A man and a woman…

Often has it been said that women are from Venus, men are from Mars, and indeed, they are different physically, emotionally and psychologically. Well, I received these (from that someone in Kuala Penyu) via email, and I wonder how accurate they actually are. I guess all of you can be the judge of that. Now, the first one is a diagram showing a woman’s brain…..
The female brain
So, what is your opinion? On the other hand, the brain of a man is portrayed as being quite different, like this…..

The male brain

LOL!!! The original that I received was animated, so you would get to see the “pulsating” movements. Well, I don’t know but maybe Cocka’s brain is like that but as far as STP’s is concerned, it is quite obvious that mine is filled mostly with FOOD. What about yours??? ROTFLMAO!!!

P.S. This is just a “commercial break” from all the food posts, so don’t come up in arms against me for whatever is depicted in the images (Sources unknown).