Not the way it should be…

The other day, I blogged about the cup noodles that I bought. My girl tried one of them, the curry laksa and it turned out to be really very nice but of course, it did not come cheap – RM6.50 a cup.

I took the other one, the Thai tom yum

…to try and like the aforementioned, this one

…also had two sachets inside, not including the one with the noodles…

There was a big one with the sauce and a smaller one with all the dried ingredients, mainly spring onion, carrot and tang chai (preserved vegetables).

Like what I said in the other post on the curry laksa, if I were to cook it, I would add a whole lot of ingredients to bring it up to a whole new level. There were two mussels. a few slices of smoked duck breast, lightly pan-grilled, thinly-sliced strips of omelette and taugeh (bean sprouts), lightly blanched…

…and I served it garnished with a sprinkling of chopped daun sup (Chinese celery) from my garden.

Yes, I was once again impressed by the hor fun-like rice noodle, anytime nicer than bihun (rice vermicelli) but unfortunately, it was not the way it should be – not anything like tom yum as we know it. The taste was not quite like any that I had had before, very very lightly sour, perhaps with a hint of sweetness and it was not spicy at all. At best, I would say it was edible and even then, it was quite a struggle for me to finish the whole bowl.

If it is Thai tom yum that you are looking for, I would strongly suggest the more authentic ones from the made-in-Thailand Mama brand. I’ve had a few packets so far and I would say theirs is as good as it can be. There may be some nice made-in-Malaysia ones but I have never tried those so I can’t say if there are any good ones worth going for or not.