We’ve only just begun…

On Sunday night, I was invited by Mary and Alex to dinner…

The newly-weds tied the knot on the 4th day of Chinese New Year but the wedding reception was in Miri so I had to give it a miss as at that time, I was caught up with all the hassle and the mess over my daughter’s leaving for New Zealand.

Will, a friend of ours, joined us for the dinner and of course, we had to have the butter scotch prawns…

Butter scotch prawns

I guess by now everyone would be able to guess where we went for the dinner! LOL!!! I also ordered my favourite – the bean combination dish…

Bean combination dish

…and everybody loved it!

We also had this dish of pork ribs…

Ang chau pork ribs

I think they marinated the meat with ang chau – the residue obtained from making Foochow red wine…and fried it. Very nice! And surprisingly, it was not oily at all.

Besides the above dishes, we had another vegetable dish – some Sabah greens…

Fried Sabah greens

…and their crab meat soup…

Crab meat soup

All in all, the bill came up to RM57.00, inclusive of rice and drinks for four persons. Personally, I feel it was a bit expensive – maybe somewhere in the region of RM50 or less would be more reasonable. But we enjoyed the food and I enjoyed the company too.

Mary and Alex

Thanks, Mary and Alex…and wishing the two of you everlasting happiness and all the best in the years ahead.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

27 thoughts on “We’ve only just begun…”

  1. Wahhh.. a tad too expensive for me for such simple dishes. The soup looks rather diluted too.

    Yup…but if you have prawns here, you can expect to pay a bit more. Dunno about KL or places over there. You’re right! I didn’t quite like the soup that night. Should have stuck to sea cucumber!

  2. good morning Sir… the price was ok but the butter scotch prawns in gravy? Never tasted that before… something different πŸ™‚

    Bet Cleff would know exactly what I would say… Come to Sibu and try! LOL!!! πŸ˜€ You’ll love it! Everybody does!

    1. ooohh… the invitation is so tempting!! Mandy, oh Mandy… what say u?

      I’ve been waiting for so long…and yet nobody has dropped by this way. Never mind…Annie’s coming in a couple of weeks’ time so I can take her out mam-mam when she and her twins are here! Drrrooooool!!! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  3. hahaha, no prize for guessing. It must be Ruby Restaurant. I’ve never been to there though.

    You’re right! Can give it a try when you come back. Most people love it there…and I mean, most! πŸ™‚

  4. I went to Sarawak Club for dinner last night (3 persons). With two glasses of red wine and four dishes, I paid RM60 plus – I think it’s worth the money.

    I think the food there is cheap/reasonable – member rates…and non-members can’t dine there. Did you have the celebrated butter prawns? Pretty nice too!!!

    1. Wah! So cheap! Yaloh, did you have the signature butter prawns?

      Ya…that’s the most popular dish where the Sarawak Club is concerned.

  5. Ooooo…butter scotch prawns…speaking of which I haven’t been to Ruby for a long time already. Never mind lar, an ex-classmate’s wedding in June in Sibu. Still contemplating coz the wedding is on a Monday. But he (and the wife-to-be) insist that I attend. Aduh!

    Ask for a few days’ leave lor… I think you’re eligible now, having worked for more than a year? Your ex-classmate? SHS student kah? Anybody I know?

  6. Expensive because of the prawns i guess. btw, is that tauge on the prawns?

    It is a bit more expensive these days…compared to those days when it was not so well-known! 😦

  7. watery butter prawn more look like ler…

    Not butter prawns lah! And not available anywhere else except at this particular restaurant. Everyone who has tried it falls in love with it instantly…would wanna have it again and again!

  8. RM 57 for 4 of us, that’s quite standard in Miri πŸ™‚
    Don’t worry, we enjoy the meal.
    I miss that butter prawns so much~~~~~

    Ya…once you’ve tried it, you would want to have it again and again, right? Thanks for the dinner, glad you enjoyed it too.

  9. but the butter scotch prawns looked soggy with all the sauce! does it have scotch whisky in it?

    Not really. Was ok…but I wouldn’t say the same if you tapao it home. These restaurants seem to like deep frying in batter first and then pouring the sauce all over – like lemon chicken, sweet and sour fish fillet and so on. All best eaten on the spot, otherwise they get all soggy. Nope, no whisky – it’s butter scotch as in the toffee…

  10. The prawns look very nice to me. Even if it is soggy, the sauce that sip into the meat will make it taste nice. Never tried that before but can imagine from the photo. LOL.

    The couple have ‘fu chi xiang’ . Congrats to them.

    It is very nice, take my word for it – not available anywhere else. Thanks on the couple’s behalf – whatever the phrase means. Hehehehe!!! πŸ˜€

  11. I am feeling very hungry now…

    Been sometime since you last said you would drop by Sibu, still no sign of you around? Ask Diana, she’ll tell you the food at this particular restaurant is very nice…

    1. Hahaha… now after taking a light meal of oat and a piece of cake, I am no longer hungry. Suddenly my desire to go back to Sibu also diminish! Ok, I will surely call you when I am there. But no immediate plan to go yet.

      I met Mr. Hii Yii Huong from Sibu at Borneo Rain Forest taking picture for competition. You know him? He claimed to have won 73 local and global gold awards in photo competition.

      Dunno him. I guess it’s mainly because I do not move in that circle – not a photography enthusiast. Wow! He went round telling people that? ^^

  12. either STP and guests are very messy eaters or the shop is scrimping on prawns by adding taugey to bulk up the dish.

    Huh? You see taugeh too? Bombay onions lah…but they do look like bean sprouts in the photo. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  13. Ruby restaurant!!! I already told my mum, this time i want to try Ruby restaurant!!! hahahhahahha..highly recommended by bloggers!! I want to try the sea cucumber soup instead of this taufu soup. Alamak, now you make me think of the food!!! Drooling…

    Will surely take you there…and order their best dishes! Yum! Yum! Hahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€

  14. the crab soup looks good, sans fins.. really. they should just serve crab meat soup, save the sharks !

    It wasn’t that good that night – would prefer it a bit more gooey…and tastewise, it wasn’t that great either. Had better before.😦

  15. butter scotch prawns,yummy…as for the bean dish..where is the PETAI? :p sorry ya..am crazy about petai…

    One thing here – the majority Chinese population would not have that acquired taste for petai. We can get them at some Malay food stalls at some coffee shops…and kampung food stalls but not in any Chinese restaurant. Plus the petai here is more smelly than those over your side, dunno why. I love sambal petai myself though… Yum!

  16. good, really good food! luckily my tummy isnt empty.. haha..
    and all the best to the couple =)

    Thanks on their behalf. Ya…you should know by now never to drop by hungry! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  17. i still like going to that place though its a bit expensive nowadays….so STP, when r we going there again? hehehehe Btw…was Alex your ex student too? must be far junior than me…i think i know Mary, she looks familiar…..mmmmmm anyway Cheers!

    Yup….he was my ex-student, should be a few years your junior…and Mary was formerly the towkay-neo of Kokoberry here. She was in some of my very early posts. Maybe you’ve seen her at Delta Mall – you mata keranjang, always looking at girls!!! πŸ˜€

    1. ahhh Mary also work at wisma sanyan b4 if my memory serves me right…..telco shop, ground floor, now i remember….shes a bubly charecter hehehehe. i m not mata keranjang lah huahahahahahahaha nasib look at girls not men huahahahaha…..Cheers!

      Thank God for small mercies. Ya…I think she had a shop there once, before there was Medan Mall. She also had a Nokia shop there before – closed already…and now running her business in Miri.

  18. Good price for so many dishes! Looks good and delicious too!

    They all tasted good except perhaps the crab meat soup which was not really great. Good price? Hmmm….can be a bit less, I would think – especially for regular customers like me. Hehehehehe!!!

  19. I consider RM57 for 5 dishes and 4 pax are cheap! Man~ much cheaper than Kenny Roaster and Pizza Hut leh!! In K.L, it definitely cost more than RM60 for the same spread of foods!

    Needless to say, those places are expensive. That’s why I hardly go there…unless my daughter wants a pizza or something.

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