A friend/ex-student shared a photograph of the chai kueh he bought, pre-packed in a plastic container and I asked him where he bought that. He told me and the next morning, I made my way there in search of it.  I walked around the stalls selling kueh by the pavement but I did not see it at all. In the end, I went home empty-handed.

I got back to that aforementioned guy to ask him specifically where he got the chai kueh from and yes, he did tell me but he added that perhaps I should go to the Rejang Park stall instead. I guess he was implying that those were not as nice. That was sometime back and I never did go and buy until the other day when I was driving past and a car reversed out from a parking space right in front. Gee!!! That must be my lucky day. No, one can easily find a parking space at the back but I am too lazy to walk all the way to the stall.

It appeared to me that they now have a lot more things for sale – their table is now bigger and they have upgraded to pre-packing what they make for sale and sticking their sticker…


…on the pack as well even.

Their chai kueh comes in a pack of 5…

Pack of 5

…selling for RM5.00 each so that means they are a ringgit each. Yes, they were still as good as before but the ones I stumbled upon recently with the hint of hay bee (udang kering/dried prawns) in the filling were much nicer even though they did not look as good and besides, they were only RM4.50 for a pack of 5, cheaper by 10 sen each.

Their angku kuih are similarly packed in packs of 5…

Angku kuih

…and are also selling for RM5.00 each, RM1.00 for 1 angku and yes, they are consistently nice, nicer, bigger and cheaper than the ones here. I am not sure how much these are now – those are nice too but if I am not wrong, they are smaller. Incidentally, the yellow ones (the skin is made from pumpkin) cost 50 sen more, RM5.50 a pack so of course, I did not want those. They all taste the same, anyway!

I remember I loved the bak chang (meat dumplings) here

Bak chang

…so I bought half a dozen to store in the fridge. I can steam them for breakfast in the morning instead of stopping by some place outside to eat. Now that Sibu has been declared a yellow zone, it is best to #staysafe #staywell #stayhome.

No, that wasn’t all that I bought from the stall that day. I also bought tofu fa for the ladies – I did not get any for myself as I had a cough and was staying away from anything cooling.

I also bought these chai peah (vegetable fritters)…

Chai peah 1

…that my girl likes a lot, 5 for RM2.00 now – it used to be 3 for a ringgit before and I wonder why they call it chai peah when there is no chai (vegetable) in it at all. At best, you may see some chopped spring onion…

Chai peah 2

…that’s all! I think there might be a strand or two of taugeh (bean sprout) a long long time ago but don’t count on finding any in the chai peah anymore these days.

My girl quite enjoyed them but she says she prefers the ones at the ban chien kuih (apam balik) stall around the shops near my house in the afternoon.

LIM TIONG KHAY Chinese kueh stall (2.306707, 111.836471) is located beside the Chinese medical store among the shops at Rejang Park in the block facing Jalan Teruntum to the left of what was formerly the Zenith Mint Cinema.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

4 thoughts on “Upgraded…”

  1. Wow, that is a lot you bought. All looks good especially the chai kuih and angku which are my favourite. Just recently I came across a kuih stall at the foodcourt near my area selling very nice angku kuih in a pack of 4 for RM3.00. The loose ones is RM0.90 per piece.

    That is cheaper than here but we are thankful we have nice ones now. Last time, they were small, the skin was hard and rubbery and the filling was a paper-thin line inside. I never wanted to buy, so terrible.

    Those days, we would go to Kuching and buy, a back lane behind the shops in Padungan. Very unimpressive place, the walls black in colour from the smoke and soot but the angku kueh were the best!!! Don’t think it is there anymore.

  2. angku kueh looks brighter and more vividly colourful these days than ever. i guess the dyes they use these days are different / more concentrated – the angku kueh i remember from childhood was colourful but pale! 🙂

    You haven’t seen the ones we had here in Sibu in the past – blood red colour. The ones selling at one bakery here is that colour. I’ve seen the pale ones but if you feel more comfortable with it, you can go for the yellow, green. purple ones – pumpkin, pandan and yam, just that they would not be angku anymore, literally.

  3. Wow so many delicious snacks you bought, sure will not go hungry anytime of the day. My favourites would be the chai kueh and bak chang. The chai kueh eat with chili sauce, damn shiok!

    Yes, so good with my missus’ own-made chili and garlic dip.

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