Ring ring…

These days, they have branded this and branded that, branded everything. There is branded coffee, branded ice cream…and even branded doughnuts.

One of my friends bought me an assortment of one of the earliest, if not THE earliest, brand of doughnuts on my birthday once when I was in KL attending a meeting but I did not like any of them. Then, more recently, I had the opportunity to sampleΒ a box of a more current brand…and I only liked a couple of them but it was all because of the toppings.

As for the doughnut itself, I did not feel that it was really great. I think the little ones that I usually buy from the kampung here are a lot nicer…

Sibu kampung doughnuts

…and for RM1.00, I can buy 10 of them!!!

Exactly how much do those branded doughnuts cost? I don’t know what those that I had the first time cost but if I’m not mistaken, the ones that I had the second time were around RM2.00 each. Ok…ok…the kampung ones do not have any topping. No problem at all!

Now what would you like? Raspberry on cream cheese…or grated cheese on condensed milk…or kaya (coconut custard jam) and butter…

Sibu kampung donuts with toppings

LOL!!! They may not look that nice but I must say they all tasted great.

Which one do you think I liked best?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

37 thoughts on “Ring ring…”

  1. I’d say kaya and butter. I don’t quite know you well enough to make an educated guess yet but I’d like to think that you’re old school <— it's a compliment. not many people appreciate things the way they are used to be anymore.

    Bingo! Call me old-fashioned…or blame it on my Malaysianised taste buds…but I actually liked them best! LOL!!!

  2. I’m voting for the raspberry and cream cheese.. probably because that’s a combination I’ve tried, although the other two do sound interesting.

    I’m also voting for your kampung ..don’t give into the brand! Once the brand’s take over and everyone forgets what a great doughnut tastes like, someone will “rediscover” that original recipe, call it an artisanal doughnut (or bread, cheese etc) and charge double the price of the branded product.

    That one’s very nice too…but probably my tastebuds have been conditioned to our local flavours. I love kaya and butter (not margarine) even on toast! πŸ™‚

    Ya…you should see the long queues when they first opened these doughnut outlets here – like they’re giving them out for free. For RM2, I can get 20 of those kampung (village) ones and they actually taste much better.

    Like the branded icecream – over RM10 for a cup…and for that kind of money, I can get one whole tub of the local brand for the while family! Can always make my own sundaes by adding choc chip, ground pistachios and stuff.

  3. Kaya and butter. Because that’s what I think I like best and our tastes do not differ much when it comes to food πŸ˜›

    Good grief! You must be my surrogate twin! Hahahahaha!!!!

  4. Wahhh… 1rm for 10? now mana ada… my canteen sells 1rm for 3 if small ones. Yes, those commercialized donuts cost around 2rm each, seldom buy them these days… too expensive.
    Btw, may I have the kaya toppings? I love kaya… hmmmm…

    See! The advantage of living in a small town! Everything’s so cheap! I’ve been buying these for years and the price is still the same. Touch wood! But tastewise, I thought they were richer before – like some kind of butter taste but they’re still nice. 10 for RM1.00 – who’s complaining? πŸ™‚

  5. I like it plain! Probably, I am just a very plain woman!

    Me too! Even without the sprinkling of iciing sugar on top. The toppings in this post are just for the fun of it – poking at those branded ones.

  6. that’s CHEAP!!!.. yeah the branded ones are around RM2 each.. 😦

    Value for money! Not the branded ones! RM2.00…I’d rather go eat kampua (without meat) and still have change!

  7. Mmm…kaya and butter’s the best combination !! Yumminy yum yumz ! I still can’t believe you get 10 for RM1 !!! The commercial doughnuts are expensive and way too sweet. Probably just to justify the cost, they add in loads of sugar πŸ˜›

    All paying for the name lah! Looks like we all have the localised true Malaysian taste – all for kaya and butter! LOL!!! Ya…they’re that cheap here!

    1. ah yo!! belanja so cheap one ah??

      LOL!!! That’s for tea. You come, sure belanja big makan @ restaurant one! πŸ˜€

  8. LOL!…i had a great laugh reading this post…

    looks almost similar to big apple/jco/krispy kreme donuts..perhaps we will see STP Donuts soon?hahahaha

    LOL!!! You like it eh? Just poking fun at all those branded ones and the people queuing up to buy at such ridiculous prices! I wouldn’t wanna do that, never mind…memang me no class one!

  9. Normally I like kaya & butter with toast,with doughnut, i think a bit sugar overloaded, so i will say i like plain cinnamon donuts, though once in a while i do like indulging in krispy kreme iced donuts… :)!

    Over there, not much choice Down Under, have you? No kompia…no chu-nu-miang…no lampha koi (mangging), no whatever….. So kesian! Hahahahahaha!!!

  10. You can buy those 10 sen donuts, put some toppings and sell it for RM1.00 each. hheheh. You’ll get at least 100% profit margin. hehe

    There, the accountant calculating already. 100% only kah…10 sen each with topping, maybe add 20 sen…so at least 300% profit? Hehehehehe!!!

  11. wow….you and clare, twins? Reminds me of that movie Twins (Danny DeVito & Arnold Schwazenegger)….like chalk and cheese….

    I’m also not a fan of branded donuts – Krispy Kreme, JCo, Big Apples, etc. So airy and sweet. Give me donut makcik di kampung anytime – love the sweet potato donuts, kuih keria, especially when slathered with sticky gula apong. Yum!

    Luckily only our tastes are the same, imagine her looking like me! ROTFLMAO!!! Ya…you’ve got good taste! Give me those mak cik kampung kuihs anytime…

  12. To be frank, i dont like the brand brand one Doughnut, i still prefer the old school one,,, just sprinkle some sugar on it, viola good and tasty, and if no sugar, just dunk with Kopi “O” this one lagi hebat,,,,,

    by the way, i just wonder have you ever met up with another blogger with monicker “superman” from Sibu ?

    take care now

    See! Everybody agrees with me! I think those in the queues for those branded doughnuts are mostly young people – there to see…and be seen, thinking it’s so trendy mah!!!

    Yup, I’ve met Superman – he comments as CK in my blog (Clark Kent! ROTFLMAO). Very nice, handsome young man, polite and respectful (Me, old man…of course lah!) like from good family background, married. Hey! Why the sudden interest? What’s up?

  13. muahaha… I don’t enjoy the branded ones too! I prefer to have just plain and sugar on top.. I remembered back those days, near my house got 1 makcik sell smaller ones also 10 or RM2 only… :p

    BTW, I will go for the kaya ones.. my favourite!! πŸ˜€

    There, another one who’s on my side. If everybody’s like us, not long…all those branded doughnut shops will close down!

  14. I dont like the branded donuts at first– was told am being S.P.L. What to do – just join in ..now got CLASS – always get huby to get me a dozen when he go to KL.

    Oooo…then my missus also SPL. I don’t think she had those before. Thank goodness I had a few… Hahahahaha!!!

  15. Nowadays getting traditional doughnut seems to be hard when all sort of branded doughnuts in the market…heheh.

    i still prefer traditional with sugar one…hehhehe

    Sibu no problem! Just drive to the kampung in the late afternoon and evening…and you’ll see all the stalls selling the kuih-muih. Morning, have to go early…as sometimes, after the morning prayers, all sold out liao! Ya…I do not see much, if any, of such stalls over there. Maybe city folks very rich, don’t eat this kind of stuff.

  16. I was thinking kaya and butter one too.. then i think think… maybe it was the kampung style ones with just sugar… oops… guess i should stick to my first instinct hahaha!

    getting traditional doughnuts are harder now… even if we do get it, we can’t get the same just right taste anymore… :/

    In Singapore, maybe you can go to Geylang – Geylang Serai… Should have lots of nice Malay delicacies there.

  17. Wow…not bad. Create our own toppings on the doughnuts !! Cheap and tasty!

    Yup…same enjoyment…perhaps even more, minus the pinch! Ouch!!!

  18. If you can brand orange, what’s wrong with doughnuts right? If not, marketing people like me will be out of job! Branded does taste better ok?!! Krispy Kreme FTW!

    I guess that’s where all the money goes to – the marketing, the advertising, the packaging…and all that boost up the snob appeal. And the franchise! I’m sure it is definitely not cheap at all! Don’t mind if it’s really expensive but it’s really…really nice and worth the money. I don’t mind pampering myself to Baskin’ Robbins once in a while, for instance… Ok…the ones I had weren’t great, so I simply cannot say they are! But I haven’t had Krispy Kreme yet…so next trip to KL, I must give them a try. Your treat? Wink! Wink!!! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  19. 😦 I don’t quite favour sweet stuff. I usually go for savoury stuff. Doughnut is not really my thing. Commercialized doughnuts are too sweet for me. 😦 Don’t really like them, though I would have them with my tea if my husband brings me to Dunkin doughnuts or whatnot. He’s a big fan of these stuff.

    I like the kind of doughnut…. tepi jalan wan… made out dono wud ubi…sweet potatoes? Or issit tapioca… wah… that one very nice. I like! But hard to find it these days in KL.

  20. I tried Krispy Kremes, supposedly the best doughnut ever…..I think it was the yuckiest doughnut ever for me! Don’t get the folks who buy dozens at a time of the most artificial food ever! Kampung doughnut any time better by miles.

    Oh? *strikes Krispy Kremes off the list of must-eat things in KL! Hahahahaha!!!

  21. YEA! I like the traditional one too, but not really fancy it la, unless i got nothing to eat. hahahhahahha My boys love doughnuts, of course i only introduce to them the traditional one. LOL

    I remember when i work in hotel, when i see the food not so nice in the cafeteria i will just go to the hotel coffee house and get doughnut for my lunch. That is many years ago, you know how much ?? It’s big and i think is almost RM10 and with blueberry filling. That time we can get staff discount for 25% , so it’s still not too bad la.

    eh, you’re very creative ya, simple doughnuts you also can add some flavour to it.

    Not as creative as you lah! Your Bento boxes – so very nice! But man – not so delicate, so try to make also not so nice. Hehehehehe!!! πŸ˜€ Hotel doughnuts? RM10? *pengsan… Sometimes they had those at hotel buffets – dinner or lunch, I also did not think they were great. Would prefer the cakes, the tartlets, the eclairs, the cream puffs…but that would depend on which hotel. Some nice, some not worth the calories also…

  22. Oh dear, you are such a creative cook! My girl loves doughnuts, special the ‘Big Apple’ Doughnuts… I would like the grated cheese one for sure…lol!! Very nice and looks yummy!

    The ones that I had recently – what made them nice were the toppings. I liked the grated cheese ones best…but the doughnut proper wasn’t much to shout about.

  23. give me cinnamon rolls anytime!

    And of course those branded ones can’t compare with Gerrie’s! Hehehehehe!!!

    1. When you have a St Cinnamon’s at the outlet, when it’s still warm, I think it beats mine!! Is softer, but that could be due to the softener…hahaha….so I secretly like bread with all kinds of preservatives. Lucky no St Cinnamon’s here!

      I will only go for soft bread…and since it’s not very often, never mind the preservatives! πŸ˜€

  24. Eh, now I recall…also got these old-school donut like what you posted but not ring-shaped wan being sold last time. Those are spheres and 4-5 of those being held together with a satay stick wan. I love those too! πŸ˜€ Yumm…

    The balls? Now those are literally dough nuts! Hahahahaha!!! My daughter loved those too some years back…

  25. HAHA! that’s very clever! could give krispy kreme a run for their money,hey? :P..mmm…now i want donuts 😦

    LOL!!! I was just having some fun… Oh dear! Some 24-hour cafe may have some… πŸ˜€

  26. and don’t strike krispy kreme off!!! the ones in london really are so much better. I once ate a whole dozen in a row!

    Bet you never had the kampung ones before…since fried stuff is on your mum’s banned list, plus from the roadside kampung stalls some more! Shivers!!! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

    1. no actually..hahahaha..never tried them before. bloody deprived childhood. lol! must add it to my to-eat list when i get back

      Poor thing! Wait till you come back here! I can be your food guide and you can eat with a vengeance! Hahahahaha!!!! Your mum would faint at the mere idea of that!!! πŸ˜€

  27. give me the old-school sweet potato doughnut with sugar chunks anytime!! the only time i have the branded ones is when someone gives a treat.

    Me too! Both times, somebody else’s treat. Maybe we old people, old school – very kiam siap (stingy) and wouldn’t spend that kind of money on such things! LOL!!!

    1. ha ha, kiam siap? we from the old school went thru difficult times in our younger days, so not so spendthrift on non-essential things like designer doughnuts la!

      Yalor… I was given 20sen a day on school days and nothing on weekend. I guess that has made us a lot more careful with money.

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