I will survive…

As far as I can remember, when I was little, there were only three main restaurants in Sibu – Yien Kien, Hock Chiu Leu and New Capitol. The first one had since closed down (Didn’t this one belong to your family, Alex? Andrew?) while the second one is still in business, I think…though I’m not sure who goes there these days;I haven’t been there for ages. The New Capitol Restaurant, however, is enjoying a thriving business in the face of stiff competition from the newer establishments, and it’s best known for its kampua (the authentic stuff…with lard) and Hainan Chicken Rice, the proprietress being Hailam.

I was there a few days ago on Monday (Wesak Day, so it was a public holiday here) for a Teachers’ Day lunch reception hosted by the tuition centre where I’m presently moonlighting to make ends meet. It started off with the hot combination dish…..

Hot combination dish

Ooo…just look at those slices of ham (over RM10 for around 4 slices here!!!)! And the stewed beef was absolutely tender and delicious…and there were abalone and prawns!!! I really feasted on the selections like there was no tomorrow. (How come nobody’s surprised? LOL!!!) After this came the soup dish that I shall not name…and anyway, it was just the usual stuff, nothing to shout about, but the dish that came after that was really worth dying for…

Grilled ikan terubok 

One of the teachers managed to get fresh ikan terubok from Mukah…and the restaurant really did it superbly, with the special sambal seasoning and grilled to perfection – the fish was still juicy and sweet!!!! I went to see the proprietress to see if I could tapau one home…but she said it would only be available upon special order!!! I ate and ate and ate…and still yearned for more!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!! Yes, it was THAT nice, I tell you! Anyway, the poultry dish was served next…

Poultry dish

They had deep-fried honey-coated sesame chicken on one side and on the other, some yam thingy stuffed with duck. The latter was a bit dry but was not too bad with the special sauce provided.  Personally, I do not eat anything with sauce unless the taste leaves much to be desired. Then there was this broccoli and mushroom dish… 

Broccoli mushroom

My friend with me whispered to me that mine was nicer.  I had cooked it once when he dropped by my place for lunch, so either he was hoping for another free meal…or I really am a good cook!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!! Then there was this sea cucumber dish which they served in individual bowls so I could not snap a picture of it, but I didn’t like it. I thought it had a bit too much ginger…and I hate getting the thinly-sliced strips of the root in my mouth.

After that came the dessert…

Sio bee and pancake

In the past, people had to travel long distances to attend such feasts, so to ensure that they would not go hungry on the way home…the banquet would end with very heavy stuff like sio bee (siew mai) and Foochow fried noodles. So in line with the tradition, we had, together with the fried pancakes with red bean paste, sio bee – the way we knew them to be. They’re different from what we have at dim sum places today and needless to say, they taste as nice as they used to when we were little children, fighting to eat as many we could before all of them were gone.

Well, it was different from what we can get in the newer restaurants but if that’s what diners can expect at New Capitol, I’m pretty certain it will survive…..


AMERICAN IDOL UPDATE: David Archuleta was in perfect form tonight PLUS his perfect choice of songs especially his trump card – “Imagine”.  Throughout all three rounds, it was clearly a clean sweep over David Cook who was tense and looked as if he had not slept the whole night and his choice of songs did not allow him to actually shine in any way.  As the Cow put it, “It was a knockout!!!” Being a reality show, I only hope the voters will not turn the tables on Ar…chu! Ar…chu! Ar…chu! God bless you!!! LOL!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

37 thoughts on “I will survive…”

  1. Another dinner??!!! Wah…should change ur name to non-stop eating machine. Haha…and having the dinner still not puas, want to tapau fish home some more. kekek.
    Sio Bee is considered dessert ka? Hahaha.

    Haiz…can’t blame me lah!!! Opportunities keep presenting themselves, what to do? My daughter’s coming home, Sophia’s coming this weekend…so guess what we’ll be doing? Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!….Yup! Lucky they didn’t have the huge plate of Foochow fried noodles!!!! I’d explode!!! LOL!!!!!

  2. Eat all You Can when It’S Free! Now that’s the best part! LOL … not free also if nice, I still eat …

    drool away with Suituapui… that’s should be your blog title lah, friend… hehehe

    Hahahahaha!!…See! Food post so many comments! Otherwise, tunggu mati2…barely get more than 10! So kesian!!!

  3. yesterday….. me and two friends ate…

    Cawanmushi with sharkfin,

    Wangyu(wagyu) beef (ooohhh myy… melt like butter)

    sashimi (salmon tuna etc)

    teapot soup (aiyoooo heaven)


    no pics la… place too posh to take pics hehehe malu la

    You haven’t got the bloggers’ disease, every dish must take photo b4 makan!!! Ooi…1st item haram lah!!!! Nanti u kena tembak by some people!!!! LOL!!!

  4. Wei, I’m back!

    OK! So when and where is your graduation celebration dinner????….And then I can have another food post! LOL!!!!

  5. itu sio bee.. nampak enak sekali…. suituapui, you can make sio bee not?

    Can! But the skin (the sio bee skin lah!!! Apa lu ini!!! LOL!!!) I buy from market! Dunno how to make!!!

  6. wah .. food again ah? menyesal teach u how to put up pics .. ha ha ha

    Itu Melbie dan Bongkersz mengajar!!! I macam abandoned child!!! Telefon nak minta tolong, sibuk di upm!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!!

  7. Maybe the tradition of having sio bee for dessert is another way of ensuring that patrons/guests actually feel stuffed before leaving the restaurant…so they really did “chiak pa pa” at dinner.

    People last time big eaters…and brought whole families and plastic bags…so in case not enough to eat, sio bee and Foochow fried mee served at the end, just before the fruits or the longan/peaches in syrup! Ooo…as kids, how we waited for that moment!!!! Today, anytime can buy and eat but no more attraction!!!! Not so special oredi!!! LOL!!!!!

  8. I like the food they serve at the Capitol. I had dinner there every year before I went off to study. The sio bee there is really old skool. I like!

    Have u tried the sio bee at Cloud 9, next to MAS office? Also not the same as the dim sum type. Nice!!!!

  9. the last time we were in kuching, we had sio bee at the supposedly fehmes place… like hawker centre, but i forgot the name liao… not so nice also…

    Open Air market!!! Where got nice? Hahahahahaha!!!! But should be better than the ones at Fock Hai!!! These like rubber!!! Yucks!!!

  10. Any teaching post vacancy at tuition school ? I’m up for grabs ! Haha… drool drool…

    U need a bib??? Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  11. I think the sio bee was meant for ta pau. Those not attending dinner, actually it was lunch those days would be waiting at home for it.Maybe it was for the kids who followed.I remembered one story, this lady, i think she very kiasu must eat a lot.Brought a kid with her too.The kid was table height only. She took sio bee,bend under the table to feed kid.She would call out Ah Nong, Ah Nong but the sio bee ended in her mouth!

    No lah!!! People brought plastic bags to ta pau leftovers…but some would ta pau even when the people at the same table had not finished eating, much to the latter’s disgust and the tongues would start wagging….!!! LOL!!!

  12. Those peaches….to die for those days. Is there any food our kids “waited for the moment” like we did?
    Used to buy the foochow sio bee from a shop in Kenyalang but closed now. Dont know where to buy here now? Anyone any idea?

    Sibu!!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  13. *drools*
    That sio bee looks nice…not like the ones I’ve eaten here…oh and I always wanted to ask…sio bee and siew mai is the same thing…so which is in which dialect? Mandarin/Hokkien/Foochow? 😉

    And Zul…of course lah he don’t have that blogger’s “disease”…HE’s NOT a blogger! Or maybe he is but I don’t know? *blur*

    Sio bee is in Hokkein and siew mai is Cantonese…and yes, Zul had a blog, but after two posts, he gave up liao!!!! That’s all he’s capable of! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  14. “My friend with me whispered to me that mine was nicer.” mmm… sounds like a good co0k… LoL!!!

    Yalor!!! U come to Sibu lah!!! Then u can sample my cooking!!!! LOL!!!

  15. more pics of food???
    tak boleh jadi lah ni..
    i’m SO going to sibu this holiday.

    So when is it? Come!! Come!! Tintin, are u coming too??? Hahahahaha!!!!!

  16. the sesame chicken looks amazing!! DO YOU DELIVER?!

    dave, http://www.thehistorybluff.com

    Unfortunately, no!!! U’ll have to come here to enjoy all the delicacies. If u ask me to deliver, I’d probably eat it all up along the way. LOL!!!!!…And welcome, Dave! Interesting blog, u have there. Will drop by when I’m free to browse. Do come again, ya!

  17. Fock Hai? Wah.. sounds very ahem leh… 😛

    Yeah!! Archuleta will be the next American Idol! Kesian si Masak itu… kekekkke…

    Hahahahahaha!!!! Look around and maybe u’ll come across a shop named Fock Yew! Fock/Hock in Chinese means good luck, right? Hahahahahaha!!!! Yes! Archu…Archu…Archu…!!! He’s so lovable, teary-eyed…and sings with all the sincerity in his heart!

  18. oii oiii… dont reveal my deliciously hot (albeit dying) blogs! then mar will know how i look like..

    btw i am addict to sharkfin soup… yaahhhh not so PC but i didn’t kill it la (okay okay I am sorry… next time i will not eat it) unless someone offer it to me.. but I will eat with a very heavy heart

    That’s an Oscar-winning performance!!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  19. I also wanna post about food. lol

    Now that u’re back, what’s stopping u? Go…eat – eat – eat and post – post – post!!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!! U want lots of comments too? Now who’s the commentwhore now? LOL!!!!!

  20. Archu won it even before last nite. Though i still prefer Cook for his originality. Archu has a good voice, thats about it… keeps reminding me of that lead singer from Westlife(15 years younger). haha. Felt sorry for Cook, i think he was demoralised half way thru the show as it was so obvious that the odds were against him from even from the start.

    Judging from last nite’s performances, it was clear who should be the winner!!!

  21. Food posts so many comments – shows that all your readers are big eater like you laa.. hahaha.. and being Malaysians, enough said! LOL eat at any time of the day…

    Archie, let’s go to Sibu and serbu Pak STP! LOL

    Come! Come! Most welcomed!!! Zero fares!!!!! Hurry!

  22. yeayyy Cook win…sorry STP! btw archu will be the next miley…. tween king!

    What’s that? Tak faham…..

  23. David Cook wins American Idol by more than 12 millions votes!!! Yipppieee!!! *swoons*

    Humph!!! Another one of those shrieking hysterical females??? LOL!!!!!

  24. 12 million votes??WOW…. thats a huge margin!…one think i notice is…when simon starts praising someone…out you go!…remember that irish lady?

    I think Cowell’s a good judge… MOST of the time I agree with his comments, unlike that dumb bimbo beside him!

  25. oops… guess i was wrong. haha
    Cook deserves it.

    Go! Go! Comment on my post on this!!! And btw, u got special mention!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  26. I know who won. It’s out ady. Big David won. Yayyyyy~ He’s my favvie.

    We’ve got live telecast here lah!!!! 2 hours!!! Nice show…except for the results! Humph!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!! See my newest post on this, ya?

  27. Ha ha.Told STP Americans very wise. He did not agree. Both also I dont like. One so “la sap” and the other one “gong gong”.

    I’ve posted something on this liao…

  28. z.u.l. save yourself, not the shark! Lead content very high so why pay so much to poison yourself or let someone kill you. It’s killing you softly…..

    Good riddance!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!! After all, it’s tasteless. It all depends on the soup that it’s served in.

  29. good riddance??? aiyoooooo obviously you tak “sayang” me is it? never mind…i will let the shark eat me huhuhuhu

    shark fin soup with that kicap like vinegar..YUMMYyy

    Sharks don’t want to eat u lah! Too fat! High cholesterol content!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!!

  30. wah lau… siew mai…. *slurp….

    Ok i know whats for breakfast tomorrow morning, DIM SUM !!!

    Ooo…find the best place and when I go KL, u bring me, ok??? Hahahahaha!!!

  31. I miss not eating with the whole lot of you… Aha.. that’s 2nd to not eating all that food. Hehe..

    Aww…that’s sweet!!! Even though it’s only 2nd!!! LOL!!!! Hope u’ve got over ur stomach upset!!! We can always get together for mam2 one of these days!!! But I reserve all the posting rights, ya? Hahahahahaha!!!!

  32. yeah yieng kin closed down somewhere in…. 1984? or 1985, cant remember. haha. but another proprietor took over, then another took over.. and it goes on and on. i duno wat it’s called today lol

    omg ur making me hungry now so i’d name a few dishes from new capitol that’re my fave.

    -kampua, of course
    -deep fried white pomfret in sweet and sour. this one is reali good!
    -‘twin flavored’ spare ribs. one is sweet and sour, the other one is in some black sauce

    p/s the hot dish is always good.yummyz!! i’m off cookin maggi mee now lol

    Good grief!!! U’re digging up my archives? Haven’t been here for a long time, eh? Winter vacation is here, exam’s over…so very free now, rite? U’re coming home with Andrew? Can go mam-mam!!! I’m not so tied down these days, touch wood!!!

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