Ring ring…

These days, they have branded this and branded that, branded everything. There is branded coffee, branded ice cream…and even branded doughnuts.

One of my friends bought me an assortment of one of the earliest, if not THE earliest, brand of doughnuts on my birthday once when I was in KL attending a meeting but I did not like any of them. Then, more recently, I had the opportunity to sample a box of a more current brand…and I only liked a couple of them but it was all because of the toppings.

As for the doughnut itself, I did not feel that it was really great. I think the little ones that I usually buy from the kampung here are a lot nicer…

Sibu kampung doughnuts

…and for RM1.00, I can buy 10 of them!!!

Exactly how much do those branded doughnuts cost? I don’t know what those that I had the first time cost but if I’m not mistaken, the ones that I had the second time were around RM2.00 each. Ok…ok…the kampung ones do not have any topping. No problem at all!

Now what would you like? Raspberry on cream cheese…or grated cheese on condensed milk…or kaya (coconut custard jam) and butter…

Sibu kampung donuts with toppings

LOL!!! They may not look that nice but I must say they all tasted great.

Which one do you think I liked best?