That don’t impress me much…

Well, I cannot deny that I was very impressed and flattered when I saw the plastic bag…

Plastic bag

…No less! But I only saw the price tags the other day and I was utterly shocked to say the least…*breaks out in cold sweat

Biscuits 1

…and for that amount of money, you get 13 pieces inside. Now, you can go and calculate to see how much each piece costs.

Biscuits 2

Then I checked the other tin my nephew gave me…and was in for an even greater shock!!! Great balls of fire!!! *FAINTS!!!

Biscuits 3

These are the biscuits that you can find inside the tin.

Biscuits 4

I tried a couple but did not think they were special, not at all – and a tad too sweet some more, if you asked me. Give me my Kjeldsens’ butter cookies or my Scottish shortbread anytime – any brand!

I used to buy the biscuits at Marks and Spencer long ago, their Scottish shortbread in particular and they were really very nice. However, needless to say, they were a bit pricey but they had very good offers a few weeks before the expiry dates and were selling them at very affordable prices, so I could stock up on the goodies then. I have not been to the place since they closed down the Bukit Bintang branch, so I do not know whether they still do that.

Whatever it is, if it is for that amount of money, I would do without even my favourite butter cookies and Scottish shortbread and go for something else a whole lot nicer. I bet all of you would agree with me, wouldn’t you?