Hot stuff (1)…

Well, not really! It wasn’t hot at all, in fact…or not for me, at least. But it was definitely delicious and worth the RM18 that I paid, inclusive of drinks. That was certainly value for money compared with what we had for lunch yesterday, and with what I paid then, we could go to this place TWICE!!!

I’m talking about Balkis – the best nasi bryani (bryani rice) in town. My daughter had nasi bryani kambing (mutton) for which the mutton curry was served separately in a bowl…

Nasi bryani kambing

…while I had nasi bryani ayam (chicken)

Nasi bryani ayam

…and at the same time, we had dosai as well.
Dosai kosong

It was yummy too…but I prefer the paper thin ones. It just slipped my mind when I was placing the orders.

Actually, it was cheaper than that…but I think they charged a bit extra for sitting in the air-conditioned section. Still it was so much cheaper and a lot nicer!!! I would say that’s one of the perks of being Malaysian in general and Sarawakian or Sibuian in particular. There’s no disputing that we have the best food around, don’t you all agree?

Can you read my mind…

Well, my blogger friend, Bongkersz, is now at Kenyir, Trengganu and yesterday he sent me a photo via mms…

Hotel room

Well, this isn’t exactly the one he sent me but it was something similar…of a hotel room with a king-size bed. I don’t know why but everytime he sent me some photographs via mms and I saved them in flickr…they all turned out to be the size of a postage stamp!!! Hmmm…is that symbolic or  what? LOL!!!! Thankfully, there were no bananas in the one he forwarded to me but then again…..

And it doesn’t help one bit that he always seems to be suggesting something in his photos. What do you make out of this one that I “stole” from his facebook…


Hahahahahaha!!!! Now, back to what we were talking about, why would he send me a pic of an empty double king-size bed in a hotel room? There wasn’t any text message attached so that got me wondering. Can anybody read his mind? I’m open to suggestions…Oops!!! I think I’d better retract that statement!!! ROTFLMAO!!!!!