One day at a time…

We left Sibu in the pouring rain; the flight was delayed by some 20-30 minutes. This was the scene at the boarding gate before the crowd arrived and the mad scramble to get on board the aircraft. Gee!!! I just can’t understand this kiasu mentality; after all, the flight’s only half an hour or so! Simply ridiculous, these people!!!…And they’re SO stingy they would not pay a bit extra for express boarding facilities…AND I’m sure they didn’t pay the RM3 for checked-in baggage either for each of them was lugging no less than TWO bags even though only one’s allowed as hand luggage. Well, as they say, some things NEVER change…..

Sibu airport

Anyway, Gundot and daughter were waiting…and upon arrival in Kuching, we headed straight to Satok for Peterson’s hay pia (fried prawn ‘cakes’).

Peterson Kuching

Ummm…they were so very delicious. I ordered 6 pieces along with some of the other stuff…and later, ordered another four pieces…and hopefully, we can go back there for more before we return to Sibu in a few days’ time. For one thing, it seems that to him, taste is what is important and presentation is not one of his priorities…

Paterson hay pia

Probably someone should give him a few pointers and serving suggestions. LOL!!! Having had our fill, we went to check in at the hotel and after dumping our things in the room…
Grand Con triple deluxe

…we went to Spring, the new shopping experience in town…;the ethnic decor that you can see in the pic is in conjunction with the Gawai Dayak festival.

Spring 1
Spring 2

and in the night, Sophia came and took us out for dinner at…

JUNK sign

and her daughter and friend came along as well…

Sophia's gril and friend

Good grief! When did she grow to be one sophisticated, gorgeous looking lady? How time flies…!!! Sob! Sob! That can only mean one thing – I’m growing old!!! (Finally he realises it,you say? LOL!!!) Thank your lucky stars, everybody because right now, I do not have any photos of the lamb shank and the fisherman’s basket to insert in this post. The place was too dark to do those out-of-this-world dishes any justice. My daughter took some nice pics with her more technologically-advanced handphone so maybe I can get them from her to post at a later date.

By the way, I saw this on display at the hotel where we are staying…

Wedding dinner display

and that got me thinking! When was the last wedding dinner I attended? I went to one last year but it was because my father could not go…and I had to go on his behalf…and the one before that was in 2006, I think – an ex-student’s and I was invited to sing for the bride and the groom. Hmmm…so when will the next wedding dinner be? Archie? Cibol? Bongkersz? Tintin? KNB???…..In the words of JZ/Linkin Park, “What the hell are you waiting for…?” Hahahahahaha…..