All in a day…

It has been a week, more or less, now since my 62nd birthday

62nd birthday cake

…and I got a cake from the outlet of that franchise place in town. My girl knows my favourite – their white chocolate macadamia…

White chocolate macadamia

…so she and her mum went and ordered that for me but of course, in keeping with the Foochow tradition, we had to have the longevity noodles, our mee sua (thread/string noodles) served in the red wine chicken soup…

Long life noodles

…first thing in the morning plus the eggs to go with it.

We had dinner at home – it was a simple and quiet affair, just the three of us. My missus cooked these baked cheese prawns…

Baked cheese prawns

…and these lokan (deep fried clam shells stuffed with the lokan meat plus pork, minced)…


…and this roast chicken thigh…

Roast chicken thigh

…and a dish of fried broccoli and mushroom…

Broccoli and mushroom

My brother-in-law dropped by in the morning to pass us these presents…

Presents from Singapore

…from my niece, working in Singapore, but I guess they’re for us for Christmas and not for my birthday…including that bottle of Bailey’s coffee liqueur in the stocking and the bottle of Davidoff’s Cool Water…

Birthday presents

…but yes, I did get some birthday presents other than what came in the mail the other day from my cousin in Kuching. My girl knew that I had been having problems with my camera so she went and got me a new one. Sometimes, I had to knock it against the wall to get it to work and the battery pack did not seem to recharge very well lately. My missus thought it was high time I put aside my antique mobile phone and use something more presentable…and right now, I’m slowly getting used to both. I guess old folks need a longer time to learn new tricks? The ang pao came from my sis and my good friend, Lim, and his kids dropped by in the evening and gave me this…

Durian cream cake

– another flavour that I love from that franchise cake place – the durian cream! He also gave me this slice of cheese cake…

Cheese cake

…and the chicken cornish…

Chicken cornish

Oh yes! We did go out for lunch, a very light one but I think I would just leave that to the next post.

In the meantime, I really must express my gratitude and appreciation to everyone for all the Happy Birthday wishes and blessings in their comments on my birthday post the other day and the hundreds on Facebook, thank you all so very very much.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

26 thoughts on “All in a day…”

  1. oooo… cool water… davidoff… i like the smell… so when we can test out your camera?

    The timing couldn’t have been more perfect – I just finished my bottle!

    The camera? Still in the box. Must keep using the old one till it gives up completely – sayang wor…

  2. macademia nuts! love those things 😀

    congrats on the new camera and mobile phone.. ^^ here’s to very pretty photos on the blog

    Not yet, not yet… See my reply to swk. 😉

  3. I know that cake! SR! So nice of Mel to get it for you.. I want a whole red velvet cake too! Yummmzzz.. Your wifey is a good cook.. The cheesy baked prawns look like a restaurant dish.. And ooohhh that roast chicken, so nicely roasted.. Fantastic home cooked dinner..

    She bought me a slice of their red velvet once to try – nice but way too sweet for my liking, not something I would want again. Yes, missus definitely cooks better than me – mine’s more into kampung-style and very simple dishes only, good for own consumption.

  4. Oh, I just love chicken and thankfully right now I am cooking my supper, which consists of a broiled chicken leg. Yum! Lovely post!

    Enjoy your supper!

  5. Lovely food, nice cake and wonderful presents. Now you have a new camera!

    But best of all must be a simple but wonderful celebration with your loved ones.

    Yes, the day was great and loved the presents too – things I like to eat…or can use. I’m a very practical person. 😉

  6. wow, so many dishes in one evening! can finish kah? 😛

    There was some of the lokan leftover – no problem, could heat up and eat later. Other than that, just nice for the three of us. You eat so little? Wahhhhhh!!!! Must have saved a bundle on food, very kaya lah you? 😉

  7. What a beautiful celebration with all homecooked food. Your missus is one great cook. Owh, I love the chicken cornish. That is not all. What a nice present your girl bought for you. Truly truly blessed.

    Indeed, so very blessed. Can’t ask for more.

  8. That was a very lovely birthday celebration at home! And nice birthday presents too – a new camera and smartphone! I am still using my old auntie Nokia phone. Don’t know when I’ll ever upgrade 🙂

    As long as it serves its purpose(s) well, no need for a new one – that’s how I feel about it. Mine’s still ok despite having a lot of limitations in what it can do, but I do need a new camera as the old one is starting to get a bit cranky – still good but may “misbehave” at times. 😦

  9. Happy Belated Birthday, STP! I didn’t know that we actually shared the same birthday, hehe.

    That definitely is one memorable birthday; there’s nothing like celebrating it with family members. =D Oooh, a new camera. *winks*

    Thanks, and happy belated birthday to you too. What a coincidence! Hope you had a great one!

  10. this was a blessed birthday indeed . great food with your loved ones 🙂 we share the same taste actually … i love white chocolate too! 🙂 btw, your wife also cooked an amazing spread … the prawns look gorgeous, and so do the clams and the chicken … top-notch! 🙂

    Yes, she cooks well and is good at presentation as well, not like my half-past-six efforts. Hehehehehe!!!! It was a blessed birthday, indeed.

  11. Cool water.. cool gift! Hehe. Can’t wait to see the result from your new ‘baby’ camera. Speaking of handy digital camera, Sony is a good brand. Recommended!

    Ok, that’s good. yet to try it out. Slowly, slowly…

  12. Our taste differs. My favorite cake would be the Black Forest, yums!
    What new tricks are you talking about? That phone has keypads, it is still an antique model! Get something with touch screen! 😀

    No touch screen for me, thank you very much. I’m a stickler for neatness/cleanliness…and even this one, I am wiping it ALL the time to get rid of the finger stains. Somehow it is more susceptible to those unlike my old antique one. I think there are many dinosaurs like me who would like to stick to the old ways, so KOTAK…with the old-style keypad and all so the phone company has come out with this model – very recent, released in March or April this year…
    …and since it does all that I would need a handphone to do, I am VERY happy with it. PERIOD!!!

  13. Loves all those foods that Mrs Wee prepare

    She will cook some special dishes for special occasions like for our Chinese New Year open house.

  14. That misua looks the best to me, so many ‘liu’ inside!!

    It was good but most importantly would be the fact it was cooked with the best very very fragrant traditional Foochow red wine – unadulterated…and not just shocking red in colour.

  15. Wow… so many gifts… New Sony camera! I have two.. see, I am very faithful to Sony cameras.. hahaha… and a New HP too!! So blessed with so much goodies too… but I love your meal most of all.. the lokan!! I have yet to try.. they look so tempting!!

    Hope the new camera’s good, yet to try it out. The hp’s working out well, discovering a whole lot of things I could not do with my old antique one. Lokan – there’s one place here that claims it’s the only one in Malaysia but of course, homecooked’s the best. When are you coming?

  16. Oh! No wonder I thought I saw you using a new phone during dinner at the Italian place but I wasn’t sure so I didn’t ask.

    Very nice of your wife to get you that as a present!

    The food looks delicious too – glad you had such a wonderful birthday mate. 🙂

    Yes, sure glad it was great, nothing grand…just within the family but it was good.

  17. Happy belated birthday! I’m drooling over the sweets… Esp. the white chocolate macadamia! Hope you enjoyed your special day…

    By the way, I plan to visit Malaysia sometime in 2015 – you may receive an email from me about restaurant or city suggestions!

    Thanks. Oh? Welcome, welcome. I’ve a friend in the country now from the Philippines. If he had let me know earlier, I could have arranged to hop over to meet him – he’ll be in KL only, for one week. Do let me know when you’re coming this way.

  18. Wow…lovely dinner, love that roast chicken, looks very good!! And that bowl of mee suah make me drool too. Yum!

    New camera and new hp and so many gift, you’re always lucky and loved by everyone.

    So thankful, always so blessed.

  19. Delicious home-cooked meal for your birthday! The lokan dish looks interesting..very curious how it tastes. And so many types of cakes! 😋

    Something like lor bak with a bit of extra sweetness from the lokan (clams) instead of the usual prawns used for the filling in lor bak. Ya…cake galore! 😀

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