Just the two of us (1)…

It is Mother’s Day today. However, it is kind of different this year because my daughter is not around for the first time in 18 years as she is somewhere on the other side of the country pursuing her tertiary education.  But even though there are only the two of us left in what they call the empty nest syndrome, I went out and bought this blueberry cake for my missus… 

mum's day cake
It was actually chocolate cake with blueberry spread in between the layers. I would not say that it was something to die for because I would prefer something creamier and richer…and how come nobody’s surprised? LOL!
Have a slice 

And of course, we went out for dinner. Most places such as the major hotels would grab the opportunity to cut throats and charge astronomical prices for the so-called Mother’s Day promotions, so we headed to The Village, formerly the Spice Bazaar…

The Village
…and we had the grilled lamb. Unfortunately the place was a bit too dark, supposedly for a romantic ambience, it seems, so the photograph would not be able to show what we had in all its glory. The portions were generous…and the lamb was deliciously done to perfection. Both of us enjoyed ourselves very much…and left nothing but the bones!!!
Grilled lamb

Unfortunately, health does not permit my mother to go out and celebrate the occasion with us, so in the usual Chinese tradition, I gave her an ang pow and bought her some not-too-sweet and not-too-salty cookies.

So how did you celebrate your Mother’s Day?