None of the above…

The other day, I saw my blogger friend, KY’s post on Klang style red wine mee suah with minced meat, complete with a video clip some more. Yes, we can use anything we want to cook the soup – as long as the soup is nice, the mee sua would be great. Why! In my growing up years, my mum would serve it to us in Bovril soup and we enjoyed it so much at the time!

The Foochows here will usually serve the noodles in their traditional red wine and ginger chicken soup but there are places that serve it with char bee lau (fragrant herbal root) too kha (pork trotter) or chicken or pek ting eyok (eight treasures) but personally, I prefer the latter with duck! I don’t know if there are any stalls selling it outside but I do know that there are a lot of people who enjoy it in egg drop soup with lots of traditional Foochow red wine and ginger as well.

Well, I also had mee sua

…the other morning for breakfast but if you ask me how I had mine, I would have to reply: None of the above! LOL!!!

It so happened that I spotted two packs of the tips of chicken wings sitting in the freezer so to get them out of the way, I took them out to defrost and boil and simmer to make some chicken stock. I fried some sliced ginger in sesame oil till fragrant and added some dried shitake mushroom, soaked to soften. I also broke an egg into the wok and scrambled it well before pouring in the chicken stock (after getting rid of the tips of the chicken wings) and lots and lots of the traditional Foochow red wine.

I could not find the wolfberries – dunno where my missus has kept them so I took some dried red dates and soaked them to soften and cut them (s0 the sweetness would come out) and added them to the soup. After letting it simmer for a while, I added some seasoning (bottled chicken stock) and it was done.

We had the soup for lunch and dinner that day and since there was some left, I had it with mee sua

…for breakfast the following morning.

Yes, I fried an egg to serve with it. Normally, I would flip the white over the yolk so I would get the egg looking like a pouch but I did not do it completely that day so everyone can see the yolk, runny and whole…

So, in actual fact, I had the mee sua in chicken soup just that no chicken was served with it. LOL!!!