Which way…

I have a friend, an officer in the department at the time, a petite, classy, very elegant, gentle and soft-spoken lady and once, at a hotel breakfast, I saw her eating her half-boiled egg…or half-cooked, whichever way you would like to call it.

She had it served in an egg cup and she tapped the top gently with her teaspoon to break the shell and remove it. Next, she added a bit of salt and pepper, available in those shakers at the breakfast table, before proceeding to eat it daintily with the spoon.

Just then, another officer joined us at our table and he went looking for a saucer or a bowl…

…to eat the eggs, the way we usually do it here.

I tried doing what my friend did to see what it was like and yes, it did go all right except that I would very much prefer the egg the way we usually eat it – with soy sauce and pepper…

I went looking for a youtube video on how to eat a soft-boiled egg and found this one. He does not do it as elegantly (4:45) as my friend – I guess guys tend to be a bit kasar (rough/coarse) and yes, he dipped his toast in the egg to eat too (5:30). I do that…

…as well and I would say that I enjoy eating it like that.

This couple (1:30) used an interesting metal contraption and I was quite amused by how the thing worked.

Whatever it is, personally, I would feel most comfortable enjoying our typical Malaysian kopitiam breakfast…

…and eating the half-boiled eggs in a saucer or a bowl with soy sauce and pepper, the way most of us would do it here. What about you?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

18 thoughts on “Which way…”

  1. In my growing up years, I love to have my half boiled eggs with soy sauce and a few dash of pepper. Till now, I am still having it this way. Old habits dies hard. For goodness sake, I never like to dip my toast in it.

    1. LOL!!! You don’t? I did not use to but I tried once and liked it so I have been doing that since. I do enjoy half boiled eggs like you – with soy sauce and pepper. The soy sauce brings the taste to a whole new level.

      I read somewhere somebody saying that he liked it with Maggi seasoning. I’ve tried that in NZ, my brother’s house no kicap and I did not want to buy one big bottle for my short stay so I got a small bottle of Maggi seasoning instead. I can’t say I liked it, not really.

    1. Oh? I guess it’s up to an individual how he or she likes his or her eggs. Generally here, at the coffee shops, the standard breakfast of kaya and toast and coffee comes with half-boiled eggs but if one has nasi lemak, they will give half a hard-boiled egg with it…or one fried egg and if you have a plate of noodles and ask for an egg, they will give you one fried egg.

      Hello! How are things at your end? Have not seen you around for a long time. Hope all’s good with you.

      1. i’m currently in nsw australia where covid cases are currently increasing but it’s still good at least we’re not yet in lockdown here in the regional area. how are you there in sibu? i’ve tried the kaya toast and coffee in singapore years ago and I liked it 🙂

      2. Oh? Been watching the news on ABC – sounds pretty bad in NSW – I guess some parts are all right. We’re fine here but still locked down, been a long time now and the number of cases do not seem to be decreasing. so we just stay home most of the time.

  2. I never see places serve egg on egg cup holder. Only seen in book and tv, not real thing. Very European, I think.

    I like the half cooked egg with soy sauce and pepper. Yum yum.

    1. I guess they may have it in classy hotels, fine dining. That was many years ago when I was still working at some hotel, used to go on such trips and got to stay at some very nice hotels.

      Obviously it’s the case with most everybody – soy sauce and pepper is the way to go!

  3. Very sinful way here…..egg in an egg cup, tap off the top,then a little bit of butter added in,get melted by the warm egg…..

    1. Ahhhhhh!!! No wonder I could not find soy sauce at my brother’s house in Auckland when I was there and I went out and bought myself a small bottle of Maggi seasoning. Unfortunately, it was not the same and I did not think it was all that nice with eggs though I do have friends who would swear by it!

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