It’s a beautiful day…

It had been raining quite a bit for a while now but that day, it was bright and sunny, a beautiful day indeed for a wedding.

There we were, all gathered at the church for the solemnisation of the union in Holy Matrimony of my niece, Jessica and her groom, Conelius. As soon as the bride had arrived in the bridal sedan…

Bridal sedan

…the father of  the bride walked her up the aisle to the altar where he handed over his daughter’s hand in marriage to the groom…

Over to you

I love church weddings…

At the altar

– to me, they’re so romantic, so beautiful.

After the vows were made and the rings were exchanged, culminating with a kiss, and the certificate was signed, the couple…

Happily married

…walked out of the church as man and wife.

There was a lunch reception at the groom’s house…

At the lunch reception

…and true to the close-knit communal kampung spirit, the neighbour let the family use their house and compound for the purpose as their own house might not be big enough to accommodate everybody. Usually, at such occasions, the whole kampung would show up to wish the newly-weds well.

Actually, they had something going on in the house after the bride and groom arrived but I did not stick around for that…as I had to go home for a quick nap and get ready for the big event that evening. I was given the honour of being the em-cee or master of ceremony at the wedding banquet here…

At the ballroom

…that evening, you see, and at my age, I had to make sure that I was fully-recharged to last the whole evening. LOL!!!

Owing to this, I was pre-occupied all evening and did not have the chance to take any photographs other than these…

Wedding cake

…that I took when I arrived…

For the toast

…before the whole event started…

Door gifts

Everything went well, I guess, starting from the grand entrance of the bride and the groom for which I had picked this very beautiful song…

…the English part of the song, that is, where the very beautiful lyrics go like this:
Stay beside me, stay beside me
Say you’ll never leave me
How I love you, how I love you
How I need you – please, believe me
In your arms, I found my heaven,
and your lips have done their part.
IL MONDO – your love is all I need in my world
Let tender kisses plead in my world
How could I ever live without you?
IL MONDO – my heart belongs to you – so take it
and promise me, you´ll never break it!
Say you’ll stay here in my arms!

Congratulations once again, Jessica & Conelius and may your lives together as man and wife be filled with lots of love and abundant happiness…and congratulations also to the proud and happy parents on this very joyful and auspicious occasion. Cheers!!!


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

21 thoughts on “It’s a beautiful day…”

  1. nice car haha, congratz to the newly wed couple!

    Thanks. What would you choose for your wedding? A trishaw, perhaps? So authentically Penang. But the ones I saw when I first visited Georgetown before you were born (December, 1973) had their coaches in front and they were the “kings of the road” – everyone would have to give way. Those that I saw more recently at Penang Road, parked beside Cititel, were the same as Malacca’s…or anywhere else in the region – the coaches by the side.

  2. Congrats to the lovely couple! The decor is really mesmerizing! You were a VIP that night too with an important role to play. Well done!

    Thanks. I would say that I really enjoyed those two days very much.

  3. Woohoo! Another wedding post! It’s the wedding bells season now.. Congrats to the newly weds.. The wedding cake in the restaurant looks real.. So was it real? I had a fake one for my wedding, provided by the restaurant, made of cloths and ribbons, haha.

    It was real but my niece said not nice, complimentary from the hotel…so they did not bother to cut and serve. The mum had prepared a slice of prune cake for everyone in the door gift, plus chocolates too.

  4. Lovely couple & beautiful decors. I love church wedding too. Congratulations to the newly wed.

    Thanks. Yes, I do thing weddings are a serious affair and should be solemn and romantic. The fun can come later, after the banquet or the later part of it, at least.

  5. I love church weddings too. I did not have church wedding myself because I was not baptised yet that time. If only then…. ^^

    Congrats to your niece and her hubby. Lovely couple.

    Thanks. Can have one for your anniversary, silver? 25 years. My parents had a grand one for their golden, 50 years.

    1. Oh. I am not sure my hubby would want to go through that?? Haha. Maybe I will hint to him since we never have a church wedding and get the pastor to officiate it.

      Thank you. I wonder which denomination you belong to. I heard Methodist, once you’ve got married, even at the ROM office, that’s counted as already married – you cannot have a service in the church, maybe not the full thing, just a blessing or something like that. My cousin’s was like that – she got married in the sates…and wanted to do it in church here. Catholics – you’re not counted as married unless done in church. Other denominations, I don’t know.

  6. Congrats to the lovely couple!
    Poor thing, so did you have the chance to enjoy the lovely food dished out that night?

    Not really, hardly ate anything. Always the case when I was emcee-ing an event…but the dinner the following night sure made up for it. Come back tomorrow to have a look at that. 😉 Thanks for your wishes.

  7. best wishes to jessica and conelius! 🙂 p.s. i think you’ve attended more weddings this year than i have in the past 10 years 😀

    Thanks. Now, why, I wonder? No one getting married or you’re not invited? Hehehehehehe!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  8. Congratulations to the lovely couple!! The dinner setting is so beautiful… I am enthralled.. Not like those days, my time was so simple.. hahahaa..

    Thanks. Ya, my time only. The only thing decorsated was the car…and a piece of red cloth over the door. Times sure have changed. Heard they spent thousands just on the decor of the ballroom alone!!!

  9. Another wedding! This must be the month for weddings.

    It is. You see all those gaily-decorated cars all around every day. The Chinese, I know, would want theirs before Chinese New Year, that much I know. Very auspicious to bring a daughter-in-law into the house before the festival.

  10. Dude, where’s the video of you emceeing. At least show a clip wakaka.

    And ya, I love church weddings too. But if can, I want a beach wedding next time 😀

    There were some people video-taping…my songs especially, the professionals. Dunno if I’ll be able to see it myself or not. Sure will share if I can get hold of that.

  11. Wow! I love the sixth photo from the top – very artistic and beautiful.

    The photos of the bride and groom and the ceremony was well taken too, can imagine their happiness on that day. Wonderful!

    Ummmm…your turn? Wink! Wink! I can take the photos…and emcee the event…and sing too! Muahahahahaha!!!!

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