Diamonds are a girl’s best friend…

Well, we did not get her diamonds…but we bought her the next best thing, a pair of yellow and white gold earrings…

Sophia's birthday present

So this was what the cousins bought for Sophia for her birthday. What do you think, ladies? Nice or not…..?????

Author: suituapui

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22 thoughts on “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend…”

  1. =.=” Macam semua perempuan bermata duitan sahaja…

    *Ducks at another shoe flying from Mel*

    Itu love-love apa!!! Can’t put food in your stomach!!! Can’t give u a good life!!!…..Money makes the world go round!!! No money, no talk!!!…And THAT’s my policy too!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  2. I cant agree more with you.

    Diamonds are overrated.

    Darn I know u have a blog, but i search high and low for it, and got it through that daniel liew’s page.

    He did not put the blog links at the side bar like normal people do, ahahaha

    Now I know u here liaw…. ehehhehee cham liaw, time to stalk u !!

    FINALLY!!!! I thought you’d never come!!! (Oops! Somehow it didn’t sound quite right! LOL!!!) Welcome, Robin!!! U could just google suituapui and u’ll get here in no time at all? Or every time you start typing s…, you end up typing samantha poh instead? Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

  3. Oh I have u in my blog roll already as well, muahahahhahahahahahaah

    Goodie! Goodie! Tenkiu!…..Will put u in mine soon! (Old people a bit slow, ya!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!)

  4. I’m not a girl but it looks good to me. The person I’m seeing now is a big fan of gold and platinum too. I even made a few gold digger jokes but then again I’m too poor for her to be doing that to me. Haha!

    Haiz! Now, whatever has happened to all the ladies? LOL!!!…Never mind! Find a rich man’s daughter to marry you. She can buy her own…and urs too!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!! Gee! What crap advice I’m giving u young people hor!! Thank God no one takes me seriously!!!!

  5. Looks nice, but zewt said, we have to see how they look on Sophia..

    Et tu melbie!!! Hmmm…well, sophia will be in town in a few days. If she brings the earrings, then I can take a photo and post… Is this why women will put on something – earrings or a dress, for instance…and admire themselves for hours in the mirror?…When a man sees something he likes, he’ll just take it, pay for it and go off!

  6. yeah, we’d love to see it on Sophia! 😉

    OK! OK!…..Humph! Women!…Wait a minute! Zewt started all this!!! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  7. not bad……..

    Is that all? Hmmm…can’t wait till I’m 60…and see what bling2 u’ll buy for me!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  8. Haha…. we cant afford diamonds lar. Maybe STp can lar.

    I can? U think if I hang around Museum Gardens, I’d be able to make enough to afford diamonds??? Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  9. Eh? can make money in the museum gardens kah? I donno ler… am not exposed to such activities. hehehe…. u seem to know more.

    Hahahahaha!!!! If like dat, I oso can’t afford diamonds lah!!!!

  10. We want to look nice for you men to see la STP! hehehe … but if like that, no point lah kan want to wear nice, nice if men going to pick us up, “pay” for us and go off to his own world??? Do you do that to your missus? 😛

    Nope! She buys her own stuff! Doesn’t like what I buy! Says for old women!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  11. you want nipple ring stp?? hmmmmmmm lol

    Tak muat!!! I’ll need a nipple bangle!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!!

  12. OMG got nipple bangle, meh? Maybe Sab and I need to shop for it for your birthday. JFV,one or a pair? Gold would be costly. KNB, you better start the collection.

    Make sure it’s diamond studded summore!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  13. …can’t say. Need to see it on her baru can say nice or not…LOL.

    Wait lah! Wait till she comes to Sibu, I’ll ask her to pose for a photo!!!

  14. you want that nipple ornament ala janet jackson wardrobe malfunction tragedy… just imagine…wait dont imagine… eeewwee

    Hahahahahaha!!!! I probably won’t look half as bad as say…Sharifah Aini?

  15. Nipple bangle??!! Suddenly telur mata lembu comes to mind…hehe. Ouch!

    What’s that??? Big teats, u mean? LOL!!!

  16. One Russian pop band “VIA Gra” («ВИА Гра») has a song, called “The best girl’s friends are diamonds”. Funny coincidence, isn’t it?

    I think, not friends, but gifts. Nothing makes a girl as happy as jewelry does. It’s all because every girl and every woman wants to look beautiful and to look the best way. Sometimes it is just insanity, but, for example, the same insanity was for me when I’ve learned math – every morning I woke up to go and shoot a new chapter from the book.

    That was a popular song by Marilyn Monroe from the movie, “Gentlemen prefer blondes” from the 1950s, I think. You can google for the lyrics; they’re very interesting…Wow! Waht a name…that band of yours! You play rock, I guess?

  17. VIA “Gra” is not the band of us, it’s a popular Russian pop-band, and I do play rock, most of the time – alone, because there’s nowhere to search for good musicians in our small city of about a seven hundred thousand citizens. Once I wrote about it, but in Russian, because I just can’t find any word in English which may show my regret.

    I see! Don’t know any Russian band/singers other than ta-tu!

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