Please, Mr Postman…

When my daughter was in Sungai Petani, we hardly ever wrote to each other as we always kept in touch via phonecalls and smses. Once in a while, I might sent her some important documents and stuff via poslaju and vice versa, that was all. But she did mention once about how her friends were so thrilled or excited whenever they received a letter from home.

Unfortunately, letter writing is now virtually a thing of the past. With mobile phones and things like Skype and MSN on the internet as well as emails, nobody writes letters anymore. We did, however, receive a letter from our daughter once though…

Letter from our daughter

Around the end of her 1st year, she had to attend a BTN course somewhere around Bukit Jalil, a last-minute switch from the original venue in Klang. Much has been said about those BTN courses and I too have some stories to share…but I would not be doing that here. Whatever that has been said about the course, I particularly like the slot where they asked the participants to write a letter to their parents to express their feelings.

The letter arrived during the holidays and my daughter was home at the time, so I just skimmed through and did not pay much attention to it. But the other day, when I came across it, I read it slowly…line by line – words that came straight to the heart, words that certainly mean a lot to me…words that can never be replaced by any phone call or sms, email or through chatting on the internet.

That prompted me to send her a postcard that day…a Malaysian one with some people in the various traditional costumes. I did not write much – I just stuck a smiley on it…and wrote: “Lots of love, Daddy” underneath. I guess she knows it but sometimes, it is nice to be told over and over again.

I have another one that I may send to her some other day…

Postcard 1

Incidentally, in case you do not know, it costs the same to send a postcard these days as a letter, sealed or unsealed. In the past, it was the cheapest and if you send a card unsealed, it would be cheaper than sending one with the envelope tightly sealed.

And talking about postcards, I received one myself on Saturday…

Postcard 2

…and it was from Cleffairy

Postcard 3

Thanks a lot, Cleff, for the gesture and the thought. It certainly is nice to know that someone somewhere remembers me…

Just in case anyone of you is suffering from withdrawal symptoms because there’s no food in today’s post, here’s something that my missus cooked the other day…

Chicken with potatoes

– chicken and potatoes cooked with soy sauce, red wine and Bombay onions/ginger plus sugar and msg according to taste.

Looks good, doesn’t it? Yum! Yum! LOL!!!