Do that to me one more time (2)…

The last time I cooked some tempoyak (fermented durian) prawns, I followed some recipe that I got through googling for it. It required the use of pounded shallots, garlic and what not…even kunyit (tumeric). With all those ingredients, needless to say, the end result was really very nice. However, I thought it did not taste like kampong cooking…and besides, kampong cooking is simple and does not require so many ingredients and so much work.

So the other day, I decided to cook tempoyak prawns again – kampong style, and these are the ingredients you would need…

Tempoyak prawns 1

A few stalks of serai (lemon grass), chilli (clean and seeds removed), a cube of belacan (dried fermented prawn paste) and tempoyak (fermented durian). I needed some sugar as well because the tempoyak that a friend gave me was extremely salty. You would probably need sugar as well if your tempoyak is sour and you would need to offset the sourness. You may increase the number of chillies and the amount of tempoyak and belacan, say, double…if you prefer a hotter and stronger taste.

Just throw all that in water and let it boil…and when you can detect the fragrance in the air, add the udang galah (freshwater prawns). Once the prawns are cooked, the dish is ready…

Tempoyak prawns 2

Now, don’t you think it looks absolutely delicious? Tastes delicious too! Yum! Yum! LOL!!!

I just remember that it is my blog’s 2nd anniversary today. Two years have gone past – 761 posts to date with 265,428 views and 17,534 comments (and over 4,000 spams).

Thanks to one and all for dropping by and especially to those who take the trouble to post comments. CHEERS!!!