Actually I received something like this via email a long time ago…and the boy’s name then was Pepito. Some of you might have received it too.  Well, recently somebody emailed me the same thing but this time the boy’s name had been changed to Johnny. Anyway, what’s in a name? And since it’s Friday…and I don’t think anybody’s in the mood for anything heavy, I thought I’d just share it with you…..

It was Friday morning and the teacher was doing an activity called “Add to the picture”.  She would call students to the blackboard one at a time.  The first student would draw an object on the board and each student after that would add something to the picture to make it a new picture.  The teacher called upon James to start things off… 

Picture No 1

James returned to his seat and the teacher called on Ernie next…

Picture No 2

After that, Ernie went back to his seat…and now, it was Suzy’s turn…..

Picture No 3

When Suzy had returned to her seat, the teacher called Jerry to the board next…

Picture No 4

Jerry returned to his seat after he had drawn that. The teacher looked around the class…and then called Kim’s name. So Kim went up to the board…

Picture No 5

Then, Kim returned to her seat. Everything was going on smoothly and the teacher was pleased. Just then, little Johnny began waving his arm frantically. The teacher’s blood ran cold for that boy was notorious in the class for being always up to mischief.  “He can’t be up to anything good,” the teacher thought to herself, reluctant to let him go to the blackboard.  But as she looked at the picture on the blackboard, she thought that there was no way he could do anything to cause a riot…so she relented and asked him to go ahead and draw. Johnny jumped up instantly and ran to the board…..

Picture No 6

Little Johnny had done it again! The entire class erupted as the kids roared with laughter. The teacher fainted…..

Have a nice weekend, everybody!

Source of images unknown.