Back in February, we had run out of butter so I went to one of our neighbourhood shops to buy. Unfortunately, there was none available at the first one so I went to the other shop but they only had the canned ones, Golden Churn, no less, at RM26.00 a can.

The other day, I saw that again, there was no butter in the house so off I went to the former and yes, they had a lot of stock, different brands. I think most probably because of the pandemic and the lockdown, these people are facing a problem getting fresh supplies and they will only be available when they do come, like not too long ago, I could only manage to buy cooking oil (Knife) in small bottles, take it or leave it – we usually used Neptune but they did not have that and of course, we always run out of Bovril, always out of stock and at one time, those clams in soya sauce too.

Well, there were all kinds of brands available that day. I checked their Golden Churn, brick and if I was not mistaken, it had gone up in price so I looked at the other brands. There was this unfamiliar one, one that I had never seen before…

…a product of New Zealand, selling for only RM9.80. When it comes to imported “real” butter, anything under RM10.00 can be considered a steal so I bought two.

I tried it the other morning on my toasted Low GI bread…

…with my JIF peanut butter, creamy…

…and yes, it was good. If they maintain it at that price, I certainly would want to buy it again when we run out.

Talking about peanut butter, the other day, my friend, Rose, in Kuching blogged about how she and the children prefer Lady’s Choice, creamy while the hubby likes Jif, crunchy. I don’t think I’ve tried Lady’s Choice – all this while, I thought it was made in Malaysia. So far, I’ve only bought their mayonnaise. I like Tong Garden, made in China…

…but they only have it in small bottles at the shops. Maybe when my bottle of Jif runs out, I’ll try Lady’s Choice to see if it is any good.

Going back to the butter that day, I bought Westgold as well, also from New Zealand, selling for RM10.20 each, to keep in the fridge so I would not have to go out again all that soon to buy…if there is any stock available, that is.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

16 thoughts on “Unfamiliar…”

  1. When it comes to peanut butter, I always buy Lady’s, Choice too. It stated that the country of origin is China. Delmon butter seems a new brand to me. The other day while doing grocery shopping, I saw this Anchor brand butter sold at RM8.90 at one of the supermarket (for card members only) and coincidently I am a card member so I got a block of it.

    1. I am not a fan of Anchor, not as fragrant but if there is no choice, I would buy it. Anytime better than those butter substitutes – palm oil and they are not all that cheap either.

      I don’t think I’ve seen those member price offers around here for some time now or maybe I never looked, I would just grab the things I want, pay and make a run for it! Scary, going out these days!

      Will buy Ladies’ Choice to try when my present bottle of GIF runs out.

    1. Oh? I’ve never seen it anywhere before either. Maybe it is new. You would have seen Westgold, I’m sure. That’s very popu;lar here, not too pricey unlike Golden Churn.

  2. Many choices of butter and peanut buttet here, dont know good or not. In my mind, any imported is good enough. Lol. I like the smaller, individual packed butter spread, that is hard to find here. When I see them, I will buy 2 packs (12 each) to keep. Usually I buy Ballantyne brand. Salted or unsalted is fine with me.

    1. I’ve seen Ballantyne but I can’t remember where now. I always bought Golden Churn but getting a bit too expensive. Will buy other cheaper brands instead. All imported, the local ones are substitutes, palm oil.

  3. I always keep one spare butter in my fridge, thought of baking some cookies or a butter cake but I keep procrastinating… it will be a long while I guess, I still have cakes and ice cream in my fridge in case of desserts cravings come up!

    1. I bought so many blocks of butter and I am sure there is flour in the house. Unfortunately, nobody is making any cake…which is good in a way since I am cutting down on my sugar intake.

  4. Golden Churn is no longer affordable and I find Westgold acceptable for baking. Another one that I buy for baking is Anchor.

    1. Anchor is more easily available here but I find it lacks the buttery fragrance compared with the rest. Will only buy when there’s no other brand available.

  5. If storing butter in the fridge, wrap it in plastic or put it in a baggy as butter absorbs the smell of whatever is in the fridge; trust me, I learned the hard way. Also, butter freezes really well.

    1. Ok, noted. The one I’ve started using/eating. I always keep in an airtight plastic Tupperware container. I’d better keep the rest in a ziplock bag or another plastic container, thanks for the tip-off.

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