Anyone can do it…

Don’t scoff! It you think that anyone can whisk up a plate of fried rice anytime, think again.

Somebody posted on Facebook that he had cooked some fried rice and was wondering why it was kind of wet. I wouldn’t know the reason – perhaps he added too much water when he cooked the rice or maybe he fried the rice immediately after he had cooked it. I pointed out to him that there were markings on the side of the pot in the rice cooker to guide him as to the amount of water needed when cooking the rice and he admitted that he had not noticed that before! After a few more attempts, nothing more was heard about him frying rice ever again.

So, you may want to give the rest of this post a miss or perhaps you would like to add some pointers of your own here and there…but if you do not know how to cook fried rice, read on!

You will need cooked rice, of course…

Rice for frying

…and it is best to use overnight rice that has been kept in the fridge. Otherwise, you will have to cook the rice earlier and wait till it hascooled and has really dried up. Rub the lumps of rice to separate the grains and get the following ingredients ready…

Ingredients for fried rice

The least you will need to have would be either chopped garlic or sliced onions, if you can’t have both. Chillies are optional and instead of the thinly sliced Chinese sausages, you  can use ordinary sausages or frankfurters, ikan bilis (dried anchovies) or luncheon meat, ham, bacon or even char siew (barbecued meat) instead.

Heat a bit of oil in the wok, throw in the garlic and onions and fry till golden brown. Add the chillies and the Chinese sausages and after stirring for a while, add the rice. Keep stirring, mixing the rice thoroughly with the ingredients.

Next, you have a choice of adding salt and msg…or chicken stock granules…or some kind of sauce such as soy sauce or oyster sauce. I added a bit of oyster sauce to give the fried rice a nicer colour – making sure that it was mixed thoroughly and the fried rice had an even colour. I added a bit of salt as it was not salty enough for me.

Finally, push the rice to one side of the wok and break one or two eggs into it. Stir the eggs till they have cooked a bit and then, mix them together with the rice. The fried rice is ready to be served…

STP's fried rice 1

…perhaps with a garnishing of chopped spring onions, fried onions and chopped fresh chillies, if you wish. If you want an all-in-one dish, you can throw in a packet of those frozen vegetables (carrot. sweet corn and peas) which will definitely give the dish some extra colour.

STP's fried rice 2

Easy, isn’t it? But do not speak too soon…as I heard recently that in Wellington, NZ, one of the girls – not the one with the burnt sausages – blew up a microwave oven when she tried to cook a half-boiled egg in it!!! And according to her, so far, the girls have blown up THREE microwave ovens already. Lord have mercy!!! The Kiwis must be thinking that these Malaysians must live in trees and have never used a microwave oven before… Duh!!!