Ocean deep…

It certainly seems that more and more western and fusion food joints are sprouting all over town…and last Sunday night, my family dropped in at one of them situated in the Mitsu Dimsum restaurant area (behind Rejang Medical Centre)…

Blue Reef

Blue Reef’s the name but it isn’t actually an all-seafood restaurant.  Inside, it’s pretty dark and all blue mostly and I didn’t think much of the decor on the walls…

Blue Reef interior Blue Reef wall decor

Be forewarned that the portions are extremely huge…and one plate is enough for 2-3 persons.  We had spaghetti carbonara…

 Spaghetti Carbonara

It was nice and we liked the creamy sauce.  We also had Seafood Hokkein mee…but it did not seem like what I had in KL.  It was more like Foochow fried noodles using the much-bigger type of mee, not usually found here. But on the whole, it was ok…

Seafood Hokkein Mee

It was quite cheap actually especially when you consider the size of each dish;if I remember correctly, the spaghetti dish was RM12 and the latter was RM8 only…or something around that price range.

And last night, we took Sophia out for dinner as she’ll be going back to Kuching today…and we went to Garden Hotel’s coffee house.  It seems Huai Bin was there the night earlier; funny how how paths don’t seem to cross! Both my missus and Sophia opted for the seafood platter…

Seafood platter

It was nice, especially the garlic butter rice and at RM16.00, it would be unfair to compare it to that at Manhattan Fish Market where the seafood platter for two costs around RM45.00. My daughter had fish and chips…

Fish and chips

It certainly seemed as if someone had taken a bite off the second piece of fish! LOL!!! I had posted a picture of this dish at the same place sometime ago…and I, for one, prefer it to what we get elsewhere because the fish is coated with breadcrumbs instead of batter which can be somewhat oily and soggy if there is no quality control and it’s only RM11.50 per plate (an increase of 50 sen since the last time I was here). But anyway, last night, I did not feel like having seafood so I went for the Mixed Grill instead…

Mixed Grill

With the lamb, beef, chicken, bacon…it was priced at RM17.00. Cheap or not? And it was very nice! Don’t worry! I trimmed off that layer of fat on the lamb before eating the leaner parts. LOL!!!

Gosh!!! I think that should be enough food posts for the time being… Now I’ll have to think of what other things I can post!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “Ocean deep…”

  1. ya, please post something different or other than food… LoL… we want your sibu scenery or any nice place to go so that we know where to go when we go and visit sibu or you… 😛

    Haiz! I don’t go anywhere one…See lah!!! One of these days, I’ll go around and take scenic views of Sibu and post… Any other request?

  2. okay…. I am eating somewhere really fancy at 50ish floor of KLCC… i have to take some pics lol btw the dishes mention here are sooooooooooooooooo cheap! lucky i dont live in sibu kalau tak….. well STP will have a twin!

    It is comparatively MUCH cheaper to live in Sibu…Lucky u!!! LOL!!!!

  3. Post lah about some funny stuff in school, stupid things students or teachers did, or even principal. Nyehehheheheh!!! But of course no need to mention names.

    Nothing funny lah…The only thing funny was ME!!! LOL!!!

  4. Sigh.. it’s been a long long time since i last eat a beef steak.. drool..drool.. i miss Coffee and Bento.. waa….

    Aiyor! So kesian! Next time we go, I call u lah!!!…Just don’t contaminate the food! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  5. Archie…Sibu got only murky Rejang river. Where got nice scenery? LOL

    Tallest building is wisma sanyen…

    Better cabut before STP come flame me! Hahaha!!

    Don’t listen to him, Archie!!! He came to do business, tried to cheat the Foochows but the Foochows too clever for him…so he’s got grudge against Sibu already lah!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!! Sibu got stp!!! Come! Come!! LOL!!!

  6. Blue Reef eh? Luckily not BSB..u know,the one at Rock Rd that has finally closed down. hehe. I guess SIbu people have evolved from eating kampua and kompia to the more fancy fusion stuff. They should try incorporating some foochow delicacies into their menu.. kampua carbonara, kompia BLT etc…haha. WHo knows, could be a hit.

    After all they already have Hokkein mee…Foochow style hor? Hahahahahaha!!!! They should have named the place Blue Lagoon…and the waiters and waitresses dress like Chris Atkins and Brooke Shields in the movie!!! Sure lots of customers… LOL!!!

  7. kwang! kwang! kwang! lol, the Blue Reef Shop board showing TULANG IKAN, I wonder, there’s a food menu called Skeleton Fish kekekee

    You should see what’s on the other side….Jaws!!! The teeth of the fish (sharks, I guess!!!) of various sizes!!!!…Chesh! Sindir hor! Nanti I send my lau-eya (lawyer) from Kuala Penyu go and deal with you, baru u tahu!!! Dia itu keturunan Foochow dari Sibu, u takut tak!!!Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  8. I just discovered BSB has closed down… this morning!Sibu scenery… hey start off with the 12 animals. There is no place other than Sibu with pigs….Then take the swan in the river. Last climb up the swan at hte gateway. Get Mel to take your picture…it should make a great picture.

    Gosh! The whole swan may collapse!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!! Already posted on Sg Merah…for a start!

  9. Seafood platter look nice, fish n chips look nice, mixed grilled also look nice… cheap some more… Archie! Let’s go to Archie’s in Lido and have some western food!!! No STP, it’s not ArchieChi’s place, it was just a coincidence… hehehehe

    Don’t care whose! If nice, must go if I go KK! Archie belanja! LOL!!!

  10. Ok! We’ll go and we make ARchie belanja.. hehehe .. I think I blogged it before in my previous food blog, must look it up and re-post so that you can see for yourself if it’s to your liking … hehehe

    Talk about belanja, orang oredi quiet!!! Hmmm…why so many people like dat hor? LOL!!!!

  11. walaoeh!!! when come to belanja.. it is good to be quiet… HAHAHHAHAHAH!!! no la.. no problem what… but where got rules… young ppl belanja an old ppl… Hahahaha.. !!! So, when u come to kk, Mr STP?

    When old ppl retiree so miskin, young ppl must belanja lor!!! U don’t want belanja…what for I go KK??? LOL!!!

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