I will always love you…

What is your favourite brand when it comes to soy sauce?

A friend posted photos of the half-boiled/half-cooked eggs he had for breakfast…

Half boiled eggs with soy sauce & pepper

…and he mentioned that he used Maggi seasoning. I did buy that once long ago during my short stay at my brother’s house in Auckland, New Zealand as I only wanted a small bottle and there wasn’t any that I could choose and pick…and no, I can’t say that I liked it very much.

Ever since this mushroom soy…

Rejang River Bridge brand

…came into the scene in the late 50’s or early 60’s, we have stuck faithfully to it but of course, the brand was different then. I think it was Pearl River or something.

These days, we have the Rejang River Bridge but worry not, it is still the same made-in-China soy sauce, imported and bottled in Sibu…

Made in China, impprted & bottle in Sibu

I remember those times when my mum ran out of it and she would sent me on my bicycle to the Sungai Bakong market (since demolished – it was destroyed in a fire sometime ago) half a mile away from our house along Race Course Road…and I clearly remember it was only 50 sen a bottle at the time.

These days, it costs RM6.30 a bottle at the shop round the corner from my house but that does not stop us from buying it to use in our cooking, as a dip or with the eggs…


…plus a sprinkling of pepper, washed down with a mug of coffee, first thing in the morning.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “I will always love you…”

  1. I stuck faithfully to a very old brand, Lau Tek Kee soya sauce since young till now. A bottle now cost RM7.35.

    Never heard of it. Made In Kuching? Would give it a try if I see it.

    1. Yes, made in Kuching. The only thing I don’t like is the change of glass bottle to plastic one.

      Oh? Yeah!!! I do have this thing about plastic bottles too. I would transfer into a glass bottle as soon as I get home. Paranoid, I am! LOL!!!

  2. I like a little bit of Worcestershire sauce on my eggs.

    Oh? I never tried that with eggs, not that I have the sauce on hand at all times – may just buy once in a long while depending on what I am cooking.

  3. ooo, i haven’t experimented with soy sauces, so i wouldn’t know one brand from the next. but I’d trust your judgment – and i’d probably trust the old brands that have been around for at least fifty years 🙂

    Yes, as long as the quality is consistently maintained, I will stick to the oldies but goodies!

  4. I love half boiled eggs as breakfast, but I don’t put too much or too thick soy sauce, a little bit is enough to give me the taste, but pepper is a must.

    Yes, must not add too much. I would not want it to drown out the lovely taste of the egg, the runny yolk especially.

  5. I use that brand of soy sauce. I did tried the Maggi and like you, I didnt like the taste.

    I guess some people do like it as it has been on the shelves for a long time now. If no buyers, I am sure they would have stopped production.

  6. I like soy sauce on my half boiled eggs. The half boiled eggs in your two photos above look so yummilicious! I have not tried mushroom soy before.

    Our favourite, not as salty as the regular soy sauce.

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