Afternoon tea…

There is this stall at Rejang Park here…

Rejang Park Sibu
*Archive photo*

…selling Chinese kuehs (cakes) in the afternoon. I’ve blogged about the nice things I’ve bought from there time and time again but I do not recall ever featuring the stall itself…

Rejang Park Chinese kueh stall

I did not even realise that it has a name but it does!

If you are coming from the now-closed down cinema (or the bus stop), it is located on the five-foot way, after the coffee shop (Esan Cafe) and the Chinese medical store. In the past, it would only be open at around mid-afternoon but they do open earlier these days, I hear – around noon but of course, since they get a lot of their cakes from people making them at home, those would not be delivered till later so perhaps you would not have a lot of choices if you drop by that early.

As far as I can remember, our favourites here would be their own-made chai peah (vegetable fritters)…

Chai peah

…and their or koi (deep-fried yam cake) but the former is not gluten-free so we would not buy those anymore these days. As for the latter, they did not have their own when I dropped by that afternoon, RM1.00 for a very big piece, and the man told me that the lady making it has just given birth and of course, she will not be up and about making those till after her month-long confinement…so in the meantime, it will not be available.

Some people say the popiah (spring roll) is nice too but I think I did try it once and it did not get me rushing back for more. I quite enjoy their chai kueh (steamed vegetable cake)…

Chai kueh
*Archive photo*

…and would buy them when available but I do not think they made those themselves.

Quite recently, they started making their own ang koo kueh (red tortoise cake) and they had them in red or yellow/orange…

Ang koo kueh, yellow
*Archive photo*

…selling at RM1.00 each. All this while, we could not get good ones here in Sibu – usually, the ones available all this while in Sibu would be very small with a thin line of mung bean filling inside that one could hardly taste. The ones these people make are nice and people say the yellow ones are made from sweet potatoes or pumpkin, the purple ones from yam…and they do have black ones too, whatever they are made of. I do know of someone making them at home upon order if and when she wants to make and hers are very nice too but one would have to order quite  a lot at a time – it would be more convenient to just drop by here and grab theirs.

That day, they only had the red ones left…

Ang koo kueh, red

…even though it was just around 2 in the afternoon. Perhaps they did not make any in the other colours that day, I wouldn’t know, but I was fine with red and wasted no time in grabbing some to take home for afternoon tea.

LIM TIONG KHAY Chinese kueh stall (2.306707, 111.836471) is located beside the Chinese medical store among the shops at Rejang Park in the block facing Jalan Teruntum to the left of what was formerly the Zenith Mint Cinema.

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16 thoughts on “Afternoon tea…”

  1. I like ang koo kueh with soft thin skin and lots of mung bean fillings., like the yellow koo kueh, that much fillings. Chai kueh, anytime for me, I can eat a lot. One of my favourite.

    Kuching has nicer ones, bigger and “fatter”, more filling especially the chai kueh, not so lembik and no air spaces inside but the ones here are all right – can’t complain, skin is ok and lots nicer than all that we had in the past.

  2. I like the chai kueh, so tempting…

    Bet you have nice ones in Singapore, big fat ones.

  3. I don’t go there but I do know of the kuehs. My sil bought the chai kueh for me to try before.

    Yes. her shop was just round the corner. I think at that time I was not all that keen on dropping by here as they did not have their one deep-fried stuff and no ang ku kueh as the council would not allow them to do it on the pavement by the roadside. I guess they can’t say a thing now as a Malay cucur stall appeared outside the coffee shop two doors away, enjoying brisk business.

  4. Chai kueh looks good to me.

    If the skin is thin and translucent, can see the filling inside, it should be good. These were nicely done, just that I was wishing they could have been a little bit more generous with the filling.

  5. Chai kuih in Sarawak is the best. The ones here tastes so different. Mostly bland.

    Oh? I may have tried Lulu’s – the nyonya kuih stall at all malls. They’re quite good, not the best I’ve had but good enough…though comparatively more expensive.

  6. The yellow ang koo kueh looks like sushi at first! Haha…. I love them and I can eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner! HAHAHA

    I would go for regular meals…so for me, these kuihs would be for breakfast or tea.

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