The last being our KL friends visited us during Hari Rata. We only have it on special occasions. Usually they break the crabs so easier for us to deal with. Not giving us a hammer. Not like that type of hammer. There is a special hammer for crabs. Square head.

    Pomfret. I could have it any time. I bought a small one last week. Still in my freezer.

    I saw frozen black pomfret at a supermarket yesterday – RM24 a kilo and that big one we got should be around 1 kilo already. Black ones are meatier and heavier unlike the white ones. We do buy often – my girl enjoys it – but I prefer buying from the wet market as they will clean for you. The frozen ones are good too but they will weigh including the ice and all and they do not clean for you.

    Yes, they have already cracked the shell already but some parts may need some more hammering to get to the meat. Actually there are smaller hammers, no need to provide such big ones. At home, we use our lesung batu or if no patience – somebody taking too long, we may take out our hammers too. LOL!!!

  3. Wow, that’s cheap, as usually crabs are not cheap…

    Not at all, can’t afford to eat, not even the fresh ones – buy from the market and cook one’s own.

  4. I don’t usually bother with crabs, as they are too fiddly to eat for me.

    I love those stuffed crab shells, can get very nice one with cheese at a restaurant in Kuching. We had it at the Thai restaurant here once, not quite the same and anything that would get me rushing back for more.

  5. that’s a very traditional looking hammer used to hit the crab.. usually they will give these metal crackers thingy.

    Yes, I did see nutcrackers used in some restaurants, in Kuching, I think but I did not think they were that effective. Hammers work better. At home, we use our mortar and pestle.

  6. I wish I have enough heat to be able to cook the black pomfret this way! Looks really nice.

    Yes, it was nicely done. We do get it fried like that too at home, splutter and all.

  7. Wow.. you should go again and again!! Normally they do not cook just one crab for you at least two… and I say it again, that is super cheap! I remember last time when I was at the food court, the man told me that one crab was as least RM64 but then it depends on how big it is … anyway, with the black pomfret and crabs, at least it would come to RM100 or more… hahaha…

    Yes, I think we had one crab once, a big one and more than enough to go round – just the three of us but of course, somebody had to go without the pincers. They may resort to two when the crabs are smaller but these that we got were very big too – it sure was a feast and of course, when I found out that it was so cheap, I was happier still! I expected it to be definitely over RM100. We sure look forward to dropping by there again. Wanna come?

  8. That’s really cheap for a meal with two crabs. I’m afraid I don’t like eating crabs due to all that hammering hee..hee.. I find it so tedious and messy.

    Not for people into fine dining, that’s for sure…despite the presence of red or red and white checks table cloth at this restaurant. Like going for steamboat, I would think it is a whole lot fun going in a group with friends and eating and enjoying the food and the experience together.

  9. those crabs look awesome! with a lunch like this, there’s no reason to be crabby, hehehe 😀

    Yes, this crabby old man sure was in a good mood the rest of the day. LOL!!!

  10. That is a real hammer, lol!

    Unbelievable the price for your delicious meal is under RM70. How to get promfret and two crabs at that price? Wow indeed.

    Yes, don’t play-play. Can threaten kids – you do not behave, I knock your head till pecah. Muahahahahahaha!!!

    So when are you coming to enjoy this and more, lots lots more?

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