Hot stuff (1)…

Well, not really! It wasn’t hot at all, in fact…or not for me, at least. But it was definitely delicious and worth the RM18 that I paid, inclusive of drinks. That was certainly value for money compared with what we had for lunch yesterday, and with what I paid then, we could go to this place TWICE!!!

I’m talking about Balkis – the best nasi bryani (bryani rice) in town. My daughter had nasi bryani kambing (mutton) for which the mutton curry was served separately in a bowl…

Nasi bryani kambing

…while I had nasi bryani ayam (chicken)

Nasi bryani ayam

…and at the same time, we had dosai as well.
Dosai kosong

It was yummy too…but I prefer the paper thin ones. It just slipped my mind when I was placing the orders.

Actually, it was cheaper than that…but I think they charged a bit extra for sitting in the air-conditioned section. Still it was so much cheaper and a lot nicer!!! I would say that’s one of the perks of being Malaysian in general and Sarawakian or Sibuian in particular. There’s no disputing that we have the best food around, don’t you all agree?

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

23 thoughts on “Hot stuff (1)…”

  1. Thats a huge bowl of curry. I think the size of the serving depends on the size of the diner. heehehe. If that’s the case, if the other big cuz, kpenyu, sibu’s most handsome and I were to join u for lunch there, they would immediately sell out for the day.

    Big kah? Hahahahahahahaha!!!! Throw in gundot, JFV caterer…whole week’s stock all habis!!! LOL!!!!

  2. Aiya, I was going to send you some pics but for some reason I lost them. Bluetoothed to my notebook, but can’t find it now. Pics of food at Grazie and noodles from beaufort coffee shop called Foh CHuan. Both very yummy!!!

    Itulah…canggih sangat! Always save original, delete only after confirmed received…..Beaufort got nice food!!! Melbie, take note…for stp’s visit when those two decide to tie the knot!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!!

  3. Managed to retrieve the grazie pics…will send later.

    OK…must take note of all the best in KK in case I go over sometime!!!

  4. that would be thosai. i’m stuck in brickfields ok? so sick of those la. eating it every single darn day

    Now which dan would this be? Anyway, welcome…and do come again!!! Brickfields? So you’re “the fairest of them all” there lah? LOL!!! Got Chinese coffee shops there wat?…No more kah? Last time I was there was in the late 80s!

  5. Delicious! I think in a very short time, you’ll become the top unofficial food reviewer of Sibu! Possibilities! I smell opportunities! Hint, hint. ;-]
    Any great place in Kuching to recommend?

    Kuching? Junk is nice…or Blah3…but I don’t think they’re as cheap as in Sibu! Or Magenta?…and the former Swee Hua Lau people are back, I hear?

  6. LOL.. i went to Balkis on Sunday. I only tried the Roti Canai there. It wasn’t exactly as good as the New Nur Islamic Cafe but it is still palatable i guess. The curry mutton is nice

    I only go to Balkis for the bryani and Dosai/Thosai. I think there’s better roti canai elsewhere…

  7. Cheh! The title of this post so misleading.
    but then again, I should have known when stumbling into STP’s blog. Nothing hotter than food. Hahahaha!!!

    Hahahahahahaha!!! What did u expect? Hot chicks? Got wat! Hot curry chicken!!! LOL!!!!

  8. Did you realise that you have a picture of yourself on the homepage of wordpress? I wonder who shot that photo of you with a mike in yellow T-shirt?

    Of course lah!!! I uploaded that myself what!!! But after clipping off the offensive parts!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!! I was singing karaoke – “Always on my mind” Willie Nelson…at the closing of one of the workshops we had back then!!!

  9. Cocke: true… stp hot stuff is all about FOOD nia LoL!!! unlike our hot stuff thing.. LoL!!!

    Show! Show! Let me see your hot stuff? Post on it?? Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  10. They’re at Heritage. Opposite Continental Hotel and Liwah Hotel but inner lot. Cannot see from roadside.

    That should be around the area where “Hidden Treasures” is! Hmmm….then, they should call themselves “Hidden Pleasures”! Ah!!!! Food!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  11. Ai yo, you and Mel doing the food rounds in Sibu kah? Want to post konon….good excuse. Lucky I dont go back. Let them sell their curry to others!

    Now that she’s home, there’ll be lots and lots of food posts!!! LOL!!!!! Will be covering Kuching eating places coming weekend. Hahahahahaha!!!!

  12. I totally agree! I prefer this nasi briyani to Nur Islamic Cafe’s nasi briyani (which was my old haunt – think I met you there once too). This one provides papadom (is that what the cracker is called) which makes it all the more delicious!


    Wow! U’ve got a good memory! Must have been so long ago when u were in school? I vaguely remember meeting u there once when ur dad brought u for lunch…and I was there with my daughter. Haven’t gone there for a long time as my daughter prefers Balkis and they give papadoms (One piece only isn’t quite enough though! LOL!!!).

  13. okay i got a question to all…
    what is the difference of mutton and lamb?… i have always thought that lamb is the NZ variety and mutton is Kambing malaysia (horn…janggut etc).

    but recently i saw in a cook show the chef explain that is lamb is the kambing that less than 1 year old and mutton is anything older…soooo mana betul?

    That should be the case. Biri-biri = lamb/sheep and kambing = goat = z.u.l! Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

  14. the dan that gave the medusa nick 4 your old pal la. still there. sucks la there. freaking rip off.

    Ah…my ace Literature student 2006!!! Welcome, how are u? Hope you’re doing well there. Well, the best place in the world to be…Sibu!!! LOL!!!

  15. slipped your mind? aiyo.. u getting old. hahhaha

    No lah! Maybe too greedy, quick2 order, quick2 eat!!! And I don’t usually go for those kind of stuff (as it’s in the town, and I don’t like going to town unless absolutely necessary), except when my daughter’s home for the hols.

  16. hahahha when the TWO ties the knot eh?? No problemo, STP! LOL

    If you like this kind of food, there’s Krishna’s in Milenium Plaza at Penampang Highway Bypass and Salim Restaurant(s) in Lintas Plaza 😉

    p.s: gerrie, where’s this Grazie ah? Hehehe

    Why are we waiting?…Why are we waiting?…Hahahahahaha!!!!

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